5 Tips To Help Your Partner Recover From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a challenging situation for both men and their partners, which can put a halt to their sex life. Sexual intimacy plays an important role in a relationship, and lack of it can increase the distance between the couple. If your partner is facing sexual difficulties owing to erectile dysfunction, then you need to think about things from their perspective.

Such difficulties can give rise to stress and anxiety in men, which leads to irritable behavior. You cannot reverse the situation, nor can you cure the condition completely. All you can do is offer support meanwhile they work on improving this condition.   

Here are 5 effective ways in which you can help your partner with the recovery from erectile dysfunction:

  • Talk to them about their difficulties.

Being their partner, you must have an open conversation about the difficulties they might be experiencing. The inability to engage in sexual activity can be very intimidating for them. Some men might not open up about their sexual problems and might even shy away and change the topic, but lest you both discuss the condition, the problem won’t get resolved. You need to be polite in your approach while starting the conversation and make them feel comfortable. Tell them they need not stress too much about it, as there is always a solution to every problem.    

  • Gather enough information regarding erectile dysfunction.

The Internet is rich in information. It will help you to gather erectile dysfunction and other related information to cope with it. While searching for sexual difficulties you might come across very useful data that will help you to recover more efficiently. To begin with, understand what erectile dysfunction is and what causes such difficulties in men. Learn about the techniques to prevent erection problems from worsening.

Gather information on what kind of lifestyle one needs to follow to maintain optimal health of sexual functioning. Lifestyle factors encompass healthy eating habits, adequate physical activity, no smoking, managing stress effectively, and so on. Get yourself acquainted with the necessary information and bring this valuable information to your partner’s awareness.   

  • Learn about treatment methods

Most men prefer prescription medications when it comes to improving their sexual performance. These prescription medications are composed using clinically proven active ingredients – Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Adcirca, Cialis), Vardenafil (Levitra), and Avanafil (Stendra). There is an availability of generic versions of these medications, that offers the same results in treating impotence issues.

The only difference is in their pricing since the generic versions are available at reasonable prices. For instance, Fildena is a generic version of Viagra which is made using Sildenafil. These are the most effective remedies against erection difficulties, as they cause vasodilation in the penile shaft and increase the blood flow through blood vessels of the penile, which helps trigger erections.

Techniques For Restoring The Erection

Some other techniques for restoring the erection function are penile injections, surgical implants, vacuum pumps or penile pumps, constriction rings (c-rings), shock wave therapy, and herbal supplements. All these methods do have cons as much as pros. These treatment methods may lead to permanent damage to the penile by causing bruises and cuts.

The possibility of priapism is also there, which is a condition wherein the erection does go away and becomes painful. Whereas ED medicines can produce some side effects, taking the right dose as per the doctor’s prescription will help you in avoiding the risk of side effects.

  • Encourage them to follow a healthy lifestyle

Adopting healthy lifestyle habits as early as possible will enable your partner to reap its benefits in the long run. Healthy and clean eating is a prerequisite for a healthy body, and regular exercising is a necessity for staying fit and vibrant. What you eat, how much you exercise, your hygiene, etc. all these factors contribute to your lifestyle. Failing to maintain a good-quality lifestyle will degrade your health and increase the risk of health complications.

Your partner must include fresh vegetables, fruits, sources of lean protein, nuts, etc. in their daily diet. Switching from unhealthy meals to healthy and nutritious meal plans is necessary. Along with a high-quality diet, regular physical activity is a must. Also, if your partner has a habit of smoking then it is time for them to give up on those habits. Because the hazardous chemicals present in cigarette smoke can lead to vascular dysfunction which ultimately affects the erection function and cause impotence. So, encourage them to embrace some new lifestyle habits for better sexual health.

  • Accompany them to a doctor

Some men might not be willing to consult a doctor, due to embarrassment. You can accompany them to the doctor, which will ease things out for them. Even if they feel shy to talk about their problem, you can offer them your support and make the sexual problems known to the doctor. Unless the doctor gets what exactly your problem is, they won’t be able to address it.

After examining your partner’s condition, the doctor will identify the exact cause of erectile dysfunction. They may prescribe your partner ED medicines and some additional instructions for alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction more efficiently.

The Lowdown

Your involvement with your partner in the process of recovering from erectile dysfunction condition can be of great benefit. It can bring them much-needed support while facing sexual difficulties. But first, you have to become aware of the condition and get yourself acquainted with all steps your partner needs to take to overcome erectile dysfunction. Lastly, empower them to embrace some lifestyle changes that will improve their sexual function and in addition to that, offer long-term health benefits.  

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