Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work

Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work

Penis enlargement tablets are promoted to help men with penises who are self-conscious about their penile size. Most such dietary supplements & pills don’t need any approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and don’t have to prove they’re much safe. Since supplements aren’t regulated in the form of drugs, it’s easy for incorrect types of ingredients or amounts to be listed on the packaging, which may make it tough to know how they’ll affect your overall health. At times known as male enhancement supplements, these pills may claim to enhance energy levels & even sexual performance.

Common ingredients

Ginkgo biloba extract is the common ingredient in such types of supplements. Few believe the extract helps enhance blood flow & sexual function. Research says there’s no relationship between this ingredient & sexual function. Common herbal ingredients in penile enlargement pills involve yohimbine, maca, and goat weed. Research shows these are also ineffective & hence could lead to negative health problems like mood changes, anxiety, and hallucinations. An ingredient in a few penile enlargement pills is known as sildenafil, which is the main ingredient in erectile dysfunction (ED) medications such as Viagra. Sildenafil could be very much dangerous at high dosages, especially for men with certain heart conditions.

How do they claim to work?

The products of male enhancement claim to work through a combination of herbal ingredients & medications. Despite the growing demand for supplements claiming to be aphrodisiacs, little research has been completed to demonstrate how safe these products are. Some study says that have been done showed that these products are ineffective, and some can have potential side effects that can be harmful.

Do penile enlargement pills work?

Once you are past the marketing hype to look closely at the claims of penile enlargement pills, you’ll see the claims have little to no evidence to support them. Since supplements have regulations, there are no actual requirements to prove the effectiveness of these products or even a list of the ingredients. Make sure to discuss this with a healthcare expert before starting new supplements to understand the potential benefits and risks.

Additional penis enlargement methods

There are a few methods and even some products in the market that claim to help enhance penis size. Research says that surgery is the only method to grow the size. It’s essential to note that surgery is considered high-risk & a last resort. And at any condition, it is not a recommended treatment by the American Urologic Association (AUA) and is not marketed by most urologists. Here are some of the methods and products.


Just like the pills, lotions or oils use ingredients, such as vitamins and herbal aphrodisiacs, to grow the size of the penile. But these, like pills, are proven to be quite ineffective. The lotions are unregulated & can have unsafe ingredients. Few people may witness side effects of lotions that have certain ingredients such as menthol & Ginko Biloba extract. These side effects involve:

  • allergic reaction
  • rashes
  • burning sensation

Traction devices

Traction devices which are also known as penile extenders are devices designed to be worn for a long time. The actual reason men may use a traction device is because of penile shortening secondary to Peyronie’s disorder. The device is strapped to your flaccid penile and worn for plenty of hours each day. Traction devices use gentle tension to stretch the penis gradually. A study said that the devices may grow the penis size by half of an inch to up to 2 inches.

Vacuum pumps

The penis pumps which are also known as vacuum pumps are at times used for treating ED. It’s said to be an option for men who had their prostate removed or are not eligible for ED medications, like Viagra. Vacuum pumps are advertised to enhance the size of the penile, and pumps can give a temporarily bigger size. However, vacuum pumps may destroy tissue or blood vessels in your penile area, causing issues with erections. If you are searching for a pump, it’s essential to have the right education about the use of this product.


Surgery is an effective solution to growing penis size, but it carries risks & is not recommended. Some surgical procedures used for penis enlargement occasionally include:

  • injecting fat from another part of your body or filler into the shaft of your penile area may provide only temporary effects, as part of the fat or filler can be absorbed
  • by Cutting the suspensory ligament and growing the length, though this option can affect the erection stability.
  • inserting inflatable or flexible implants

Penile enlargement surgeries are said to be a high risk. Many doctors believe the dangers aren’t worth the risks of surgery when used for any kind of cosmetic reasons. Usually, surgery is only said as the last option for treating certain conditions in men such as ED.

Things that can help

There is no guarantee when it comes to enlarging your penile. Many of the options have evidence to prove their effectiveness & this may not be safe. It’s quite usual to have a few concerns about the size of your penis, and some options may ease your mind:

Understand what is normal. At times, it may be a misperception about the normal penile size that has people worried. Studies say that the average size of a penile is close to 5 inches. The study also said that many men seeking penile enlargement treatments had normal-sized penises.

Weight management

Excess fat on the belly could partially cover & at the same time make your penis look short. Constant exercise & eating a nutritious diet may surely help. It can also grow endurance, mood, and confidence in men.

Communicate with your partner

It can be quite challenging to talk about your insecurities with a partner, but opening up to them can grow the intimacy & even the connection. You may be surprised how open communication advantages your sex life area & this can increase pleasure for both you and your partner.

Talk with a counselor

Feeling sad about your sexual life or the size of the penile is common. Talking with a counselor, sex therapist, or psychologist can surely help men to cope with any insecurities & improve their experience with sexual sessions.

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