Erectile Dysfunction And Affairs

Infidelity, or cheating is an act of having an affair with another person and being unfaithful to the spouse or partner. The partner who has been cheated on will feel distressed and emotionally damaged due to their partner’s disloyal behavior. Regardless of gender, some people might even sexually betray their partners by having multiple affairs outside their relationship. This behavior might give rise to sexual problems in both partners, although the reason might be different for both wherein one is cheating and the other one is being cheated on.  

What is erectile dysfunction?   

First, get to know what exactly erectile dysfunction is. The Internet is an amazing source of getting your basics clear and wrapping your head around the concept. Find out why it happens in males and what are its potential causes. There might be some underlying factors that are causing erectile difficulties. The inability to attain an erection or sustain it occasionally can be due to excessive alcohol consumption, incessant smoking, injury, other medicines, or drug abuse.     


Chronic or long-term erectile dysfunction can be an indication of some underlying physical conditions. That can impair erection function and lead to frequent erection failures. It is necessary to learn about the underlying cause so that it can be treated which will eventually help you to alleviate the symptoms of impotence.  

For identifying the underlying cause, you need to get a medical checkup done by a doctor. They will help you to find the root cause of your impotence issue and suggest some treatment for the erectile dysfunction-causing underlying disease.  

How is erectile dysfunction linked to infidelity?

From the perspective of infidelity, erectile dysfunction can be experienced by individuals that have either cheated with their partner or have been cheated on by their partner. It can be an extremely shattering experience for the individuals who are being cheated in the relationship. This can lead to mental agony and relationship strain. Let us understand the two scenarios in detail.

A person develops erectile dysfunction after being cheated on

When the individual finds out that they have been betrayed by their partner, the realization of the truth can be very difficult for them to grasp. Some individuals might fail to get the cues and signs of their partner’s behavior, while some might get a hint or an indication that something’s fishy due to their partner’s behavioral change.

Although the partner’s behavior change doesn’t need to be the only way by which they could sense the signs of betrayal. Some individuals might be well at hiding. This could be the worst nightmare for some individuals, as the only person they share an intimate bond with is seeing somebody else, without their knowledge.

Psychological Problems

Some individuals might not be able to handle the trauma of betrayal. This might lead to psychological problems in them. Which may include stress, grief, depression, and shock. It might take a while for them to get out of this negative mentality. These psychological factors affect their ability to engage in intimate activities. After finding out about their partner’s affairs, they might completely shut them off and avoid any intimate contact with their partner.

They might develop erectile dysfunction or impotence issues owing to psychogenic reasons. The trauma and anger toward their partner might not allow them to think about becoming intimate with them. They might not feel any inclination to share that intimacy with their partner again.

A person develops erectile dysfunction after cheating on their partner

After committing infidelity, the person might or might not get caught. Either way, they might feel guilty and shameful of their behavior. This unfaithful behavior might give rise to psychogenic erectile dysfunction in some individuals, this may happen because of extreme feelings of shame and guilt that develop as a result.

These feelings might go away if one comes to terms with their partner by accepting their huge mistake. However, such behavior may be unacceptable for the majority. Which might lead to their separation. But the psychologically induced erectile dysfunction might not last long. It can be restored when the individual works on improving their mental health which was affected by shame.      

Wrapping up

Erectile dysfunction is a very sensitive topic. If it happens due to infidelity, then one needs to stop and perform deep contemplation on their distrusting behavior. Being disloyal towards one partner can lead to psychological conditions that can cause mental anguish, which can have damaging consequences on health.

Erectile dysfunction can still be managed with the help of ED medicines like Malegra. It causes the release of adequate nitric oxide in the walls of the blood vessels which helps with the expansion of blood vessels. As the blood vessels expand, more and more blood is allowed inside them which helps men to attain and sustain erections.         

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