How Important Is Sex In A Relationship

How Important Is Sex In A Relationship?

Your partner is the first person you talk to and the last person you kiss good night. Taking some time off from your hectic schedule and spending some quality time together is the best way to ensure your relationship stays strong and healthy. Expressing your love through sex increases your likelihood of staying content with a long-term relationship together.

Necessity Of Sex

Sex is not always necessary however it indeed plays an extremely significant part in a healthy and satisfying relationship. But its importance varies from one person to another. Some of you might feel that having a sexual connection with your partner is vital for your relationship while others of you may not even consider getting intimate due to several other factors.

Interestingly, individuals in a fulfilling relationship feel sex is a crucial aspect of a relationship due to the reasons that it makes them feel closer and more vulnerable to their partner. This vulnerability of both partners in a relationship encourages the most authentic version of you both to come to the forefront. As a result, your affection towards each other deepens which ultimately strengthens your bond.

Benefits Of Having Sex In A Relationship

Making love with your partner regularly ensures your overall health is in good order which is an indication of a healthy sexual relationship. Regular sex imparts reproductive benefits and it helps improve your physical, mental, emotional, and social life by boosting your self-confidence.

Apart from instilling feelings of deep intimacy and closeness between you and your partner, regular sex also supports a healthy sexual relationship in a multitude of ways. It helps boost your level of commitment in a relationship. The release of oxytocin which is a naturally occurring hormone, during sex helps strengthen the bond and improves emotional intimacy. Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone. Its production is triggered due to sex causes relaxation, establishes trust, and ensures overall psychological stability.

Understanding Sexual Health

Sexual health is linked to our physiological and psychological health. It is one of the aspects of overall well-being. It is characterized by an ability to embrace and express our sexuality throughout our lives. Sexuality is not limited to just sexual behavior, it goes beyond that. You need to understand that it is a natural part of life.

Talking about sexual health also encompasses getting yourself acquainted with some necessary information regarding pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), treatment, and hygiene. It is essential to become aware of the methods of preventing unwanted pregnancy by choosing an appropriate method of contraception.


For maintaining your sexual health, you must use protection that can prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It usually happens due to the transmission of bacteria during sexual intercourse. In addition, you must maintain proper hygiene and keep your genitals clean to protect yourself from getting infections.

Sexual health allows you to experience sexual pleasure, satisfaction, and deep intimacy when desired. Also, you must feel free to communicate your sexual concerns with your partner and healthcare professionals.

How Can You Improve Your Sex Life?

At some point in your relationship, you might feel that the spark is gone. This situation is quite common in every relationship. However, the problem arises when it goes unnoticed. Thus, dullness and boredom take over and the relationship begins to go downhill. Therefore, it is necessary to work on your relationship from time to time.

Sexual intimacy is an extremely powerful tool that can fix all your relationship issues. Let us have a look at some of the practices that you need to inculcate in your daily routine that can help you in improving your sex life:

  • Eat Healthily

The meals you consume provide the essential nutrients to power our body, including our reproductive organs. It is necessary to follow the right eating habits. You can begin by including nutritious whole foods and lots of fruits in your diet. A nutritious diet helps the blood deliver the vital nutrients to your body that must be needed for performing an optimal function.

Foods that can help boost your sexual health and improve your sex life may include whole grains, nuts, plenty of fruits, lots of leafy green vegetables, legumes, fish, meat, and poultry.

  • Exercise Together

Regular exercising can have amazing effects on your overall well-being and the company of your partner can add motivation. Exercise reduces the stress hormones and releases endorphins which are the chemicals responsible for triggering a positive feeling in the body.

In addition, exercising improves blood circulation and boosts the oxygen content in the blood. On a cellular level, oxygen helps replace cells that wear out, supplies you with energy, supports your immune system, and more.

Incorporating some weight-bearing exercises can enhance the natural production of testosterone which is a significant factor in improving your sexual performance and increasing libido.

  • Getting In The Mood Of Sex

For having more sex along with better performance, you need to clear your schedule. You cannot enjoy your intimate moments with stress and mental clutter which causes hindrance in your lovemaking sessions. It can be tough to be in the mood when you have a million things on your to-do list and not enough time to indulge in intimacy.

So Why Not Have Sex?

Scheduling sex might feel like planning or forcing, but you prioritize the most important task in your calendar, so why not have sex? It is better to assign some time to engage in something very calming or peaceful first.

Rather than jumping right into the act, you need to engage in sexual stimulation first which will help you both to relax completely. Since women take some extra time to attain sexual arousal, their libido might take a little longer to kick in. Thus, both of you need to unwind before expecting too much sexuality out of yourself.

Physiological Benefits Of Sex

Regular sex can lower blood pressure, improves your immune system, and prevent heart diseases. It improves your cardiovascular endurance. It can increase your libido as well.

Psychological Benefits Of Sex

A healthy sex life eliminates depression, anxiety, and stress and improves self-esteem. Sex releases various hormones in your body which help you to become relaxed and promote better sleep.

To Conclude

Sex and desire should not fade with time as the relationship progresses. Many couples in a long-term relationship must strive to keep their passion intact for experiencing a wonderful sex life, regardless of age. Apart from improving your sexual health, sex can impact your overall health by providing many physical and mental benefits to experience a wholesome life.

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