how many sex positions are there

How Many Sex Positions are There?

It would be fun and new to try a few sex positions which can be an easy way to immerse yourself in a whole sexual experience. Take a break from stressing about work by attempting something adventurous you do in the bedroom, there are many sex positions you’ll find interesting and we’ll know about a few here.

Laying on a pillow top

Make sure you lie over a pillow, placing your pelvis over it for enhanced support. Bend your knees down so that you can bring your pelvis a little towards the upward direction and spread your legs to allow for vaginal or anal entrance. Not only does this let you adjust as required to control the depth, but at the same time, it also gives you a pillow under the spot for rubbing your clit or penile against.

Riding into the sunset

Take control and get over the top. This kind of position is ideal for cozy times because it allows for kissing & also eye gazing. As far as comfort is concerned, you get to dictate the rhythm & also the depth of your penetration, make sure you rock your pelvis back and forth or up & down as feels good. Lean ahead forward or move back needed to accommodate anal or vaginal entrance and use your hands for support if you require it.

Side cuddle

Moreover, Lying on your side provides a comfortable beginning point that lets you face each other for vaginal penetration. If you are facing one another, reach down & make sure to take reign of their strap-on and gently maneuver to get just the right angle. If spooning for back entry, use your buttocks to control the depth so it feels good for both of you. Use your hand between you and your partner to help keep the depth to your overall comfort zone.

The Duo

The duo can stay in any type of penetration with a view of all the action to boot! The receiving person lies on their back with their legs spread wide open to allow their partner to kneel in between. For vaginal or anal penetration with a penile, fingers, adjust your pelvis to accommodate the entry and find your rhythm. If you want to skip the penetration, this type of position’s perfect for mutual masturbation & erogenous play.

Sizzling missionary

Let go of the old memories, when somewhat rhythmic up & down and in and out was well known about sex. Instead, form a new experience of the missionary for vaginal or anal penetration with small adjustments. For a P-in-V or dildo-in-V sexual session, in place of widening your legs, have your partner’s legs straddle your body to allow for genital touch. The added sensation can boom up the arousal and the wetness for an enjoyable experience. It also keeps in control of how deep they can reach, which can help in preventing the pain. For P-in-A or dildo-in-P sexual sessions, placing a pillow right under the hips makes for simple and comfortable access to the entrance & prostate.

Sixty-Nine (69)

Make sure you give 69 a try at least once in your sexual life. Just lie on your back & have your partner climb on so you’re facing mouth-to-genitals of each other. Once you’re in the right position, make the most of this by using your lips & your tongue. PS: You’re just the slip of the tongue or finger, so if you’re both cool with rimming or even the butt play, mix all the things up. Just be sure not to go from back to front without cleaning up at first.

Positions to prolong your play

Want to know a position that’s quite comfortable for a long. Listed below are three positions to prolong your play. Let’s have a look.

Lazy doggy

Lie flat in front & make sure to have your partner lie on top with their elbows on the bed at your sides for some kind of support. If the penetrations are on the menu, tilt your pelvis as required for a shallow A or V entrance. The fit will feel amazing but the shallow depth & even the comfy position will help you both last for a while. No penetration? No problem at all! Slip the vibrator around and under your pelvis for some kind of stimulation while your partner rubs it on you, sliding between the butt cheeks.

Table for two

Stand facing your table, bend, and have your partner stand behind you. Make sure to support your body weight and raise your hips to meet their genitals. Keeping your legs all together, reach back with a hand to guide their penile area or strap on into your V or A only as deep as you feel comfortable. Have them keep still while you move a little back & forth in a right rhythm that works right.

Easy glider

Make your partner sit in a chair, straddle their lap, and ride on it. Move down onto their penile area or dildo to get entered in your V or A and ride gently. Make sure you rest your genitals on theirs & at the same time glide to your hearts and loin’s content.

Oral sex positions for the giver and receiver

Oral sex is a good and amazing time to have, but it can be a saver if you find your penetration quite painful. Here are a few moves for the giver & the receiver.

The beanbag

A bean bag, stack of pillows, or chair will do as long as the receiver can sit while the giver kneels on the floor. This position gives a chance to the giver to go down on their partner and also reach down for some hand or fun with the toy. The receiver who’s seated is also in the right position to get handy or use a toy for erogenous self-love.

Sideways 69

As the name says, you do the 69 while lying on your sides. Raise your leg to give & get access to each other’s genitals and lick, kiss, and suck away as you can.


The receiver gets flat on their back with legs closed, while the giver straddles the end of their legs and leans to do the oral. The pleasure of oral is received by the recipient, while the giver gets to rub and slide the genitals over the closed legs of their partner. If the straddler has a peen, they can slip it between their partner’s legs for a hump.

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