How To Get Hard In 5 Seconds

Some men might struggle with their sexual function. They may find it difficult to get erections or even if they somehow get erections, they may fail to sustain them. This might be a result of some trivial factors like stress, anxiety, medicinal side effects, alcohol interference, and so on. This issue can be normal among healthy adults.

Men might even try exploring ways that can get them instant erections. Some may even desire to get hard within a few seconds, which makes them find effective techniques which will enable them to attain instant erections. This blog will help you to become aware of some powerful techniques to get erections in a few seconds – keep reading.   

Lose some extra pounds  

Weight gain and obesity are the biggest contributors to sexual health problems. It potentiates the risk of health conditions, which indirectly affect your sexual functioning. Excessive fat accumulation around the body will hinder the circulation of blood to many parts of the body. The sexual organs as well get deprived of adequate blood, which is fundamental to erections. When the blood flows to the sexual organs abundantly, the better will be the sexual response and the duration of getting an erection will be very short too.   

Besides, getting fit and in proper shape will make you feel attractive and confident about your body as well as your sexuality. You will feel more active. Fitness drives away lethargic feelings and fatigue. Your intimate life will become vibrant. Fit individuals tend to have high self-esteem and seldom do they suffer due to sexual distress. So, remind yourself of the perks of losing weight and take steps to get into proper shape.   

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly will ensure that the blood reaches every cell of your body. Those struggling due to weight gain must start getting regular exercising. It helps maintain a sufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients in the body. The uptake of nutrients in the body will get enhanced due to the proper blood circulation happening because of regular workouts and physical activities. 

You must walk for about 30 minutes every day. You may even go jogging and running. Other activities like cycling, swimming, brisk walking, and skipping will help overweight individuals big time. Apart from that, some strength training exercises which use a quick or immediate form of energy can boost the levels of testosterone in males. Testosterone is the primary sex hormone among males, which controls arousal and sexual function.


Strength training exercises include weightlifting, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Pilates, yoga, etc. It involves short, quick, fast high-intensity exercises that cause a breakdown of glucose, which is already stored in your muscles as a form of energy.        

Workout for sexual health

For strengthening your sexual health muscles, you must regularly perform pelvic floor exercises, also popularly known as Kegel exercises. Such exercises train your pelvic floor muscles and strengthen them. The health of your sexual organs majorly depends upon the blood circulation happening in your reproductive organs. Kegels boost the flow of blood to the penile and enhance the health of your sexual organs.

 Kegel exercises span the muscles of the pelvic floor and support your pelvic organs. Pelvic floor strengthening can help improve erectile function in males. It increases the blood flow to the sexual organs and boosts their sexual response. Performing Kegel exercises regularly can be beneficial in getting erections faster.  

Learn to manage stress

Stress can affect your mood and intervene with your intimate feelings. It can make it difficult for an individual to get sexually aroused. To prevent stress from ruining your intimacy, you must learn to cope with stress. You must do some activity that helps you to feel completely relaxed and forget about your day-to-day problems. It can be anything and differ from person to person. Some leisure activities can be great, to begin with.

An effective way to deal with stress is to perform some mindful meditative exercises. Just focusing on your breath for some time can be a very transformative experience. It can have a calming effect on your mind and body that can cause deep relaxation, and you will be able to be in the present moment. Complete relaxation makes it easier for the individual to get aroused and attain an instant erection.

Improve your intimacy

For a great intimate experience, you need to deepen your bond with your partner. You have to strengthen your bond through communication. When the connection between you and your partner is strong, it will catalyze sharing a close bond and it will ultimately improve the quality of your intimate life. This will help you in getting the desired sexual response within a few seconds.  

Stop smoking!

Smoking can hurt your sexual health. Hazardous chemicals present in the smoke deprive your body of enough oxygen which reduces the oxygen and blood supply to your heart, lungs, muscles, and sexual organs. Consequently, it deteriorates your erectile function.           

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