How To Stay Erect for Hours Pills?

How To Stay Erect for Hours Pills

When men are suffering from erectile dysfunction, the common first thought is to turn to medications just like sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) & others to fix things as soon as possible. While ED oral pills are quite effective, it’s also important to look at your lifestyle and overall well-being.  From your diet to your physical activity level & workout habits, your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your ability to achieve an erection and stay hard (here are a few reasons to know why you can’t stay hard) & perform in the bedroom. If you’re prone to poor erections, try making lifestyle changes to improve your health and even sexual performance.

Cut down to Stress

Stress can affect every aspect of your overall health, from your mental function to your physical health. It’s also linked to ED and other sexual performance problems. When you’re stressed, your body goes on a hormonal level change, including a ramping up of your formation of the hormone cortisol. When your cortisol levels get high, you may be at risk of witnessing anxiety and depression, both of which can affect you sexually. While there are studies that track the effects of stress on erection quality specifically, there are also studies linking stress with bad sexual satisfaction.

Researchers figure out that high levels of stress were linked with lower levels of sexual activity, sexual satisfaction & decreased relationship activity.

So, if you’re wondering how to gain a harder erection, stress reduction may be your solution. You can cut down the stress by practicing relaxation workouts, staying active & also spending time with your friends and family members.

Stop Watching Porn

Your porn-watching habits (if you watch porn, of course) could have a bad effect on your overall sexual performance.  In recent times, a phenomenon has emerged where young, otherwise healthy men find it quite tough to perform sexually when they’re with their partner. 

This is often referred to as “porn-induced erectile dysfunction,” and it can have a huge effect on your overall sexual performance & enjoyment. Porn-induced ED happens when your porn habits begin to interfere with the parts of your brain that are linked with reward sensitivity. This can affect your overall sexual performance & cut down your brain’s response to overall sexual stimulation.

In recent research, it has been found that watching porn (among other online sexual activities, or OSAs) is closely linked to both lower sexual satisfaction and lower erectile function. Watching porn reduces your level of sexual enjoyment & could play a major role in making it harder to achieve and maintain an erection. What’s the solution? Consider limiting your porn watching, or avoiding porn outright.

Exercise Regularly

When asking how to gain a hard penile, blood flow is the vital important piece of the puzzle. If you’re sexually aroused, blood flows into your penile area to give it the size and firmness that are required for penetrative sex. When your cardiovascular system is strong, the process of gaining and maintaining an erection becomes easier for your body. 

Leading to this, good cardiovascular health is quite an essential part of achieving an erection and staying hard at the time of sexual activity.  One of the effective ways to improve your health of heart and function is by keeping yourself active with daily exercise.  Researchers found that 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous workouts four times per week is enough to cut down ED. However, this effect only happened in men who witnessed ED as a result of physical conditions like obesity, metabolic syndrome, inactivity, hypertension & cardiovascular disorder.

Pills by which you can stay hard for hours

Pro-Solution Plus

It combines similar herbals & the nutrient that the people of China have used for long years which is tested clinically and proven to be safe & much effective. Pro-Solution Plus enhances Sexual health & even Stamina and along with that, it helps you address specific concerns. It is shown to increase dopamine levels which in turn improve the feelings of relaxation.

It increases levels of nitric oxide required to receive and retain blood in the corpora cavernosum resulting in a Larger, hard erection, better sexual prowess, and its ability. Pro-Solution Plus also has potassium as well as Vitamin B6, A, and C, thiamine, and folic acid, which help to put Orgasms within reach. This is another doctor-recommended supplement and we have come to trust it for the cases of ED. VigRX Plus is an overall combination of erection precursors that are natural, aphrodisiacs, and libido enhancers that quickly help your overall system improve your sexual performance.

VIgRx Plus

The VigRX Plus supplement targets the nitric oxide levels in your system, thus relaxing the smooth muscle tissue of your erectile tissue, the two long cylindrical tubes in the penile area, and associated arterioles to enhance the blood flow to the penile area.

This leads to an erection that feels firmer & even fuller. It also has several potent boosters of testosterone and aphrodisiacs that have been around for many years.  They are known to give men a major boost in sexual desire, along with other important improvements in their sexual health and function. Taking two capsules per day is enough to take you through your sexual ride.


One of the most well-known erection pills, Viagra is a PDE-5 drug that works by enhancing the flow of blood to the penile area, making it very simple to form and sustain an erection. However, Viagra shouldn’t be confused with an aphrodisiac. While it can help you achieve an erection, it’s not a drug for enhancing the sexual drive.


Levitra is amongst the most popular brands of the drug Vardenafil. It is also a PDE-5 inhibitor that enhances sexual performance by enhancing the blood flow to the penile region.


Cialis, which is known as Tadalafil, is a drug that is prescribed commonly for erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra, Cialis works by boosting the blood flow to the penile. While Cialis takes long to work than Viagra (2 to 3 hours), it’s one of the longer-lasting pills made available, that lasts for up to 36 hours.

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