how to test testosterone levels at home

How to Test Testosterone Levels at Home

As per the reports, hardly a few men over 30 have low testosterone levels. This doesn’t come as a surprise just because depleting testosterone levels are a part of growing old. As you get old, it is natural for the formation of this hormone to cut it down, but at the same time, you can enhance it with a healthy lifestyle involving diet & regular exercise.

When it comes to testosterone levels, men are unlikely to see a doctor immediately and check the levels of the hormone. At times you want to see a physician. With all this, it doesn’t mean you can’t test your testosterone level or know whether it is depleting or not. Here are a few ways how you can test & check the levels without scheduling an appointment with your doctor.

Look At Your Ring Finger

It is said that longer ring fingers are linked with higher levels of testosterone and a bigger length of penile. Now, let’s take a look at your fingers by straightening them and closing the space between them making sure that the palms are facing away from you. Focus on the difference in length between your index & ring finger. The longer your ringer finger is concerning the index finger, the higher the testosterone level will be.

Check your body fat

Body fat has aromatase, that is an enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. Having a lot of estrogen floating in your body cuts down the formation of testosterone. This says why men whose levels of testosterone are reducing start accumulating fat in the abdominal region. A study found that higher testosterone is linked to body mass that is lean while enhanced fat mass is related to lower testosterone in old aged men.

The perfect way to test the level of testosterone and check it is to measure your body fat percentage. For this reason, you can make use of the body fat calculator. To check the percentage of body fat, it is essential to enter info like gender, weight in pounds, and circumference of your waist, wrist, and hip along with the forearm, and then you can calculate.

Check The Smell of Your Sweat

Your levels of testosterone concern the majority of processes present in the body involving sweat. Men with testosterone of higher levels produce more apocrine sweat. This kind of sweat is produced by apocrine glands that are concentrated in your underarm and genital regions. Such glands stay inactive until they are aroused by the changes in hormones during puberty.

The evidence says that high levels of the Penilealpha-reductase present in apocrine sweat glands are linked with high testosterone & play a vital role in the anabolic activity of androgens. Sweat straight from these glands stinks. If your sweat has an unpleasant odor, then your levels of testosterone are fine. On the other side, if the sweat is odorless, the levels of this hormone have reduced and how.

Check The Size of Your Testicles

The levels of testosterone have a great impact on the size & shape of your testicles. That happens because the much-needed hormone is formed in your testicles, meaning you should pay attention to their overall size. Usually, if your testicles are small and atrophied, you are likely to suffer from lower testosterone. On the other side, if your testicles are big, the hormone levels are high. So, make sure, to stand in front of a mirror & try to focus on the size of the testicles to figure out whether testosterone formation is decreased or not. It’s quite easy, but at the same time, it’s an accurate method.

Check The Frequency and Quality of Erections

Moreover, Penile erections are driven high by testosterone this is why the impaired formation of this hormone affects erectile function. Studies say that androgens play an important role in erectile function because the period during the prevalence of ED increases correlates with a reduction in the levels of testosterone. Lower levels of hormone cut down the frequency, amplitude, and rigidity of your overall erections.

The higher the testosterone levels are, the easier it is for you to gain and sustain erections. A simple way to test your testosterone level is to monitor your penile erections and keep a record of their frequency and quality. Make sure to check if you gain them regularly? Can you sustain your erections or if you can ejaculate quickly? Did the erection frequency decrease? Don’t shy from keeping a record of erections in your book.

Check The Semen Volume

The levels of testosterone don’t only play a role in your penile erections, but the quality and amount of semen volume as well. You will be quite surprised to know that only a small amount of sperm is formed in your testicles. A huge amount of sperm-containing fluid released from the ejaculatory duct comes straight from the seminal vesicles, two glands located near your prostate, and the prostate gland.

When the levels of testosterone are sufficient enough, the three parts work together to form the value of semen you ejaculate. Any kind of interruption in this process, involving a low level of testosterone, affects the amount of semen that comes out at the time of ejaculation. When having sexual intercourse or masturbating, feel free to check & keep a regular track of semen volume.

The Bottom Line:

In general, Testosterone is responsible for various kinds of functions and processes present in the body. A low level of production of this hormone induces some uncomfortable changes. It is always advised to check with your doctor, but you can also monitor your overall erections, semen, body fat, and a few other kinds of parameters to get a close insight into the levels of testosterone easily and safely. Further, You can give try to few kinds of Testosterone Boosters available in the market which can help to boost the natural formation of testosterone levels.

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