How To Use A Penis Pump

How To Use A Penis Pump

A penile pump is one of the useful devices that is available for treating the problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Poor erections in men makes it quite difficult to sustain with an erection for long enough to contribute in sexual activity.

A penile pump has a plastic tube, a hand- or battery-operated pump, and also a constriction ring for the base of the penile. The device is very safe & this is also effective alternative to oral medications. Using a penile pump can help men achieve and sustain with an erection.

The penile pump achieves this by forming a vacuum around the penile area, which encourages blood to flow to go into it. Once the penile is erected, a man can place a constriction ring on the base of their penile region. This is helpful for keeping the blood inside.

Many men consider penis pumps comfortable to use. The few following steps outline how to use one:

1: Some men may want to shave the pubic hair around the base of their penile area. This helps prevent the ring from getting caught in the hair.

2: Insert the penile into the plastic tube.

3: Make use of the penile pump to form a vacuum inside the tube. Depending on the device, the pump may be manual or it can be motorized. The vacuum brings blood in the penile region.

4: Once the penile is erected, place the constriction ring around the base of the penile area. This helps to sustain the erection by keeping blood inside the penile.

5: Remove the penile slowly from the tube.

This should lead in an erection that can stay for a longer period of time for the man to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. They and their loved partner can decide whether they really want to use the pump before foreplay or just before doing the penetration.

There is no such evidence to suggest that using a penile pump can grow the size of the reproductive organ. Any such claims are not real. In fact, men who try to use a penile pump for this purpose may injure their penile badly.

Possible risks & the side effects

Most healthcare experts consider penile pumps a safe and also the most effective treatment for ED. Men can use the penile pump as often as they are able to tolerate it for whole day. For some, this may be only once a day, whereas for few others, this might be plenty of times per day. However, there are few drawbacks. These include:

Pain or bruising: Incorrect use of the penile pump can lead in bruising & painful injuries to the penile.

Burst blood vessels: Small red dots, or petechiae, may form under the skin of the penile area.

Skin numbness, tingling, or discoloration: Such symptoms may say that the constriction ring is very tight. Using a large ring can help men alleviate the pressure.

Unnatural feeling erections: Some men report that the erections they have do not feel natural or spontaneous while using a penile pump.

Lack of firmness: This is often most noticeable at the base of the penile area.

Feeling of trapped semen or painful ejaculation: A small cut-out in the constriction ring can help men to reduce these symptoms.

Psychological effects of using this: Having to stop using penile pump before starting with sexual activity may ruin the mood for men or couples. Few men may also feel awkward about using the penile pump before starting with sexual activity.

Men with blood clotting diseases and men who take blood thinners should discuss and talk to their doctor before using a penile pump, as such conditions & also the medications can boost the risk of internal bleeding while using the device.

Points to remember when selecting a pump

  • The penile pumps are made available over the counter, online, and in many stores. It is however important to note that many of such pumps do not have (FDA) approval. For the same reason, the risk of injury due to incorrect usage may be on the higher side.
  • The safety feature to look for in a penile pump is a vacuum limiter. This stops the pressure in the vacuum from becoming strong and injuring the penile.
  • The constriction ring is other type of consideration. Using the ring that is tight can be uncomfortable at times for men, and using a ring that is very loose can be quite ineffective. It is important to figure out what size works perfect for men.
  • One better way to gain a penile pump is by getting a prescription. Having a prescription from the doctor will make it sure that a man receives an FDA approved treatment of ED.
  • In addition to this, most insurance parties will pay out for a prescribed penile pump. The amount someone pays for the device will also depend on their insurance plan coverage.

Other types of ED treatments:

The penile pumps are safe and effective for use, there are also few other treatments for ED that a man may want to look out. One advantage of the penile pumps is that men can use them in combination along with the help of medications. Other treatment options for weak erections in men include:

Penile implants: Doctor will insert tubes into the penile area. These tubes inject small amounts of saline into the penile parts before starting with the sexual activity. There is a button behind the scrotum and this allows the man to inject the saline when needed.

Oral ED medications: Medications like sildenafil and tadalafil can surely help men stimulate with a hard erection. They are known be the prescribed medicines that are used only when recommended by the doctors.

Penile suppositories or injections: Men can insert these at their penile base to stimulate an erection.

The Bottom Line:

Penile pump used by men are known to be a nonmedicated options for treating the problem of ED. Many men consider it safe for usage. However, few conditions and certain oral medications may predispose a man to internal bleeding when using a penis pump.

Men should talk or discuss with their doctor about the situation to figure out whether or not a penile pump is a perfect solution for them.

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