Masturbation And Erectile Dysfunction

Masturbation is an act of stimulating the genitals for sexual pleasure. This involves stimulating the erogenous zones of the body. This is quite common among males, across all ages. Some men might become fearful that excessive sexual stimulation can give rise to erectile dysfunction or impotence issues. How true is that? Here’s what to know if you are trying to find out whether masturbation leads to erectile dysfunction.  

Does masturbation lead to erectile dysfunction?  

The answer is, No. Masturbation cannot give rise to any sexual problem such as erectile dysfunction among males. Some men might have false beliefs that excessive masturbation might cause some damage to their sexual function and as a result, they might lose their ability to get and maintain harder erections after that. It is necessary to understand what does erectile dysfunction stands for and how does it happen?

An individual who has erectile dysfunction might experience the following symptoms:

  • Even if the individual is sexually aroused, desirous of engaging in sexual activity or masturbation, they may fail to get harder erections. Their penile may remain feeble despite adequate sexual stimulation.
  • In case they are somehow able to get erections, they may struggle to sustain them for longer. Moreover, This prevents them from having sexual interactions.
  • Even if they attain an erection, the penile might lack the strength to have penetrative sex. 

Moreover, This sexual difficulty is common among males. Older individuals might develop these difficulties after a certain age, which can be attributed to physiological health conditions, whereas younger individuals might experience these difficulties owing to psychological reasons, which are quite commonly observed in the younger population nowadays. Besides, smoking, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, medicinal side effects, injuries, or surgery can also lead to erectile dysfunction.


Masturbation is about self-pleasure, which does not have any harmful effects on one’s sexual functioning. There have been a lot of myths going around on the topic of masturbation, among them erectile dysfunction has been the most basic myth. People have assumptions and false beliefs, that have been passed on for ages. Several religions consider masturbation a sinful act, and hence no doubt has been a taboo concept for many.

The truth is masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction. This false perception needs to be slashed. This has been proven universally by various top research institutes. The reason why one experiences erectile dysfunction can be physiological or psychological. Hence, one can rest assured that erectile dysfunction does not stem from masturbation.

Treatments for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is tough to cure, and one might not even get fully recovered. But it can be treated using several techniques, which involve prescription medications, penile pump or vacuum devices, O-rings, or constriction rings, or through penile injections and surgical methods. The safest and most reliable option for treating impotence is ED medications, such as Malegra which is a sildenafil generic.

Let us see how each of these treatment methods works.   

  • Prescription medications

Your doctor may prescribe you medications that can fix impotence issues within a few minutes. These medications are composed using the active ingredient, which triggers erections and helps sustain them. These medications work only in the presence of sexual arousal. So, sexual stimulation is necessary for the medication to work.  

  • Penile pump

Vacuum devices or penile pumps use suction pressure by creating a vacuum. It comes in the form of a tube; one has to insert the penile into the tube and secure it using the belt that comes with the device. The device can be operated manually or electrically.

  • O-rings

These are elastic belts that are made using silicone material, which makes them flexible. The belt has to be worn on the base of the penile, which holds the blood within the penile blood vessels and helps in sustaining erections. O-rings can be used in combination with penile pumps.

  • Penile injections

These are prescription medicines. One has to take the medicine and inject it into the penile shaft. It must be injected about 5 to 10 minutes before a planned sexual activity. It has to be done carefully, as there is a high chance of injury or bruises.  

  • Surgical implantation

Also called penile implants, this procedure involves surgically placing an inflatable flexible rod into the penile shaft. Moreover, This method is effective for ED treatment, and it can cure the symptoms of erectile dysfunction permanently. In case you have tried all techniques including prescription medications, penile pumps, or vacuum devices, but none of them has worked, then this method shall help you.    

The lowdown

According to multiple researchers worldwide, it is certain that masturbation does not lead to erectile dysfunction. This myth has to be busted, as it is based on false assumptions and speculations. This sexually stimulating activity is quite common among men, regardless of age. Lastly, a condition like erectile dysfunction can be improved using treatment methods, one can choose according to their suitability.   

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