side effects of masturabation in male daily

Side Effects of Masturbation in Male Daily

Masturbation is quite common & healthy sexual activity with some of the side effects. Many bizarre claims say that masturbation is like going totally blind, and most of these claims are not even true. Masturbation occurs when an individual stimulates their genitals for some of the sexual pleasure, which may or may not lead them to orgasm. Masturbation is much common in men & women of all ages & at the same time it plays a vital role in the healthy sexual formation. Men masturbate for a variety of factors. These involve pleasure, enjoyment, fun, and tension release. Few of the individuals masturbate alone, while others masturbate along with their partners.

Masturbation side effects

Masturbation is completely harmless. Few men may witness tender skin if they are rough, but this will heal in few days. If men masturbate within a short time, they may witness a slight swelling of the penile that is called as edema. This swelling fades off in a couple of days.

Other potential side effects include:


Few men who worry that masturbation conflicts with all their religious, spiritual, or cultural beliefs may witness few feelings of guilt. Masturbation is not wrong, and self-pleasure is not shameful at all. Discussing feelings of guilt with your friend, healthcare expert, or even your therapist that specializes in sexual health might be useful for a man to move over his feelings of guilt that they connect along with masturbation.

Decreased sexual sensitivity

If men follow any kind of masturbation method that is aggressive & that also involves too tight a grip on their penile area, they can witness a reduced sensation. A man can solve this over time with a change in their overall technique.

Enhanced stimulation, like using a vibrator, may enhance the arousal & also the overall sexual function in both men & women. Women who use a vibrator have made sure that they have some imrproved sexual function & lubrication while men witnessed an improvement in overall erectile function.

Prostate cancer

The jury is out to decide whether masturbation powers or reduces the risk of prostate cancer. Researchers need to examine studies before they can reach any final call. Research demonstrated that men who ejaculated more than five times a week in their 20s were one-third less likely to form any prostate cancer than those who ejaculated quite less often.

Researchers speculate that the reduced risk was formed just because of the frequent ejaculation that may prevent the build-up of cancer-causing in the prostate gland. The same link between ejaculation & lower risk of prostate cancer was found in a recent study.

Researchers figured out that men who ejaculated many times a month or more had a small risk of generating prostate cancer. In contrast, a study figured out said that frequent sexual activity in a man’s 20s & 30s has grown his risk of prostate cancer, if he has especially masturbated on daily basis.

Disrupting daily life

In rare cases, few individuals may masturbate more than they desire, which may:

  • cause them to miss work, school, or events
  • interrupt a man’s daily functioning
  • affect their responsibilities & relationships
  • serve as an escape from the relationship problems

Someone who thinks they might be impacted by their masturbation practice should talk with a healthcare expert. A doctor may recommend talk therapy to figure out some ways that they could manage their overall sexual behavior. Consulting a sex therapist may also help you with coping with strategies for masturbation.

Health benefits of masturbation

Masturbation has a lot of types of physical & mental health benefits. Some of the studies focus on the benefits of masturbation, but research says that sexual stimulation, involving stimulation through masturbation, can:

  • reduce stress
  • release tension
  • enhance quality sleep
  • boost concentration
  • elevate your mood
  • relieve menstrual cramps
  • alleviate pain
  • improve sex

Masturbation has also been rectified as a strategy to improve your health sexually by promoting intimacy, exploring self-pleasure, desires, and needs, reducing unwanted pregnancies, and preventing sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Men who choose to abstain from sex or who do not have a sexual partner may often masturbate as a sexual outlet. Masturbation also has sexual health benefits for older women, such as less vaginal dryness & decreased pain at the time of sex.

Common Myths about Masturbation

There are few myths about masturbation that do not exist at all. But men tend to believe them and become anxious about the overall act. There is no actual evidence supporting such kind of myths.

Masturbation Affects the Kidney

People tend to believe that masturbation damages your health of kidney. Some people feel lower back pain during or post your masturbation, and they believe the myth that masturbation causes bad effect to their kidneys. The lower back pain is due to poor posture, not for the kidney. These scientists have proven no link associated between masturbation and kidney, so it’s a myth for sure.

Masturbation Causes Erectile Dysfunction

There is yet another myth that masturbation causes ED. Those who masturbate are causing damage to the penile area, and it won’t be erected. It’s a myth that masturbation is a sexual act that is healthy. If you do not damage your private organ by being too harsh, there is no chance of erectile dysfunction for sure in men.

Masturbation is a Sexual Perversion

There is a belief that masturbation is a type of sexual perversion. But this is not the fact; it’s a common sexual act that gives a person sexual gratification. Masturbation does not really affect your sexual view. Healthily performing masturbation cannot be a sexual perversion.


Few men may feel embarrassed, guilty, or ashamed while talking about masturbation. But masturbation is quite normal, healthy, and not something to feel guilty. Masturbation will not lead to blindness or cause any kind of physical and mental health issues.

In maximum of the cases, masturbation has health benefits than adverse effects. Masturbation is only a problem usually if it starts to interfere with regular life & relationships with your friends, family, co-workers, and partners. In these types of circumstances, it may be quite useful to speak to a healthcare expert, especially your sex therapist.

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