The 5 Signs Of Low Testosterone

Testosterone is a hormone that is often associated with masculinity, as it is the primary sex hormone in males. It is also present in small amounts in females. In males, most of this hormone is produced and secreted by the testes. This hormone is essential for gaining muscle mass, enhancing bone strength, and regulating mood. Having it at adequate levels in the body is necessary for the healthy operations of bodily functions.

If it drops below normal levels then it might mostly affect individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, obesity, liver disease, kidney dysfunction, HIV/AIDS, and those above the age of 50.

In this blog, we will learn about the top 5 signs that indicate one might be having low levels of testosterone in their body. Let us begin.


  • Loss of libido or low sex drive

The decline in sex drive is one of the most common symptoms of low testosterone. The individual might not be able to get sexually aroused and as a result, they may start losing interest in sex and intimacy. It can affect men’s ability to engage in sexual interactions which impacts their bedroom performance. This can kill their desire and they may fail to establish a fulfilling intimate connection with their partner. Thus, testosterone is necessary for fueling up sexual desire in both sexes and lack of it can lead to sexual difficulties.   

  • Hot flashes

People with testosterone deficiency experience hot flashes along with night sweats. One may feel a sensation of warmth throughout their body which can make them feel fatigued throughout the day. They may even lack the motivation to perform day-to-day tasks. It can introduce dullness, leading to a lack of energy and stamina. In addition, some men may suffer from extreme hair loss owing to low testosterone. 

  • Erectile dysfunction or impotence

Low levels of sex hormone in males gives rise to difficulties in attaining and sustaining erections. It can impair their ability to get erections because testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for signaling the receptors in the brain to release nitric oxide in the penile blood vessels. Nitric oxide is a compound that conducts vasodilation in the penile shaft and opens the narrowed blood vessels which were previously clogged due to plaque formation in their passages. However, the lack of adequate testosterone makes it difficult for men to experience better sexual performance.

Moreover, such individuals can make use of ED medications, that contain a key ingredient that restores their erection function. Malegra is one such medicine that triggers stronger erections and helps men with impotence issues. 

  • Infertility issues in men

When your testosterone levels drop below normal levels then you may experience infertility problems. This happens because testosterone is needed for the health of sperm. Low testosterone is linked to low sperm quality. The health of sperm is necessary for producing offspring. Not only does the sperm quality is affected, but also its count and motility. Sperms that lack motility cannot swim to the ovum and thus cause difficulties in conception.

  • The decline in muscle mass

Low testosterone leads to a decrease in muscle mass in men. They may face difficulties in building muscles as all their muscles get transformed into fat cells. This happens as the testosterone drops and estrogen hormone takes over and converts muscles into fat which gets deposited around the chest and belly region. Such individuals find it hard to develop muscles and gain muscle mass.

How is aging liked to low testosterone?

Your body’s ability to produce testosterone declines as you age. Their levels are most high during the adolescent years. It slowly starts decreasing after the age of 20 and by the time men reach 50, it falls to lower levels. This might not happen in everyone’s case, as every individual differs in body type, health, and genetic factors also play a major part here. But the likelihood of men in their 50s experiencing difficulties due to low testosterone increases. 

Ways to maintain sufficient levels of testosterone

To prevent the symptoms of testosterone deficiency from happening, one can seek treatment in the form of medications, or medical procedures, or they can make some changes to their lifestyle to fix the testosterone deficiency naturally. Embracing some lifestyle changes shall benefit you in eliminating testosterone deficiency and bringing it to normal levels, they may include:

  • Incorporating a healthy, nutritious diet that offers adequate nutrients.
  • Performing some sort of physical activity for at least 30 minutes and doing some strength exercises.
  • Keeping your body weight in check and staying fit.
  • Abstaining from excessive abuse of alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs.

Also, the levels of this hormone are the highest during the morning and its levels start dropping slowly through the day. Besides these 5 symptoms of low testosterone, some may even experience loss of armpit and pubic hair. When its deficiency is suspected you must consult the doctor. They will suggest you some tests for confirmation and determination of the cause.  

The Lowdown

Testosterone being the key hormone in males is responsible for causing sexual development, formation of healthy and fertile sperms, increasing sex drive or libido, and building muscle mass, and bone mass. It is majorly produced by the testicles. Its levels are generally high during the adolescent period and as males enter their 20s it slowly declines. Although you may not usually experience a sudden drop in testosterone levels, if you do then there must be some problem. Owing to this you might experience the symptoms.  

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