The Fastest Ways To Fix Erectile Dysfunction

The cause of erectile dysfunction may vary among individuals. The causes of erectile dysfunction can be many, but it all comes down to an adverse impact on sexual health. Metabolic disorders like obesity, heart disease, cardiovascular dysfunction, and type 2 diabetes are all linked to erectile dysfunction because such diseases directly affect vascular function.

If one faces such problems occasionally then there is no need to worry. However, if the difficulties with erection function continue, then there is a necessity to dig deep into the matter and find out the exact cause for treating it, otherwise, the condition will get worse with time.  

Here are some quick ways that can be helpful for restoring the erection function:

  • Prescription medications

Oral medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are the fastest method by which one can improve their erection difficulties. Food and drug administration (FDA) has approved the use of four medications that are – Viagra (Sildenafil), Cialis (Tadalafil), Levitra (Vardenafil), Stendra (Avanafil). All these medications are the brand names for four different drugs. Out of them, sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil have generic versions of medications available.

The one thing that differentiates the brand name versions from the generic ones is their prices. The branded ones were the first to arrive, which involved extensive clinical research in manufacturing and gaining FDA approval, and this is why they are much costlier than the generic versions.

Generic Versions

Some generic versions of sildenafil and tadalafil are Malegra and Tadalista, respectively. These medicines come in several doses from mild to high. Although all these medicines have a common purpose. Which is to treat erectile dysfunction, they still differ in their operation. The effects of Sildenafil medicines remain active for up to 8 hours whereas tadalafil has a prolonged duration of action, which is up to 36 hours or so.

  • Vacuum devices or penile pumps

It is a device that consists of a hollow cylinder that is used to accommodate the penile. The cylinder comes with a pump which helps in creating a vacuum inside the cylinder. The vacuum thus created exerts pressure on the penile to draw in the blood in the penile blood vessels and causes the blood inside to get trapped under high pressure so that the erection sustains.

A band made of elastic comes along with the device, which can be worn after attaining the erection, thus, the erection is maintained. Keep in mind, while trying out such a technique, it is necessary to talk to the doctor about safety. Using the device in the wrong way can lead to bruises or even permanent damage to the penile. 

  • Penile Injections

One can opt for penile injections, wherein some drugs are injected inside the penile blood vessels which helps with the expansion of the blood vessels and allows more and more blood flow to the penile. The more the blood flow, the stronger will be the erections. One must never try to do the injections on their own, get it from the urologist safely. Also, one should discuss the safety and effectiveness of this method with their urologist, which will help them to lower the risk of damage.

  • Penile surgical procedures

If none of the techniques listed above work, then one may think about getting penile implant surgery. The surgery is usually performed when the vascular system of the penile got completely damaged due to high blood sugar or diabetes or some surgical procedure. The penile surgical procedure involves the insertion of a single (non-inflatable) or double (inflatable) rod inside the penile. Such types of surgeries do have some risks attached to them, which is why one must perform a thorough analysis before going under the knife.

These techniques might not be appropriate or affordable to all. So, the best and the most natural way of improving your sexual function is to make some changes to your lifestyle. As soon as you start welcoming a few positive changes like clean eating, daily exercising, quitting smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight, you will start to notice radical changes in your health. You will see how well your body responds to such changes. Of course, you may not see the benefits right away, but it will keep progressing slowly but surely.

Last Word

Erectile dysfunction has a destructive effect on men’s sexual health. It limits them from continuing their intimate relationship with their partner. It does not improve on its own. One has to take some steps to restore sexual function. ED medications, vacuum devices, injections, and surgical methods are quick-fix techniques that can restore your erection function.

However, these quick-fix remedies do carry potential risks of damage. Therefore, if you are opting for any of these techniques then it is important to discuss the safety and risk factors of it with your doctor first. This is a necessary step that can prevent possible damage.

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