What Are The Effects Of Guava On Men With Erectile Dysfunction

A delicious fruit like guava is a powerhouse of essential nutrients that can be beneficial for your sexual health. It is packed with vitamin C, which is necessary for the healthy functioning of your vascular system. Vascular system health is linked to sexual health because, for optimal sexual response in the form of erections, the blood vessels of the penile must function adequately. Impaired blood vessels lead to difficulties with erection function.

Vascular Dysfunction

Vascular dysfunction is the most common problem among older men owing to chronic health conditions that impact their vascular system. However, younger men might also suffer from vascular dysfunction due to their smoking habits, which affects their sexual response.

The difficulties with erection function can be attributed to many other factors apart from chronic conditions and smoking. But the primary cause of erectile dysfunction is lack of blood flow to the penile. Which happens because of impairment of the vascular system in the penile. But do you know, guava can actually help you in alleviating these erection difficulties? Read on to explore the benefits of guava on your sexual health.

Guava for erectile dysfunction

Moreover, The benefits of guava for improving impotence issues can be attributed to its rich vitamin C content, which is a necessary nutrient responsible for managing the health of the erection function. Vitamin C has an important role in increasing the flow of blood throughout the body. It aids in the vasodilation and expansion of the vascular passages, thereby relaxing them to allow an abundant flow of blood throughout them. This increase in blood circulation revives the function of impaired vascular function.

Role Of vitamin C

The reason why vitamin C improves impotence issues is by helping the body with the synthesis of nitric oxide, which is the powerful chemical necessary for healthy sexual function. Vitamin C increases the levels of nitric oxide in the body, and when it is sufficient nitric oxide in the system, the vascular function operates smoothly. Deprivation in the levels of nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to become narrow due to plaque formation, therefore, to avoid the buildup of plaque in the vascular system, one must consume more vitamin C-rich foods, which will help in maintaining adequate nitric oxide in the body.

In addition to vitamin C, guavas are rich in vitamin A, vitamin B6, thiamine, folate, and several other minerals that support sexual health as well. Interestingly, guava’s effectiveness is not limited to its fruit, its leaves are equally nutritious. Its leaves are loaded with potent medicinal properties, which is why they are included in herbal medications. These are the safest and most natural treatment options for those experiencing erectile dysfunction or any issue related to their sexual health.

ED medications

Although there are some amazing remedial solutions for addressing these impotence issues, such as ED medications. Such medications restore the erection function within a few minutes of consumption. One of them is a Cialis generic, called Tadalista, which starts its action after 15 minutes of intake. Such medications require sexual stimulation to produce their effects.

How does guava eliminate sexual difficulties?

We have already seen how vitamin C in guavas can help in raising the levels of nitric oxide in the body, but erectile dysfunction does not happen itself. It is not an independent cause, instead, it occurs due to some chronic health condition.

Most physiological health issues tend to degrade the functioning of the vascular mechanism and cause disorders related to them. Moreover, This gradually affects the function of the entire vascular system throughout the body. Let us have a look at some physiological conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction and how guava can help in relieving the same:

  • Bolsters Immune response

A weaker immune system can cause vascular damage and cause dysfunction. There is a necessity to strengthen the immune system response, in order to maintain the health of vascular function. Guavas can boost the immune response with a burst of vitamin C. Various studies show that vitamin C can eliminate infections and prevent damage to the vascular system with the help of its rich antioxidants, potassium, and fiber content.               

  • Addresses blood pressure problems

Individuals with hypertension issues are more likely to experience the symptoms of impotence quite early. In the case of hypertension, the blood flows with high pressure through the blood vessels, which harms the delicate walls of the vessels. It gradually increases the damage and leads to vascular impairment. However, guava can reduce this damage, as it contains potassium and vitamin C, which essentially eases the flow of blood and benefits the vascular system.

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Moreover, Guava’s high potassium content is extremely beneficial for managing the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Potassium is a powerful mineral that ensures smooth blood flow throughout the blood vessels and reduces the pressure on the vascular walls, thereby preventing possible damage.

  • Help manage blood sugar levels

Individuals struggling to control their blood sugar levels will benefit a lot from guavas. Since diabetes is one of the factors that can contribute to erectile dysfunction, one needs to keep their sugar levels in check, otherwise, it can cause significant damage to the erection function. Moreover, These fruits are low in glycemic index, which is why they are great for diabetic individuals. They are also a good source of fiber.    

Wrapping Up

Guava can be an excellent fruit that not only improves the erection function but also helps in managing the damage due to comorbidities. Their leaves are as nutritious as the fruit. Incorporating this fruit into your regular diet can offer a myriad of health benefits. 

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