What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Male Enhancement Pills

What Are the Side Effects of Taking Male Enhancement Pills?

Male enhancement pills are used to treat the symptoms of ED by enhancing the level of nitric oxide levels present in the blood, as well as its physiological causes of it. Most ED oral medications are for men over the age of 40, and the reason for this is due to the physiological & physical changes that men go through after the age of 40. Many men will notice an immediate improvement once they start consuming an enhancement pill, while some may take fewer days to chip in.

There are some very known ED medications on the market today that are namely Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. All three are prescription-based ED solutions that you must take from your medical doctor before use. Your doctor will likely test you to make sure you are healthy enough to take ED medication. After you have had your tests, your doctor will go over your options and let you know of some drug interactions that you might witness while you are on an ED pill.

Male Enhancement Pill Side Effects

While men who take ED solutions witness little to no side effects, few men do have side effects or allergic reactions to their medication. Your doctor will discuss with you any side effects or risks that are linked with taking ED pills. If you witness any of the severe side effects, you should discontinue the usage and contact your medical doctor as soon as possible.

While not all male enhancement pills are the same, many of them are made with similar ingredients. This is not the type of oral pill that you try for a short time before you give your commitment, these take effect quickly and you use them regularly.

And while there are side effects and you should be known of them, it does not mean that you are guaranteed to have some of them. But you should remain aware & stay alert of any signs and symptoms that you could witness that could be linked with such types of oral medications.


While headaches are the most common things that people endure daily and can be caused by several factors, they can also be caused by ED medications. To make sure that your ED medication is the cause of your headaches, you would need to keep a constant track of how many headaches you have in a day or a week leading up to when you start taking ED pills. If some mild headaches start to post you add a new pill, it could just be your body adjusting and they will more than likely fade away on their own. If you find that they are getting stronger or more frequent, then you will want to tell your doctor immediately, as this can be considered a mild allergic reaction.

Body Aches and Pains

This is yet another side effect that could be caused by something else going on in your daily life. Similar to headaches, you will want to keep a record of your daily activity and make sure that you are not doing excess exercise that could cause you to have aches. Mild aches and even pains can be treated with over-the-counter pills or natural remedies.

Some men have reported specific locations of pain when they take their ED medications, symptoms like these should be reported to your doctor after you have noticed them. Any enhancement in the amount of pain you suffer, or in the frequency of pain should be reported. You may figure that your doctor will suggest home remedies initially before removing you from the medications unless you are showing significant & also serious issues with aches & even pains.

Digestive System Issues

You may figure out that you need to make some kind of adjustments to your diet while taking ED pills. These oral medications can cause pain in the stomach, indigestion, and diarrhea. These are common digestive problems, and while they are not life-threatening or not much serious, they can disrupt your day.


If you find yourself feeling dizzy while taking ED medications, this is common and is caused by the growth in blood flow in your body. The growth in blood flow is not just limited to your penile, it stays in your entire body for a while you are taking such medications. Because this increase in blood flow is all over your body, you can have many episodes of lightheadedness. If you figure out yourself dizzy all of the time or pass out, you need to contact your medical doctor immediately for treatment.

Vision Changes

People who are suffering from retinal disorders should not take any kind of ED medications, as they can cause serious damage to their eyes. Even if you are not suffering from retinal disorders, you can still witness blurry vision and temporary vision loss. If you figure out that your temporary vision loss is a real and constant thing, you will need to take medical care on an immediate basis, as this may become a permanent situation if you are not quite careful.

Flushes/Skin Issues

If you see that you are having red patches on your face or even rashes, they can be caused by your ED medications. This is true if you do not witness redness or rashes regularly. Drinking alcohol, being outside for a long period, and even certain foods that you eat can cause this redness to become quite bad. Discuss with your doctor the treatment options to help you cut down or prevent the redness in your skin as well.

Cold/Flu Symptoms

Such kinds of medications can cause stuffy or runny nose, cough, and even congestion. If you figure out that you cannot shake cold symptoms, your doctor may advise that you enhance your intake of fluid and take some OTC oral medications to help combat these symptoms and get them out of your body as soon as possible.

Final Words

While many men will not witness any side effects with oral ED medications, men taking them to need to be informed of any and every side effect that can happen. Discussing with your doctor will help you be prepared for such kinds of side effects and will also give you the knowledge you require so that if these side effects tend to happen, you know exactly how to face them. Make sure that you do your research on ED pills before discussing them with your doctor so that you are prepared for what you want. This will also allow you to keep a record of your signs and symptoms.

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