what does sex feel like for men

What Does Sex Feel Like For Men

The penile and testicles are known to be the two parts of the male reproductive system. The penile is composed of three layers which are spongy-like tissue. When a man might be excited, blood rushes through those spongy tissues, which shall further fill them with blood and leads to an erection.


Everything starts with an act of arousal. The man is aroused by sexual stimulation which comes from someone interested in him. Blood rushing through the veins and arteries might all be at an astonishing speed which shall eventually fill up the gaps that are found in the spongy tissue of the penile region. This is the first thing about the list of what men might feel while making love.


Before a man is about to reach orgasm, he shall come to a plateau. This means that the entire body system is preparing itself for the orgasm which is soon to come. This might all last approx. thirty seconds to three minutes, which depends on the individual, and is accompanied by involuntary spasms in the groin area, enhanced heart rate, and pre-ejaculatory liquid release.


When the moment of orgasm might come, this might also split into two phases. The first one is known as emission. This also means that the body has reached a point of no turning back and is all ready for ejaculating.


This is the second part, where the muscle of men’s contractions occurs, which shall send all the signals of delight and dopamine rushes to the brain.


After the semen might have delivered well, the penile starts to turn flask, and a period of refraction might occur. This period might vary between men in age, where younger males have lower refraction periods than older men.

12 Things That Run Through A Man’s Mind While Making Love

While you might wonder what lovemaking feels like for men, here are twelve things that shall run through a man’s mind when he is having sex with a partner.

Men Can Feel The Pressure

Men are known for feeling pressure when it comes to making love. They might also believe that it is their responsibility for ensuring that their partner might feel quite well-pleasured. This can further make them feel pressured to the best performance each time.

Men Might Need Validation

What does sex feel like for men?

Since satisfying the partner is important for men, validating what they are doing is equally important. So, in case you are enjoying the way he is exploring the body, just let him know that this might be a good idea.

Waiting May Not Be The Best Route

Some people like to play by the normal dating rules and withhold lovemaking sessions until a certain time. While that might work for them, it can be a little off-putting for men who shall be involved with acts of intimacy and sexual chemistry reasons. Men might further like to know how lovemaking works between them and the person they are involved with.

Men May Be Conscious Of Their Bodies

The popular opinion is that women are super conscious of their appearance. However, even men are seen to be super conscious of the body and further one might feel underconfident in case they do not meet the ideal standards.

One Size Does Not Fit All

What does a lovemaking session feel like for men? Do they feel the same way just like others?

Every person is known to be different, and what might work for one might not work for another. There is no way for understanding if a man might sexually be apart from making love with him a few times at least.

Men May Act Distant As They Care

Sometimes, a man might be quite distant while making love as of the many things that are running through the mind while you are in the act. Men might also need to make their partners feel completely pleasured but comfortable at the same time.

Sex Can Be About Power

For men, dominance, and power might all have a huge role to play when it might all comes to sex. However, it shall not have to be a bad thing. Men like to dominate in bed because they wish that their partner feels world pleasure.

Men Do Not Wish To Make Love All The Time

What sex feels like for a guy is just so subjective question.

Contrary to popular belief, men wish to have lovemaking all the time. Men also wish to have sex when they like someone and feel attracted to them.

Sex Can Be An Affirmation

For some men, sometimes, lovemaking sessions can affirm how they might feel about their physicality. For instance, in case someone might consider them more good-looking than they might desire to make love, they feel validated.

Men Can Be Monogamous

This is another popular belief that men are more prone to sexual infidelity and are almost unable for having monogamous sexual relationships.

Testosterone And Desire Play A Big Role

It is further proof that in case a man might not have any sexual drive at all or impulse for engaging in a lovemaking session, he is still suffering from low clinical levels of testosterone in the system or some sort of underlying mental illness which is listed as depression.

Emotions Play A Big Part

Emotions are known for playing a big factor in the sexual experience which men might have. Sharing emotions with a beloved partner shall be about a sexual lovemaking session which shall contribute very much to the experience.

How Do Men Feel After Sex?

Now that one might have answered the question, what does sex feel like for men?

A lot of people might wonder how men feel once sex is over. The feeling of post-sex is mutual for both men and women. They both feel happy, elated, and bonded with their partner. However, research also suggests that some men might feel irritable, sad, and distant after making love.

How Often Do Men Need Sex?

As per the statistics, most men under 60 think about sex at least once a day. They are also noted to fantasize more about lovemaking sessions than women do. Men also think about casual sex more than women. A healthy amount of sex would mean 4 to 5 times a week.

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