What Is The Average Penis Size

What Is the Average Penis Size?

Not nearly as big as many think it should be! Research on penile size found that the average length of an erect penile is somewhere between 5.1 inches & 5.5 inches. Factoring in volunteer bias, the researchers also believe that the average falls closer to the lower end of these ranges. Older research says that the average length of a flaccid penis at 3.61 inches.

What does the research say?

When it comes to a few pieces of research, the average is 3.66 for a flaccid penile and 4.59 inches for an erect penile. Around 85 percent of men with penises overestimate what the average penile size is. Based on some of the few reports, 45 percent of people with penises wish they had a bigger penile, including those who currently have an average-sized penile. From some perspective, an erect penile of 6.3 inches fall into the 95 percentiles, meaning that only 5 out of 100 people would have a penile longer than 6.3 inches.

How to measure your penile size?

If you want to measure the size of your penis, the length is measured from the top to the tip. The top of your penis is where it meets your pubic bone, and the tip is the end of the glans, which is also known as the head.

To get the exact measurement of the penile, compress fat in front of your pubic bone, placing the ruler on the top side of the penis. Also, don’t involve any extra length from your foreskin. If you want to measure girth, measure around the base or from the middle of your shaft.

Does the penile size matter

When it comes to sexual intercourse, penile size doesn’t matter a lot. It doesn’t affect desirability, function, or health. A penile doesn’t need to be big to perform the best sexual intercourse, pee, or reproduce. Size only matters as much as you let it.

Worrying about having a smaller-than-average penile size can drain your confidence and affect your ability to enjoy sexual intercourse with great satisfaction. Going ahead, stress & anxiety can make it difficult to achieve an erection or climax. Psychological factors, just like stress, are causes of common erectile dysfunction.

Can you increase the size of your penile?

You can, but most of the methods available offer a temporary, marginal growth in size. Beware of miracle techniques advertised online, like pills and any oils, that can do more harm than good to your penile.

The following are some of the penile enlargement techniques available:

Penile pumps: Penile pumps are some devices that use suction to draw blood into the penile region, engorging the blood vessels in your penile area so it gets temporarily harder & also bigger at the same time. Putting on a cock ring can help the blood remain in your penile area for a longer time. Both are considered safe when used in the right manner.

Traction devices: Penile traction devices are useful for correcting curvatures & deformities of the penile, but they may provide a small, temporary growth in size.

Stretching exercises: Stretching workouts, use massage to manipulate the tissues & also the skin of the penis. This form of micro-tears, when healed, looks engorged & makes the penile bigger and thicker at the same time.

  • Surgery & hormone treatments are the options that can gain permanent growth in size.
  • Unless your penile measures less than 1.5 inches flaccid or 3 inches erect, most clinicians won’t advise the penile enlargement treatment.
  • If you’re interested in exploring penile enlargement, it’s a very good idea to speak with a healthcare expert in the first place. Most options haven’t been proven to work, and each one carries the risk of potentially severe complications.

Factors Influencing Penis Size

  • There are not plenty of things that can influence the size of the penile, other than perhaps genetics. Penile growth is majorly influenced by a surge of testosterone at the time of puberty, typically between the ages of 10 and 14. The penile may continue to grow until a person is around 21. After that, the size of the penile is largely “set.”
  • Despite what few people may inform you, a person’s size of foot, nose size, height, and also weight have little to do with their penile size. With that said a person’s height & weight may create a wrong impression of what the penile size is.
  • A study suggests that taller men with an average-sized penile were perceived to have a “smaller” penile than shorter men with the same penile size. The same was seen when comparing obese men to slim men.
  • There is clear evidence that ethnicity plays a major role in penile size, but the link with this is not straightforward. When looked at as a whole, the difference in the average length of the penile between ethnic groups is not all that significant.

Ways to build confidence

  • Confidence plays a major role in satisfaction in & out of the bedroom.
  • If you’re unhappy with your whole body below the belt or otherwise then these tips can help improve your body image:
  • Work on not comparing yourself to other people, and involving your friends and people in the media.
  • If you want to enhance your confidence while in bed, learn to work with what you have by experimenting with positions for bigger or smaller-than-average penile.
  • Get daily movement to help boost your confidence and also your stamina, as well as cut down stress levels.
  • Practice positive self-talk by replacing wrong thoughts about yourself with things you love only about yourself.
  • Connect with a mental health expert who has good experience and knowledge of body image concerns. Body image is complex and not you need to deal with. Various therapies can help you to build confidence.

The bottom line

Penises come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to size, the majority of them fall into the average range and the size has no bearing on what it can do or the pleasure you can give and get from it. If the research doesn’t provide the affirmation you need, consider talking with a doctor or other healthcare professional about your concerns.

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