What Occupation Has The Best Sex Life

What Occupation Has The Best Sex Life?

Due to the differences in the environment and conditions you work in, for instance, some jobs have hectic schedules along with extended working hours while some do not. For individuals working under tight schedules, occupational stress is a predicament that the rest of them cannot even conjecture.

Job strain can have profoundly detrimental effects on your sex life. Stress can be caused by anything. It does not matter what its source is, the problems at work often reflect in your personal life thereby affecting your intimate life. You need to be aware of the fact that sexual intimacy is not just good for your emotional well-being. It is necessary for overall health or well-being.

Moreover, sex is good for you in all sorts of ways. It is indeed a form of exercise that functions as a stress reliever, and it confers intimacy benefits to relationships. However, crazy working hours or working outside the regular workday messes with your sleep habits. Which disturbs your physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a 24-hour cycle known as circadian rhythms. It affects your sex life and afflicts your sexual health by eventually causing sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, low libido, etc.

In addition, the lifestyle factors of our jobs such as flexibility of working hours and the environment are also likely to have an impact on all aspects of our lives not just our sex lives. Hence, you might be interested in knowing that there are indeed some professions that can ensure best sex life due to their nature.

Professions That Allow You To Have Most Sex

According to a recent survey that was conducted among 2000 men and women, asking them about their sex lives as well as their profession. It further revealed that among all the professions. It is the farmers who have the most sex with up to 33% claiming that they have sex at least once a day. With the farmers getting the most action due to the nature of their profession and all those practices seems to be rewarding after all as 67% of those interviewed regarded their sexual performance as “incredible”.

Through the revelation of some trends, it is clear that since farmers are more likely to be physically fit and the level of strenuous activity in farming, when compared to someone desk-bound in an office setting, is usually high. Thus, due to the nature of farming profession which requires extensive movement and physical exertion. t impact levels of fitness and therefore farmers have more stamina.

Professions That Are Deprived Of Sex

The survey revealed that journalists have the least amount of sex among all professions and thus they fall at the other end of the scale. Almost one fifth of them have claimed to have sex once a month.

In addition, farmers were closely followed by architects with 21% of them boasting to indulge in sexual activity once a day. Architects were followed by hairdressers claiming 17% among them getting laid at least once a day. Meanwhile, the survey also revealed that lawyers are the hardest to please in the bedroom.

Even though there are a lot of similarities within groups of professions, there still exist a huge amount of individual differences affecting people’s sexuality and sex lives.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Sex Life

Your sex life could be impacted as a consequence of the stress in your work life. It depends upon the demanding nature of your strenuous profession which makes you realize that we live in times that requires you to be constantly on the go. You begin your days over a pile of emails, with phone calls from your colleagues and acquaintance. By the time you finish your work, there is hardly any time left to spend with your partner which is indeed going to take a toll on your intimate life. Maintaining your sex life might seem like the last thing on your list of priorities.

So, is there a way around it? You cannot suddenly switch your occupation which is a major part of your existence. But the baggage that comes along with it knowingly or unknowingly affects many aspects of our life. Let us have a look at some ways that can help you enhance your sex life despite the nature of your profession.

  • Communication Is The Key

By having an open and honest conversation with your partner, your relationship can have emotional and psychological benefits that ultimately strengthen your bond. Your intimate conversations should not be just about pleasure. Other topics of discussion can also include sexual health, and how frequently you would like sex. How to explore unknowns, how to deal with differences in your and your partner’s choices, and setting schedules for prioritizing sex.

Deep conversations about these topics can also help build a foundation for a successful relationship as you get to learn about each other and explore new things together, all while being on the same page.

  • Enhance Intimacy And Elevate Your Relationship

Intimacy is the key to a happy and healthy long term relationship as it requires a strong physical and emotional connection. When a relationship is deprived of intimacy, it becomes difficult to maintain. If you are struggling due to a lack of connection and finding it hard to establish. It can lead to feelings of loneliness and resentment.

When you feel connected with your partner on all levels, it increases your overall well-being. If your connection does not seem like what you desire, you can try doing something new such as going out on dates. Listening to music together, dancing, etc. that can be invigorating. Try exploring and learning new things together that can help you feel closer to each other.

  • Get Moving

There is no better motivation than knowing your partner shares the same workout routine as you. Holding each other accountable is a great source of inspiration and encouragement. You might occasionally feel the need to shake up your routine due to your profession. However, teaming up with your intimate partner can make the workout a fun session. Cooperative exercises can be amusing and effective at the same time. Thus, exercising together can help you release your stress and deepen your bond with your partner.

Manage Stress

Stress is a psychological factor that can cause hindrances in your sex life. Everyday stress can affect your sex drive or libido. In turn, lowered libido can exacerbate stress by causing relationship issues or lowered self-confidence. Therefore, managing your stress is necessary. Because it can improve your sex life as well. You can try doing meditation or some mindfulness breathing practices that can bring down your stress levels.

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