when does your dick stop growing

When Does Your Dick Stop Growing?

The penile in men will grow in both length & girth at the time of puberty. And when puberty ends, there is no further penile growth ahead. Some men however may witness some growth in their penile into their early 20s. Many men have concerns about their penile size at some point in time. Research however shows that most of the penile size is within typical ranges.

Research also says that many people are quite happy with the length of their partner’s penile area. The penile won’t start growing necessarily when you hit puberty, Rice adds, and it may not continue to grow for five to seven years when the rest of your body is also growing at the same time.  And there is not any kind of exact age that all penises hit their full size of penile, there is no exact length at that one can expect to see their penile grow gradually.

Penis growth timeline

Puberty happens on average between the ages of 9 and 14 for men & this usually stays for 3–4 years approx. At this time, the penile area will get longer & thicker at the same time. The rate at which growth happens varies from one person to other.

Some other changes that affect the penile area and genitals at the time of puberty include:

  • growth of the testicle
  • thinning & reddening of the scrotum
  • pubic hair growth around the penile area
  • nocturnal emissions of the semen
  • frequent erections & ejaculation

Average penis size

Research said that worldwide that the average length of the penile is 3.61 inches (in) or 9.16 centimeters (cm) when flaccid & is 5.16 in (13.12 cm) when the penile is erect. Adding to this, the average girth of the penile is, is 3.67 in (9.31 cm) when flaccid and 4.59 in (11.66 cm) when the penile is erect.

Studies also say that most men who believe they have a short penile overestimate the average length of the penile. Many men estimate the length of their penile to be at least 6 inches or so. However, researchers measured when the penile is erect, researchers found the average length was 5.1 to 5.5 inches.

Factors that affect growth

Few of the different factors play a role in rectifying the size of a penile. Genetics may predispose someone to a particular size of the penile area. The testosterone level in the body can also influence this at the same time. Additionally, research also says that exposure to certain chemicals present in the womb may affect how genes & hormones manifest in your body, which also affects the size of the penile area.

At the same time, not getting the right amount of nutrition in the womb can influence the development of the penile area. In many adults, having overweight can make the penile look a bit small. Let’s look at something more about the factors that may affect the size of the penile area.

The increasing size of the penile area:

There are many kinds of products involving devices, pills, & creams that claim to enhance the length and girth of the penile area. It is also been said that stretching exercises can have the same kind of effects.  That said, there is certainly scientific research that is limited to suggesting that penile extenders may enhance the length but not the girth of the penile area.

For observable output, it may be essential to use such kinds of devices for plenty of hours each day over 3–6 months. Take note that the studies showing benefits face some kind of criticism in terms of small sample size & even the selection bias.

Instead of using devices and techniques that are unproven, some men may benefit from improving their self-esteem & body confidence by getting counseling & working out as much as possible. There are however also certain tricks that men can try to make they’re penile appear bigger. These involve sustaining a moderate weight & trimming back pubic hair.

Common penis size myths

There are a variety of myths about the size and shape of the penis, and these can cause stress and feelings of inadequacy in men regardless of their age. The following is said to be the common myths:

Shoe size correlates to penis size

There are some common beliefs that a male’s foot or hand size can tell the size of their penile. This is simply not true. There is no connection between the size of the penile and that of any other body part.

The size of a flaccid penis indicates its size when erect

There is no real connection between the size of a penile when flaccid & when erect. The length of a flaccid penile varies, and many factors can influence it, including room temperature.

Many people want their partner’s penile to be bigger

Most people seem to believe that their partner would like it if their penile size were larger. Research seems to indicate that this is not any case as such. One old study, for example, reports that only 55% of men were happy with the size of their penile area, while 85% of ladies expressed utmost satisfaction with their partner’s penile size. No new data is said to be available. More research is essential to understand the ongoing preferences of their partners.

A longer penis increases sexual satisfaction

There is yet another type of concern for some men that a longer penile enhances the sexual pleasure for one or also for both partners. One study suggests that at least a few females rate girths as important as length for penile satisfaction in men. It is also essential to keep in mind that plenty of other factors play a vital role in overall sexual satisfaction, involving individual-, partner-, and relationship-related factors.

For example, a source says that the level of arousal & the previous ejaculation can also play a role. A few other factors like the degree of communication with one’s partner & their life circumstances at the same time can also play a vital role in overall sexual satisfaction. This then means that sexual satisfaction is multifaceted and this cannot be dependent on the size of the penile area.

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