General FAQ’s


Q) How do I place an order?
A) The ordering process is very simple. All you need to do is place the order online using the Buy Now button and the process becomes even simpler by filling up the required entries, once you’ve selected the items please click on checkout. If you need assistance we are here to help you via chat, emails and calls.

Q) Can I place an order over the phone or via email?
A) Yes, you can place an order with us over the phone or via email however, online could work the fastest for you.

Q) Can I get better discounts for bulk orders? 
A) Yes, we are always happy to offer better deals for bulk orders. If you need assistance we are here to help you via chat, emails and calls.

Q) How to cancel my order? 
A) You can log in to your account and cancel the order. If the order is shipped, you cannot undo or cancel the order. Once the order is received you cannot return the product. The return policy is applicable only if the product has reached its expiry.

Q) Are there any cancellation charges?
A) There are no cancellation charges if the order is cancelled before the package is shipped.

Q) How to change my dosage after the order has already been placed?
A)The user interface is designed to enable editing prior to receiving complete payment. You can contact the support team via chat, email or calls and we will be happy to change the dosage provided this information is received before the order is shipped.

Q) Do I need a prescription?
A) Yes, all orders are required to have prescriptions as per local and international laws. If you do not have a prescription and in order to make your shopping experience hassle free, our qualified on-staff physician will issue a prescription for each order so we can legally fill and ship your prescription.

Q) How to send my prescription?  
A) You can email your valid prescription to us or it can be directly uploaded while placing your order via the upload your prescription link.

Q) Do you accept returns of unused medication?
A) We do not accept any items once the order is successfully completed.

Q) I received a different product not listed on the website store?
A) You can send us an image/photo via email of the product that you’ve received, once we’ve checked the item and the order we’ll make the changes and reship the correct product to you.

Q How can I pay for my order?
A) You can make a payment using a Visa/Master Debit or Credit card.

Q) Do you have an auto-debit credit card facility?
A) At the moment we don’t have an auto debit facility but you can always login to your account and reorder the same product.

Q) Where can I update my new credit card info?
A) You can login to your account and make the changes by going to the account section.

Q) What to do if my payment fails or my credit card is declined? 
A) You can check with your bank as why the charge was declined, have them unblock your card for international purchases or please contact our customer support team to assist you better.

Q) What to do if excess amount is charged?
A) If there’s an excess amount charged (Which is a rare case) we’ll send additional pills in order to cover the amount.

Q) How soon do I get my refund in case of order cancellation?
A) Refunds are initiated immediately, however, the credit will reflect back into your account within 7-10 days depending on the financial institutions involved in the transaction.


Q) Why to buy from this online store?
A) Our online store is specialized in delivering the best quality products and services to customers. We do our best to offer competitive prices and best possible discounts for our customers so that they get value for money and help them with the correct product information to make the right choice.

Q) How secure is my credit card details with this store?
A) We make sure that your account security is our first priority. Your account will NOT be debited until you confirm you have placed an order. The amount is debited from your account ONLY, under your authorization. Information supplied from your computer to our website is encrypted and cannot be visible to any third party and this results in eliminating credit card fraud.

Q) What is a “Generic” drug?
A) Generic drugs are known and preferred for their cost-effectiveness, a good alternative to the branded drugs. This is because the generic drug manufacturer has not incurred additional expenses in developing a new drug in the market. This factor alone reduces the cost of research, marketing, and fostering of a new product launch.

Q) Are Generic drugs safe to consume?  
A) Yes, The effectiveness and the quality is the same as found in the branded drug. As per the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), generic drugs should be equally safe as branded ones, in order to be approved.

Q) Should I discontinue my current branded medication?
A) It’s completely up to your doctor and your discretion so first consult a doctor and then make any changes to your medication.

Q) Do you only sell generic drugs?
A) We sell both generic and branded drugs

Q) Can I order any medication?
A) We have a wide variety of products in our inventory and you can find the product of your choice under the categories listed on our website. You can choose your desired medication from our inventory.

Q) What to do if I am not finding my drugs?
A) The pharmacy showcases a wide range of medications. In case, you don’t see the drugs you are searching for, please contact us to confirm the availability.

Q) Why are the drug prices so cheap?
A) It is human tendency to be concerned when something is offered at a cheaper price, we are investing a very less amount of share of the profits on expenses like advertising and running various promotional activities are escaped. The manufacturer prefers benefiting the users and delivering the best quality of medicines at affordable rates. Effectiveness and quality of the medication are not compromised in any of the cases.

Q) What time is support available?
A) We are available 24/7 via chat or email. You can call us between 8 AM to 5 PM (EST)

Q) Why I am not receiving offer alert mails?
A) That’s unusual, We do are best to make sure that all of our customers receive timely emails in regards to the current promotions. Please contact us via email/chat/phone in case you are not receiving promotional alerts.

Q) Which countries do you ship to?
A) All products are shipped worldwide except Afghanistan, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Cyprus, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden & United Arab Emirates.

Q) Is discreet shipping possible?
A) Our orders are packaged discreetly with only the customers name and address on the front of the envelope and senders address at the back. No other reference to the product inside is mentioned on the package.

Q) What are the shipping options available? 
A) Standard and Express. Standard delivers in 18-21 days and Express in 7-10 days.

The orders placed and dispatched can be all tracked down through the URL:
For the customers from the USA, they can use URL:
For European Customers can use tracking URL:
For UK Customers URL is:

Q) What is the shipping charge?
A) Yes, There’s a shipping charge of $10.99, if the order totals to $150 or more after adding the discount then it’s free free free.

Q) Do you offer overnight shipping?
A) We don’t offer overnight shipping but we try our best to get the order to you as soon as possible.

Q) How long is delivery time?
A) It takes about 18-21 days for the order to arrive.

Q) Can my order be delayed?
A) Sometimes due to holidays, unfavourable weather conditions, rush season or customs causes delay in delivery.

Q) How to track my order?
A) You will get the tracking number and the details from your online account plus we do email the details for your reference.

Q) Can I request delivery at a specific time or location?
A) The order will be delivered to the shipping address mentioned on your online account, in case you wish to make any changes you can leave a note or contact our support team to make any changes. You can check with the shipping partner as well.


Q) I am not able to login?
A) If you do face any trouble while logging in to your account, feel free to contact us and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Q) How to recover my username and password?
A) On the login page you’ll find forgot password link. Follow the instructions and you’ll be successful in recovering the information. If you still face any trouble we are always here to help you.

Q) How to edit or change my registered email id or phone number?
A) You can change the information by logging into your online account under my account section. If you need assistance we are always there for you (Sounds repetitive but that’s the truth)

Q) I can’t see my last order or previous orders?
A) Are you sure, you can see the information in your online account via the Order History link. If you can’t see the information then we will assist you with the information.

Q) Why do I see orders I didn’t place in My Account?
A) That’s not possible, you will only see the orders that you placed. Please bring this to our notice so we can check and get this resolved for you.

Q) What to do if my personal information is incorrect in My Account?
A) You can make the changes from your online account via the Edit Your Account Information link or you can contact us and we’ll make the necessary changes.

Q) Can I create another account using different email id?
A) Duplicate accounts will not be allowed due to security policy.

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