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Erectile dysfunction treating Tadalis SX medications facilitates an abundant flow of blood to the penile for achieving an erection. These potent medications are extremely beneficial for treating the frequent episodes of erection failures. The proper blood flow promotes an erection that sustains throughout the sexual interaction.

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The active component, Tadalafil in the medicine is pharmacologically classified under Phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE5) inhibitors that are responsible for stopping a degrading activity of an enzyme known as PDE5 for instigating proper blood flow to the penile. The medicine has to be consumed in the presence of sexual arousal as it yields the required outcomes only when some sort of stimulation is initiated. Since the medication does not cause spontaneous erections thus it is required to engage the senses via sexual stimulation for triggering an erection and maintaining it throughout the entire lovemaking session.


Impotence in men can be a cause of an underlying physiological or psychological condition that affects the reproductive organs and prevents them from receiving the proper supply of blood for maintaining a healthy sexual function. As a result, men may struggle to attain an erection even after ample sexual stimulation. However, this potent medicine soon after its consumption gets readily assimilated into the bloodstream thereby starting its rapid mechanism of action. The circulatory system then distributes the medicine throughout the body. Further, it is metabolized by getting affected by the chemical processes in the body. After passing through rigorous processes the component is then assimilated into the bloodstream thereby starting its effective treatment. Therefore, men suffering due to erection difficulties can incorporate the daily regimen of these medications by consulting their doctor.


Ajanta Pharma Limited is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in India. It is engaged in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations. The company has a presence in India, the United States, and about 30 other countries. Ajanta Pharma Limited produces a comprehensive range of specialty products targeting various segments. It has over 1400 products registered in several countries. The company provides a wide range of therapeutic products in the areas of antimalarial, dermatology, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, anti-biotic, antihistamine, multivitamin, gynecology, and pain management.


Tadalis SX 20 mg These high-impacting medications come in a conventional tablet form with each tablet encapsulating 20 mg of Tadalafil. These Tadalafil-composed high-dosage medications help treat severe degrees of erectile dysfunction conditions. The component substantially increases the blood supply to the penile tissues and helps men in attaining an erection and sustain it for extended periods. After proper consumption, the effectiveness of the medicine runs actively in the bloodstream for up to 36 hours. It is utterly necessary to reassess the appropriateness of your daily regimen by talking to your doctor. The safe recommended dose of the medicine is only once within 24 hours. Note that, it helps treat erectile dysfunction but does not cure the condition therefore it is necessary to consume it in moderation as and when required.

How does Tadalis SX Work?

The medicine works by relaxing the muscles around the male genitals. The medicine being a PDE5 inhibitor helps negate the activity of PDE5 enzymes. These enzymes are present in the walls of the blood vessels that are responsible for narrowing and clogging the passages of the blood vessels that circulate blood throughout the penile shaft. However, this medicine effectively blocks the action of PDE5 and re-vitalizes the blood vessels. After PDE5 inhibition, a powerful substance known as, Nitric oxide (NO) is discharged which causes the generation of the Guanylate cyclase (GC) enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) enzymes. Thus, the medicine metabolizes the cGMP enzymes that relax the muscle strains by managing the contraction, vasodilation, and regulation of blood in the penile shaft which leads to an erection.

Uses Of Tadalis SX 

The primary use of these medications is used to alleviate the symptoms of extreme levels of erectile dysfunction or impotence condition in men. It is an excellent solution to erection troubles in men and it helps them in regaining their sexual confidence. Besides, these medications are also prescribed for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It treats the condition by relaxing the muscles in the prostate gland and the bladder to relieve urinary symptoms.

How To Take Tadalis SX?

  • These orally administered medications come in a conventional tablet form and it has to be taken with a glass of water approximately 30 to 45 minutes before a planned sexual interaction.
  • Avoid chewing, crushing, splitting, or breaking the medicine as it can reduce its efficacy. It is advised to swallow the pill as a whole.
  • The pill yields better when taken on an empty stomach or followed by a low-fat meal.
  • Abstain from large, oily, or fatty meals before or after the medication as it slows down the process of component activation in the bloodstream.
  • Do not take this medication in combination with alcohol, as it can affect the process of assimilation of the component in the bloodstream.

Warnings And Precautions

  • The component in the pill may lose its efficacy when it is taken in conjunction with alcohol or grapefruits as there are high chances of risk associated due to its elevated side effects after their interaction.
  • Men with serious ongoing medical conditions must have a word with their doctor before taking these medicines.
  • Abstain from using this medication along with recreational drugs as their interaction can cause harmful effects.

Side Effects

Some potential side effects of this high-dosage medicine may include headaches, insomnia, vomiting, nausea, back pain, flushing, stomach ache, rashes, sore throat, stuffy nose or nasal congestion, blurred vision, diarrhea, and dizziness. These mild effects are nothing to worry about, as they do not stay for long. But if it continues to persist for a few days and becomes bothersome, it might require immediate medical attention.

How Tadalis SX Helps Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

These medications with their high dosage composition help resolve the ongoing issue of erectile dysfunction in men by working on severe degrees of sexual conditions. As a PDE-5 inhibitor, the medicine instigates an abundant flow of blood to the penile for causing a robust erection. The medicine will show its effectiveness only after getting sexually aroused as it does not cause spontaneous erection since it does not exhibit aphrodisiac properties and has nothing to do with increasing sexual desire.

What To Do If Missed The Dose?

Skipping a dose may disturb the continuity of your daily regimen. This causes a disproportionate amount of medicine in the bloodstream. A dose missed once or twice can still be okay but if you keep missing it intentionally then you might not experience the desired outcomes of the medicines on your sexual performance.

Tadalis SX Vs Viagra

Viagra is the brand name for Sildenafil Citrate which is a drug that performs the same function as Tadalis SX. Both Sildenafil Citrate and Tadalafil are active components, classified under PDE-5 inhibitors that help relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Tadagra differs from Viagra, as it contains Tadalafil which works faster and stays active in the bloodstream for much longer than Sildenafil Citrate.

Drug Interactions

  • Individuals taking drugs containing nitrates or alpha-blockers must avoid these medications as their interaction with the medicine can cause fatal events. There are high chances that one may suffer due to synergistic blood pressure drop or some other adverse effects post-interaction.
  • Avoid this medicine if you are diagnosed with an ongoing serious medical condition such as cardiac problems, psychiatric illnesses, diabetes, asthma, and HIV. Hence, those with a medical history or ongoing medical condition must talk to their healthcare professional and let them decide if the drugs are the best treatment for the condition.


Store the medicine within a tight container in a dry place at room temperature, protected from heat, moisture, and direct sunlight. Keep these medicines away from the reach of children and pets. Store it in the same blister packaging it came in.

Who Should Not Take Tadalis SX?

  • These medications are not suitable to be consumed by men with serious ongoing conditions such as angina or chest pain, hypertension, hypotension, recent stroke, sickle cell anemia, blood cancer disorders, heart attack, retinitis pigmentosa,  serious liver disease, Peyronie’s disease and, kidney or liver dysfunctions because there are high chances of potential risks associated due to drug interactions.
  • These medications are intended for adult men (i.e. above 18) to treat erectile dysfunction conditions. Hence, these are not recommended for women and children.

When Is Tadalis SX Tablet Prescribed?

Erectile dysfunction is the persistent inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual performance. It could arise due to several factors that ultimately degrade the quality of erections experienced by the men. Irrespective of how severe the impotence condition might seem, Tadalis SX medications are known and highly prescribed for relieving erectile troubles and improving sexual function in the presence of sexual arousal. It helps with the effective transmission of blood to the penile for triggering an erection and eventually enhancing sexual performance.

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