Why Do Men Get Morning Wood

“Morning wood” like condition is a not-so-medical slang term that is just about every man that is well familiar with a morning penile erection. The clinical term for penile erection while waking up in the morning is just more specific and more than a little harder for one to remember: “nocturnal penile tumescence like an issue.”

As a man, it is all easy to get used to waking up with a penile erection. It is most of us to take morning wood for granted while making it a bit of a shock to one day without one. 

What is Morning Wood?

Morning wood issue is an easy-to-remember, colloquial term for nocturnal penile tumescence. In case you get some nocturnal erection (erections which shall happen while you are completely asleep), there is a good chance that you will wake up from time to time with morning wood.

Despite its popularity, the term “morning wood” is not entirely accurate. While some of the guys might also notice their erections when they shall just wake up in the morning. It is just so common for getting various penile erections during the night, usually for a variety of reasons.

Why do Men Get Morning Wood?

Many experts have not yet identified exactly why nocturnal erections might take place. However, current theories have all suggested that various factors might eventually play a role in morning erections. From the content of dreams to altering the hormone levels which shall occur while you are still sleeping.

At a basic level, penile erection might occur when the nervous system enhances the blood supply to the penile. Which shall further help the flow of blood in the penile to deal with the issue. As blood pressure enhances the penile might be further firm, which helps in creating a stiffer penile erection.

  • Mental Stimulation

Most of the time, nighttime penile erections might all develop as a result of some mental stimulation, like imagery from dreams. Human sleep is known for involving various distinct and unique stages, from N1 (the lightest sleep stage) to N3 (the deepest stage of sleep). As the body might exit the deeper sleep of N3, it shall simply help in moving into some of the rapid eye movement sleep, or REM sleep-like conditions.

  • Alterations in Hormone Levels

The levels of testosterone — the primary male sex hormone –shall enhance as one might sleep, usually by quite a significant amount. In one of the one study, researchers have all found that men’s testosterone levels enhance right from 15.3 ± 2.1 to 25.3 ± 2.2 nmol/liter while some night sleep. This shall enhance testosterone levels might be a factor in morning penile erection. As research suggests it is higher levels of testosterone are usually well associated with higher scores on tests of some nocturnal penile tumescence might occur.

  • Physical Stimulation

There might be a physical component to some sort of morning wood. While you might simply sleep, physical contact with the partner (or might just have some pressure from the sheets, pillow, or clothing) might stipulate the penile and cause you to further develop a penile erection for longer lovemaking sessions.

  • Needing to Urinate

Erections are just so well controlled by the sacral nerve which is a collection of nerve pairs that might exit the spinal column at the sacral vertebral region. Which is an area at the bottom of the spine you might perform.

What Does it Mean While You Stop Getting Morning Wood?

Morning erections are just so normal part of life. Far from being unhealthy or bad, they are an extremely reliable indicator that the body is just so physically capable of attaining an erection, meaning you are not affected by some of the physical erectile dysfunction.

Erections might all depend on healthy nerves and some of the blood vessels. In case you can get an erection while you are asleep. It is a good sign that you are physically healthy enough in getting one while you are all awake.

Try to:

  • Keep yourself active physically. Even when a small amount of daily exercise can also have a noticeable impact on cardiovascular health and the complete ability for managing a stiffer penile erection. Try to get at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise while performing it per week.
  • Try to maintain a healthy body weight. Obesity like the issue is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction. Men in the obese BMI range might be quite around three times more likely to evolve ED than men in the normal range.
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol. Research has also helped in showing that drinking alcohol often and in large quantities. It is well associated with impotence and some other similar sexual performance issues. Try limiting alcohol consumption to not more than two drinks per day.
  • Avoid illicit drugs. Some recreational medications can simply help in affecting sexual function. Which shall also include the ability in attaining and sustaining a stiffer penile erection. In case you might have a substance use disorder, talk to a healthcare provider about receiving some professional care.
  • Quit smoking. When you are smoking, consider quitting it soon. Research has shown that smokers have an elevated risk of developing erectile dysfunction or impotence due to the negative effects of smoking on the cardiovascular health of a man.

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