10 Sleep Tips To Improve Your sleep

Waking up from a good night’s sleep charges you up for the day ahead, as you look forward to it. You feel full of energy and excitement thinking about what the new day has in store for you. Conversely, when you do not get enough sleep during the night, the following day would be filled with tiredness and fatigue. Lack of sleep causes irritation and you will find it difficult to accomplish any task owing to restlessness.

If you experience such problems occasionally then it is not a matter of concern, however, if the difficulty falling asleep becomes a persistent problem, then it can cause dullness and even increase the risk of mental and physical health issues. You must embrace some lifestyle changes that can significantly improve your sleeping difficulties and in this way, you will be able to enhance your life and reduce the risk of health problems. 

Here are 10 effective ways that can help you to fall asleep on time and help restore a normal sleep cycle:

  • Get to bed a little early

Try to get to your bed a little earlier before your usual bedtime. Let us suppose an individual sleeps around 11 pm, then they should lay in bed around 10.45 pm. Just lay there with your eyes closed. It helps in relaxing the body by releasing tension. The mental chatter stops, and your brain releases a chemical known as melatonin which is a sleep hormone that puts you into a deep sleep.

  • Eat something healthy and light.

Your dinnertime meals should be full of salads, lean proteins, and fiber. You can include large portions of leafy greens, vegetables, fish, chicken, and eggs, basically foods that do not cause discomfort while sleeping. Avoid having oily, heavy, and high-fat meals for dinner. Such meals can be difficult to get digested which can give rise to digestion problems and your sleep will get majorly impacted. Stomach discomfort can keep you up at night by causing acid reflux, diarrhea, constipation, or stomachache.  

  • Keep your phone and devices away.

Before hopping onto the bed, you must close off your mobile phones and other devices. According to some studies, these electronic devices emit some light that impacts your sleep and keeps you awake at night. The light coming from devices affects your brain and hinders it from releasing melatonin in the body. Lack of melatonin hormone affects your ability to sleep as it impacts the circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle. Therefore, you must avoid using your smartphone, laptop, computer, and other devices an hour before going to bed.

  • Do not consume caffeinated beverages.

Caffeine is a nervous system stimulant that kicks in and heightens your awareness. It is an energy booster compound that makes your brain release certain chemicals that help improve your alertness and attention span. One must avoid drinking such beverages before bedtime. Caffeine is extremely beneficial in the daytime when you have the energy and stamina to perform your tasks efficiently, but at night your body and mind need complete rest, so do not drink caffeinated drinks at night.

  • Stop being a night owl.

Your body needs rest during the nighttime for cleansing, detoxifying, and rejuvenating your entire system. It is this time when your body goes into maintenance mode which is vital for your mind and body’s healthy and optimal functioning. But some individuals hinder this vital process by avoiding sleep, which potentiates their risk of mental and physiological health problems. They may not see the health issues arising, but it gradually affects the system. You should hustle during the daytime but save your nights for rest and rejuvenation. 

  • Avoid daytime naps.

If you take naps during the daytime, you might have difficulty falling asleep at the same time at night. When you rest during the day, all the tiredness goes away, and you feel energetic for a longer time. It can delay your sleep time. It is better to save your sleep for a sound nighttime sleep.

  • Create a calm and comfortable environment.

Peaceful surroundings increase your comfort and coziness. Make sure you are using a low-power light, or it is even better to turn off lights to sleep better. Some studies claim that darkness increases the melatonin production in your brain which enhances relaxation and helps you fall fast asleep. Change your pillows and blankets to softer ones for increasing the sense of comfort.

  • Consider aromatherapy.

You can make use of essential oils that are particularly known for improving your sleep quality. Some essential oils like peppermint, sandalwood, chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang, etc. have amazing properties that ensure sound sleep. You can either put a few drops of these oils in the diffuser or simply apply them to your skin before sleeping.

  • Perform some meditation.

Performing some deep breathing exercises before sleeping can be helpful to eliminate the day-to-day buildup of stress and anxiety. Mindful breathing clears the mental clutter and increases a sense of peace and calmness. It elevates mind and body relaxation and brings you to the present moment. There are many breathing methods and techniques out there. Doing any one of these can be beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

  • Put on some great music.

Music can be an excellent way for attaining complete relaxation, especially classical music. Putting on slow music can be soothing for your soul. Such music can make you fall asleep faster and longer.

Final Word

If none of the techniques that are listed above work, then you must consult a doctor. The doctor will examine your condition and ask you several questions regarding your schedule. Based on the examination, they will suggest you some tips or even medications that can help you improve your sleep.

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