Bupropion Erectile Dysfunction

What is Bupropion?

Bupropion is a medicine that belongs to a class of antidepressant drugs. It is prescribed for the treatment of depression and the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Apart from that, these medications are also used for supporting weight management and in giving up smoking habits. Bupropion is present as an active ingredient in brand-name medications such as Wellbutrin, Auvelity, Zyban, and others.

These branded versions are all approved by the FDA. Bupropion medicines work by balancing the chemicals of the brain. Since chemical imbalances in the brain contribute to depression and other mental health disorders, the effects of the medicine trigger the neurotransmitter activity in the nerve synapse and increase the message transportation between nerve cells.

These medicines come in the form of tablets for oral consumption. The dose will be prescribed by your doctor by considering several factors such as your age, severity of the condition, chronic health issues, medications you are already taking, and so forth. The appropriate dose will be prescribed based on these factors.

Bupropion side effects

Bupropion medications can lead to some common side effects. That can be of mild intensity. The side effects are given below:

  • Headache and dizziness
  • Muscle pain
  • Dry mouth
  • Excessive sweating
  • Insomnia and sleeplessness
  • Changes in the sex drive
  • Frequent urination
  • Sore throat
  • Heart palpitations
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Skin rash
  • Digestive issues such as constipation, stomach pain, or loss of appetite
  • Hot flashes

These side effects produce mild effects and the symptoms may vary from individual to individual. These may go away after some time, but if they persist for too long and start bothering you, then you should talk to your doctor.

Apart from these, some people might develop serious side effects of these medicines. These are as follows:

  • Impact on mental health – Indicated by suicidal thoughts, severe depression, severe anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, psychosis, delusions, heightened irritability, aggression, violence, increased anger, agitation, sudden mood changes, increase in activity or movement, etc.
  • Seizures – indicated by the symptoms such as staring spells, confusion, loss of consciousness, stiffness, and jerking movement.
  • Eye-related problems  – symptoms include eye pain, discomfort, swelling, redness around the eyes, vision problems like blurred vision or double vision.
  • High blood pressure – The effects of bupropion medicine can cause a sudden rise in blood pressure to dangerous levels, which can be indicated through symptoms such as headaches, shortness of breath, nosebleeds, and chest pain.

Bupropion and erectile dysfunction

The effects of these medications can sometimes produce sexual side effects, which include low sex drive or low libido, and difficulties with sexual function. It is not apparent whether the medicine can directly cause erectile dysfunction, but antidepressant medicines do contribute to stress, anxiety, and depression, which can impact arousal. Lack of arousal affects the erection function.

As the medicine causes a decrease in the sex drive, its impacts increase as the medicine also gives rise to some psychological problems like anxiety, and depression, which affect the person’s ability to attain sexual arousal. This can lead to psychogenic erectile dysfunction in some men.

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