Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in females can be characterized by a lack of interest in sexual intimacy. Such individuals may show unwillingness to engage in sexual activity. This can result due to hormonal changes or pain experienced during sexual intercourse. Pain during sexual interaction can be felt because of a condition known as dyspareunia. There can be several factors responsible for giving rise to sexual dysfunction in females.

Lack of desire for intimacy can affect the bond between couples and this might eventually give rise to relationship conflicts especially when one partner desires more sexual intimacy than the other. This phenomenon is termed desire discrepancy which can be a challenging situation for both. Let us dig deep and learn about the factors that can contribute to sexual dysfunction among females.    

Symptoms of Female sexual dysfunction

  • Low sex drive

The sexual desire or need for intimacy varies from one individual to another. The female desire for intimacy and sexual interaction might keep fluctuating from time to time. They might show little to almost disinterest in sexual intimacy, trouble getting pleasure, lack of arousal despite stimulation, or no sexual fantasies at all.

  • Arousal disorder

Individuals with sexual arousal disorder may have an interest in sexual intimacy, or even have a willingness to get intimate, but they might have difficulties in becoming aroused sexually. This difficulty remains despite complete sexual stimulation.

  • Trouble reaching orgasm

Lack of interest in sex can make it difficult for some individuals to experience sexual pleasure. This can happen because of physiological or psychological problems.

  • Lack of lubrication

Some females might experience a loss of intimate pleasure due to a lack of lubrication. This might give rise to intense pain and discomfort during sexual interaction.

Factors Contributing to female sexual dysfunction

Some reasons for sexual dysfunction can be natural, while others can stem from some medicinal side effects or health conditions that can be physiological or psychological, or sometimes both. Some potential factors that increase the risk of female sexual dysfunction include health conditions, relationship problems, lack of sex education, male-centric sexual interaction, religion, abuse, sexual assault, etc.  

Pain during sexual interaction

When an individual is having difficulties with lubrication, then sexual activity can be painful due to friction. This might be the result of some hormonal imbalances, or some issues related to mental or physical health. Some individuals might have low levels of estrogen in their bodies, which is the primary sex hormone in females. Lack of estrogen can give rise to sexual problems in females, they may experience a lack of lubrication, mood swings, irregular periods, and issues with fertility.   

Infections And Skin Diseases

Some infections and skin diseases nearby the vagina, vulva, or surrounding areas, may produce pain during sex. A disease such as endometriosis can cause abnormal growth of the tissues in the uterus, leading to pelvic floor damage. Besides, a condition like vaginismus may also cause pain and discomfort.

Moreover, in males, arousal triggers a different sexual response. Female genitals might lubricate fluid on arousal, which prepares their body for sexual interaction, whereas males get erections after arousal. Sometimes, males might fail to get erections due to sexual difficulties like erectile dysfunction. But erectile dysfunction can be managed with the help of ED medications like Malegra. It obtains desired effects in the presence of arousal.

Female sexual interest/arousal disorder (FSIAD)

Individuals with this difficulty might lack the desire to be sexual and their ability to get sexually aroused may also be affected. They might not feel sexual pleasure. This difficulty might stem from the side effects of some medications, health conditions, relationship problems, or abuse.

Orgasmic disorder

Some individuals might sometimes face difficulties in reaching orgasms, this can be the result of minor problems. It becomes a thing of concern when they fail to attain orgasms frequently. This difficulty is termed female orgasmic disorder (FOD). There can be several reasons that can lead to this issue. Some individuals who had never been pleased sexually, might not reach an orgasm. This may happen due to male-centric sexual interaction. However, there can be various factors that can contribute to this disorder.

Treatment for female sexual disorders

There are various treatment options available depending on the type of disorder the individual is experiencing. First and foremost, there is a necessity for sex education, to make females aware of everything related to their sexuality. This is essential, as they will be able to understand themselves better.

Also, in case one suspects some physiological or psychological condition is causing sexual dysfunction, then it is necessary to act. One must consult the doctor and get the diagnosis. Their doctor will examine their condition and suggest some treatments based on the type of their sexual difficulty. Besides, females experiencing sexual disorders due to relationship problems must seek relationship counseling or have one-on-one communication with their partner and resolve the conflicts.  

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