How To Increase Penis Sensitivity

How To Increase Penis Sensitivity

Physical or mental stimulation something the two is necessary to get things moving with an erection, and both may be very much essential to sustain an erection. If you’ve lost sensitivity in your penile area, it can be quite tough to sustain an erection, and ED is not very uncommon in those with nervous system conditions.

While there are oral medications available that treat erectile dysfunction, they won’t do anything to restore the sensitivity in your penile back. Reaching to the root cause of your penile insensitivity & also effectively treating it is the best way to enhance sensitivity and also get back to serious intimacy.

How Can You Know If Your penile Has Lost the Sensitivity?

Unless traumatic injury, it can be very tough to know that if you’re experiencing a reduction in penis sensitivity. Depending on the root cause, the effects are very gradual and happen over time. Making it very difficult to know that what you’re witnessing isn’t something that happens naturally with growing age.

If you have any of the symptoms listed below, it could be due to reduced sensitivity of the penile:

  • Loss of sensations in the penile area, testicles, or the surrounding area
  • Tingling feeling in the penile area, testicles, or the surrounding area
  • A cold or burning sensation in the penile region, testicles, or the surrounding part
  • Blue or purple discoloration of the skin on your penis, or in the surrounding part

What Causes a Penile to Lose its Sensitivity, and How Can You Fix It?

There are plenty of nerve endings located in the penile area, making it the most sensitive body part. Despite this level of endings in the nerve, it’s still possible for a penile to lose its sensitivity, and in severe cases, go completely numb. There are many reasons as to why a guy might experience a loss in sensitivity to the private part. Some of the most causes involve:

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

While the occasional alcoholic drink typically won’t cause a lot of damage, drinking alcohol to excess regularly for a long period can lead to significant damage to multiple sexual functions and it may cause you a lot of trouble. In a short time, alcohol can dampen sensations physically by numbing your nervous system. And in the long term, alcohol can lead to low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction in men.

How To Solve This:

When it comes to having alcohol, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Keep an eye on your alcohol consumption regularly & avoid overconsumption. One or two drinks shouldn’t be a worry at all, so try to find a healthy limit of alcohol and stick to it. The CDC defines heavy drinking as 15 drinks or more per week for men, especially who are suffering from ED, and 8 drinks per week for women. If you have a history of alcohol consumption, the sooner you quit the easier it will be for your body to recover it back again.

Chronic Masturbation

Because of the increased amount of friction, a lot of masturbation can lead to a physical reduction in sensation and also the overall sensitivity in the penile area. Just like how you might form a callus by playing the guitar, regular masturbation can lead to rubbing the skin and lead to thicker skin, which can reduce the sensitivity of the penile.

How to solve it:

Masturbation is a normal and healthy activity when done in moderation, but reducing frequency may help to improve penile sensitivity in men. Additionally, when you masturbate, consider using lubrication which can reduce the amount of friction & stress on the tissue of the penile.

Nerve Damage

The most important nerve for the penile is the pudendal nerve. It’s not responsible only for the stimulation of the penile area. But it impacts the pelvic area as well. If in case there are any issues with the pudendal nerve, a loss of sensitivity and ED are likely to happen. While there are thousands of other nerves located in the penile area, the pudendal nerve is the most important one of all, and issues with it can lead to serious consequences.

How To Solve It

If in case your pudendal nerve has become compressed, there is a decompression surgery that is made available which can repair the damage.

Too Much Sitting

Whether for work, at home, driving, or riding any vehicle, sitting down for a longer period can put pressure on the nerves & also on the blood vessels located in your pelvic area. Over time, this pressure can lead to damage that impacts blood flow to the penile area as well as the sensitivity of the penile.

How To solve it

Try to find out a few more ideas to stand up for throughout the day. You should try to get into a habit of standing & also walking around for a few minutes every hour. It’s less about the workout and more about getting the blood moving and also relieving pressure on the nerves & blood vessels of your pelvic floor.

Side Effects of Medication:

One of the major causes of ED is a side effect of some other oral medications. Side effects can also play a vital role in a reduction in the sensitivity of the penile and response to the stimulation. One of the common treatments for depression is a group of drugs that are called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Such antidepressants have a well-documented link with causing delayed orgasms & anorgasmia, too much so that at times they are prescribed as a way to for treating premature ejaculation in men.

When it comes to penile sensitivity loss, there can be plenty of factors. By rectifying the exact reason, it started, you can attempt to treat the underlying health problem, leading to improved symptoms and also possibly restoring penile sensitivity in men.

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