Maca Erectile Dysfunction

Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng, is a medicinal plant that is known for its incredible benefits in boosting the sex drive and fixing fertility issues in both males and females. It has been cultivated as a root vegetable and has been used as an important ingredient in herbal medicines. One can consume maca in the form of supplements, which contain ground maca root powder, by adding it to foods and beverages, or it is also available in the form of capsules.

Maca is packed with essential nutrients that can be helpful in improving certain health problems. The benefits of maca include:

  • Increase sex drive and improve fertility – Some studies have revealed that maca has properties that can boost sexual function. It can increase the sex drive or libido, improve sexual desire, and eliminate issues with fertility in both sexes.
  • Improve sperm concentration and motility – The effects of maca can fix fertility issues in men. It can increase the volume, concentration, and health of the sperm. It also improves the motility of sperm, which enables it to swim with ease.
  • Relieve the symptoms of menopause – Females during menopause experience some symptoms like hot flashes and lack of sleep. Maca can alleviate these symptoms.
  • Enhance mood – Some research has revealed that maca can be helpful in boosting mood and elevating energy levels.

However, there needs to be done more conclusive research to back these claims with evidence. But if you want to try maca then you should consult a healthcare professional, who is a registered and certified dietician. To get the benefits of maca, one needs to consume an appropriate dose according to their requirement, otherwise, excessive intake of it can potentiate the risk of side effects due to overconsumption. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a dietician before you make maca a part of your daily routine.

Maca side effects

According to various sources, maca can give rise to some potential side effects, which are as follows:

  • Feeling jittery – Maca can boost the energy levels too much and this can make you feel jittery. This is an indication that you need to reduce the dose.
  • Digestive issues – Consuming raw maca can trigger some stomach-related issues such as cramps, gas, nausea, vomiting, pain, etc.
  • Insomnia – Some people might develop sleeping difficulties due to excessive intake of maca.
  • Acne – Some people might temporarily develop skin issues like acne, which might go away once the body becomes used to maca.
  • Altered menstrual cycle – Maca can cause heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding and also give rise to cramping and bloating.
  • Mood swings.

Maca and erectile dysfunction

In general, maca can have a very positive impact on your sexual function. Not only does it improve sexual desire and libido in both sexes, but it also alleviates erection difficulties in males. Those with erectile dysfunction (ED) might benefit a lot from maca. They might see a substantial difference in their sexual response.

The effects of maca can improve the ability to get and sustain stronger erections in males. However, there is still a lack of enough evidence regarding the effectiveness of maca in improving the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, more research is needed to draw a strong conclusion.

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