Smoking And Erectile Dysfunction

Habitual smokers are more susceptible to experiencing erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. According to the researchers, smokers are twice as likely to develop problems in their sexual function, compared to those who never smoke. It deteriorates the erection function by blocking blood circulation to the sexual organs. One can prevent erectile dysfunction by giving up smoking habits. It might take some time for their sexual function to recuperate after quitting cigarettes, but eventually, they will be able to restore a healthy sexual response.    

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

The root cause of erectile dysfunction or impotence issues is a lack of blood circulation through the penile blood vessels. The reason for this poor blood flow is the formation of plaque in the vascular passages of the penile, which happens due to the increase in some enzymatic activity in the vascular walls of the penile. The enzymes known as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), suppress a chemical called nitric oxide from being released in the walls of the penile blood vessels.

Nitric oxide is primarily known for conducting vasodilation and smooth operation of the blood vessels. However, its depletion due to the PDE5 action makes the vascular passages narrow due to plaque buildup, which hinders the blood flow to the penile. Thus, lack of blood supply to the penile leads to impotence issues in men.

Why Erectile Dysfunction Is Linked To Smoking?

The association between smoking and impotence issues is quite obvious. The smoke that you inhale contains toxic chemicals like nicotine, hydrogen cyanide, lead, arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde, and several other harmful toxins. They enter your lungs, where they get combined along with your blood. These toxins get assimilated into your bloodstream. These toxic substances get circulated to every cell of your body. They cause gradual damage to the walls of your blood vessels.

The toxins hurt the vascular walls and cause the deprivation of nitric oxide in them. Lack of nitric oxide leads to the impairment of vascular function, as the chemical is responsible for maintaining the health of blood vessels by relaxing them. The damage caused due to harmful substances leads to the constriction of the blood vessels and turns them hard and narrow. Difficulty in blood flow may arise as a result. A healthy erection function is a characteristic of vascular system health.

An optimal sexual response is indicated by the proper functioning of the blood vessels of the penile through expansion and enlargement to allow more blood. Thus, the hazardous chemicals present in smoke damage and injure the walls of the penile blood vessels. Hence, for a healthy intimate life, giving up on your smoking habits is an excellent idea.     

Create a quit-smoking plan  

Chalking out a plan on giving up smoking may seem easy to the rest, but for chain smokers, it is extremely difficult to implement the plan. The difficulty may arise due to the addictive substances in the smoke. Nicotine is the substance in the smoke that has strong psychoactive properties, that make you addicted to smoking. It gives you a boost of energy and you experience short-term delight because of this addictive substance.

It activates the reward center of your brain making you crave smoking even more, and this is why those who cannot live without smoking find it hard to give up on cigarettes. Even though it may seem tough, creating a plan and taking the first step is crucial.

Implementing a smoking cessation plan   

  • You have created a full-fledged no-smoking plan, now it is time to live by that. Begin with the following steps:
  • You have to choose a specific date on which you will implement this plan. It is necessary to prepare yourself mentally and remain headstrong about your decision.
  • A clear intention will make it somewhat easier for you to remain adamant about your plan.
  • You must remove the things from your sight that remind you of smoking. Firstly, cigarettes must be thrown away, and things like lighters, matchboxes, ashtrays, etc. must be removed from environments like offices, homes, and cars. 
  • Inform your friends about your smoking cessation plan and stay away from those individuals who smoke. Your friends can support you with this plan.

ED treatment options for smokers

The best treatment for impotence issues among smokers is ED drugs. These drugs contain an active ingredient that revives sexual functioning by restoring the function of impaired blood vessels. You can try using medications like Fildena, which starts its action within 30 minutes or so.  

  • Do some activity that keeps you engaged and occupied, so that your mind does not remind you about cigarettes. Engagement exercises will help overcome cravings.  
  • Still if you struggle to manage your cravings, try doing some meditative exercises, such as deep breathing, and mindful breathwork exercises.
  • Always carry some low-calorie snacks with you, munching on these snacks will keep cravings in control.
  • From time to time, keep reminding yourself of the benefits of quitting smoking for your sexual as well as overall health. This is an excellent method of keeping your hands away from cigarettes.
  • Lastly, if nothing works, and you still find it hard to stick to the plan, then it is better to consult a doctor. They shall suggest some medications that can help stick to the plan. Such medications can lower your cravings.

In the beginning, you might find it hard to manage your smoking urges. This happens due to withdrawal syndrome. Sudden withdrawal from smoking habits will cause you to develop strong urges. This will last for a couple of weeks. After that, you will become used to the plan.

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