What Does Sex Feel Like For Women

What Does Sex Feel Like For Women?

As a man, you might wonder what sex feels like for a woman. You might be curious in knowing how is it from a woman’s perspective. Also, in case you are a woman, you might as well try to understand what other women feel while indulging in sexual activity.

Since your bodies are different and you experience them distinctively. The truth, however, might seem a bit complicated. Sex does even feel the same for two women. You cannot put yourself in the shoes of another person, so you cannot truly feel how they feel.

Moreover, ever since the beginning, we were living with a vague definition that sex is nothing but penis-in-vagina penetration. In addition, research has also revealed that about 97.4 percent of people define sex as penile-vaginal intercourse. However, sex is much more than intercourse.

According to experts, sex is an extremely intimate, vulnerable, body exploration, and powerful exchange of pleasure. It is the most powerful experience as it makes you emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually aligned with your partner. It feels entirely different depending on who you are, who your partner is, how deep is your bond, what your partner’s body is like, and so much more.

In addition, the intensity of your sexual activity can vary from day to day according to recent food, and alcohol intake, current hydration level, stress level, overall health and fitness, recent activity level, and so on. By this time ed pills for women help to fulfill the sex desire.

Arousal In Females

Arousal is the feeling of being turned on sexually. As a result, your body might undergo some physical and emotional changes. The clitoris may get hard, engorged, and sensitive, and you may also feel wetness on your vulva or vagina.

Once you are completely aroused sexually, it is normal to feel vaginal sensations, swelling, and sufficient wetness. Also, when certain parts of your body that are very sensitive also called erogenous zones are touched you may experience arousal. However, note that not everyone gets sexually aroused from touch.

What Happens When A Female Gets Sexually Aroused?

Sexual arousal triggers many physiological and psychological responses in females, which is an indication that your body is preparing itself for sexual intercourse. Arousal is a result of sexual stimuli. Your body becomes extremely sensitive to touch as your nerves, blood vessels, brain, and hormones all change in some way. Also, your thoughts and emotions play a big role when you are sexually excited.

Several physiological and psychological responses occur which continue throughout the sexual intercourse. Male arousal leads to an erection, while in females, the body responds to the arousal with engorged sexual tissues such as the vulva, clitoris, vaginal walls, nipples, and vaginal discharge or lubrication.

A simple touch can be extremely intimate. It is a stimulus that leads to the internal fluctuations of hormones which influences sexual arousal. Skin-to-skin touching can be sexual, but it can also be non-sexual and still intimate.

How Does Sex Feel Physically?

Arousal can lead to many bodily reactions or none at all. Some of the changes that you may notice when you are feeling aroused may include a rise in your blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature. Your breasts and clit swell, and labia (the inner and outer folds of the vulva), and clitoris fill with blood and become extremely sensitive. Consequently, the vagina lubricates and expands.

Additionally, during an aroused state you may also experience increased sensitivity to touch on your erogenous zones, including your genitals, the nape and back of the neck, inner thighs, lips, and feet. This happens due to the shifts in blood flow, you might as well feel sensations of warmth or flush. Your chest, neck, or neck may turn a bit red and splotchy. The larger muscles such as the butt, thighs, and hips might tense as a result.

As the penetration begins, you may experience pressure and an immediate flood of euphoria as it brings your bodies very close together. Your blood may start pumping and your heart goes racing. The vagina stretches to accommodate as long as there is sufficient lubrication.

Honest communication with your partner when trying deep penetration will help you both to have an amazingly intimate experience. In case you experience discomfort, you can slow things down, or try different positions to find a comfortable one for you both which ensures a better overall experience.

How Does Sex Feel Emotionally?

The definition of sex is different for different people. Whatever it means to you keeps on changing according to the circumstances, or even from one day to the next. For instance, sex can be an absolute expression of passion and deep intimacy or an emotional whirlwind. Sometimes it can also be a stress reliever and to have a good time together. It can be all of these and even more.

Sex causes the production and release of oxytocin which is a hormone responsible for boosting emotions like love, affection, and euphoria. It is the hormone that keeps you coming back for more. In the meanwhile, you may feel vulnerable, exposed, excited, and overwhelmed, to mention a few.

Is Sex Painful?

Sex can feel pain sometimes. However, it is necessary to understand that sex should not be painful unless you and your partner is deliberately wanting to experience painful sensations. Sometimes, intercourse can feel pain due to a lack of lubrication which indicates that you need to spend some more time on foreplay.

In addition, lack of lubrication can also be a cause of menopause in older women which leads to rawness and friction. You can simply fix this by getting a lubricant for vaginal dryness.

Moreover, one of the reasons for pain could be muscular pain that can be simply overcome by changing or switching your positions during penetration.

In addition, dyspareunia is a pain felt in the genitals during or after sexual intercourse. The pain due to intercourse can be experienced externally on the vulva (opening of the vagina) or internally in the cervix, vagina, uterus, or pelvis. Pain during sex can be a sign of underlying medical conditions or infections. It can be treated by examining the factors and identifying the exact cause of the pain.

Furthermore, conditions such as endometriosis, hypertonic pelvic floor, and vaginismus can be a reason behind intense pain that requires immediate medical attention followed by appropriate treatment.

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