What Is Frozen Penis. How Do You Get A Frozen Penis

What Is Frozen Penis? How Do You Get a Frozen Penis?

Frozen penile is a quite rare effect faced by men playing a sport, but for athletes during the winters Olympics, it seems it is nothing different. A recent race at the Beijing Games completed that for a cross-country skier, who survived winds of freezing and was able to re-achieve that particular kind of feeling, only to be rewarded with immense pain.

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Over the country or globe the skier Remi Lindholm, representing Finland nation, felt this a lot so than anyone, speaking candidly of the grueling experience:

Post an hour on the track, Lindholm found out that himself with the second case of the frozen penile. The same event unfolded in Ruka, Finland, the previous year. The racer was given a heat pack to try & remedy the situation, but unfortunately, the process of defrosting got him some “unbearable” pain.

Frozen Penile

“Cold has an effect, and this is used to numb skin before injections,” This could explain why this would have increased pain as the affected area returned to warmer temperatures.” A frozen penile is, in effect, like the cold damage caused by soft tissue anywhere on the body when exposed to some freezing temperatures. Mild cold shocks will recover probably without any kind of intervention. However, intense cold can lead to burns which is no joke when it comes to genitals & can have huge damage.

“If the ice burns are deep dermal or full-thickness they will take long to heal & hence they will have a greater likelihood of scarring,” the burns registrar explained. “Genital burns also have a higher chance of getting infected which delays healing and at the same time it increases the chance of scar development.”

Cremasteric Reflex

Testicles can at times respond to cool weather to some extent as the “cremasteric reflex” can shorten the gap between the testes and the body for a few men. This can help the testes sustain the right amount of temperature to carry on happily forming healthy sperm.

The blood flow amount through the penile (carrying warmth from your core) would make it difficult to get it that cold, but if you get any part of yourself cold it can begin to freeze, which is what causes the frostbite.

Depending on the extent (how deep into the body part is frozen) the effects can be mild numbness, swelling, or it can become mummified, with the skin turning black & leathery, and falling off.

Symptoms of Penile Numbness

Fighting with a numb penis can be a frustrating at times for men. You may witness that your penis feels a bit less sensitive to touch than normal. When severe, penile numbness may affect your ability severely to achieve an erection and enjoy sexual sessions.  The precise symptoms of penile numbness can vary in type & also in severity. You may notice one or many of the following symptoms:

Pins And Needles

Loss of feeling in your penile, or a “pins and needles” sensation. Your penis might feel quite less responsive to touch than at normal times. It might feel cold or have a tingling, pins, and needles sensation.

Reduced sexual pleasure

Because your penile is quite less sensitive, you might find sexual sessions or masturbation less pleasurable. In a few cases, you may feel nothing when your penile is touched, or at the time of penetrative sex.

Erectile dysfunction

Because your penile is less sensitive, you may find it very tough to achieve and sustain an erection at the time of sex or masturbation.

Delayed orgasm or anorgasmia

You may take a huge amount of time amount than required to reach orgasm and ejaculate during intercourse. In a few cases, you might not be able to gain orgasm at all due to the reduced sensitivity & even the sexual pleasure.

Causes of Penile Numbness

There is a hell of a lot of possible causes of a numb penile you will see. Some men may witness numbness post an injury or compression to the penile area, while others may form genital numbness as a result of certain medications or disorders.

Penile Injury from Sports or Surgery

If your penile is injured or compressed for a long period, you may witness that it feels less sensitive than usual. In a few cases, your penile may feel numb. Your penile can be injured at the time of certain types of surgery, involving a few medical procedures to treat prostate cancer and in some trauma cases to the perineal area.

Some sports & workouts can also cause your penile to feel numb totally. For example, cyclists often witness some penile numbness and ED, particularly those who ride long distances regularly.

In a research, 70 percent of cyclists tested using an electrode device showed a low level of blood supply to the glans of the penile at the time of active exercise. 61 percent have experienced some kind of numbness, with 19 percent of long-distance cyclists witnessing erectile dysfunction.

Although cycling is the most infamous sport for numbness in the penile, other sports that put pressure on your perineum might cause a loss of sensitivity. Even sitting down in a position that puts pressure on your penile may cause numbness temporarily.

How to Restore Sensitivity to Your Penis

There are many cases of penile numbness that can be treated by addressing underlying conditions, modifying your usage of medicines, or making some changes to your habits & your lifestyle:

Treat underlying medical conditions:

If you have a certain disorder or some medical condition that affects your level of penile sensitivity, it’s essential to discuss this with your healthcare expert about your treatment options. Many disorders & even medical conditions that cause penile sensitivity loss can be treated well, improving both your well-being & also your sexual health.

Increase your testosterone production

If penile sensitivity problems are caused due to low testosterone, your healthcare expert may work with you to bring your testosterone levels back up to normal levels. This may include testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) or a few other methods to enhance your production of testosterone.

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