What Is Tantric Sex

What Is Tantric Sex?

You might have heard of “tantric sex” at least once and have wondered as to what it actually is and how it even differs from your regular sex. It might come across as a taboo term and as a result, you might label it as some kind of weird occult practice. Also, there is this stigma attached to it that it is some sort of slow voodoo or pornography which is not true in any sense.

Tantric sex is an ancient practice in Hinduism that weaves and expands your sexual energy. This concept finds its roots in India and has been coined about 5000 years ago. Though its essence is most commonly understood to be a co-development of esoteric Hindu and Buddhism traditions and also, it is influenced by several other religions such as Daoism, Shinto, Jainism, and Tibetan Bon. It is based on the ideology of living freely and openly. It is not some crazy peculiar practice instead it is about creating closeness and intimacy the way you have never felt before.

What Does Tantra Mean?

Tantra pertains to both the philosophy as well as the set of spiritual practices that emerged in India during ancient times around the sixth century. Tantra is a life-embracing philosophy mainly focused on the manipulation of universal energies as a means of liberation. It encompasses a wide variety of practices that teaches everything is sacred, including sexual rites and indulgence with taboo such as intoxicants, which are traditionally considered to be profane or impure.

Moreover, tantric sex is also referred to as sexual yoga which exercises sexuality in a ritualized or yogic context. At the beginning of its emergence, many of these practices transgressed social and religious boundaries. Consequently, tantra gained an erroneous reputation for advocating uninhibited sex, when it is a powerful way that helps with a direct engagement with sexual energy.

In addition, tantric techniques involve breathing, yoga, and meditation that can boost your sexual energy. These practices combine spirituality and sexuality and as a result, it emphasizes the importance of intimacy during a sexual experience.

How does Tantric Sex Differ From Normal Sex?

Tantra is about celebrating your body and feeling intense sensuality. It is much more than just sexual pleasure. The tantric practices intertwine spirituality, sexuality, and a state of mindfulness that transforms your sex life by increasing your sense of potent aliveness.

The goal of tantric sex is to attain spiritual or energetic contact. This practice is a slow burner that establishes an intense and enlightened connection between couples. It includes mindful breathing, sounds, and movements to activate sexual energy. However, the aim is not always to achieve orgasm.

How To Perform Tantric Sex?

The first and foremost thing is to focus on foreplay and make it enjoyable by being in the present moment. You have to divert your mind off orgasm and be aware of bodily sensations. To explore tantric sex, you need to incorporate the following things into practice, they include:

  • Getting comfortable and meditating

To explore tantric sex to its fullest, you need a good cozy place to start from. Creating the right environment which is free of distractions is necessary as these techniques require one to access deep awareness. Use your senses to absorb and become aware of everything going on around you.

Once you become comfortable with your environment and surroundings, it is time to relax and settle in.

  • Sit face-to-face

Studies show that intense eye contact between romantic couples stimulates sexual arousal. You do not need to say a word, just sincere and lingering eye contact can tell them all. Prolonged eye contact shows your vulnerability and reveals your true self to your partner, which makes them feel at ease and in turn shows their vulnerability.

  • Conscious breathing

Slow and conscious breathing deepens relaxation. Feel your breath as it plays a vital role in setting your mood.  Researchers claim that when a romantic couple is in each other’s presence, their heart rates, breathing patterns, and brainwaves sync up. This synchronization leads you to have a rhythm. The goal is to breathe deep enough to feel sensations in your sex organs.

In case your mind begins to wander, again bring your focus to your breath which will help you to get back to the flow.

  • Skin contact

Wrap your arms around your partner and feel their body by pressing it against each other. Skin contact promotes greater feelings of intimacy. You can try different touches like gently caressing, fondling, and stroking.

  • Move slowly

Ensure you breathe and move slowly during sex. The trick is to delay the orgasm by avoiding the position that makes you wrap up the process too quickly. You need to gradually allow your feelings and sensations to build up to keep your sessions long. Due to this volcano of emotions, you may experience more intense orgasms.

Benefits Of Tantric Sex

Tantric practice brings greater awareness to your body. It is not just about sex instead it fulfills you on physical, mental, emotional, as well as spiritual levels. Let us have a look at its benefits:

  • Tantric sex helps improve sexual health and boosts the stamina
  • It helps connect you and you on deeper levels
  • The deep breathing practice during tantric sex enhanced blood circulation and initiates body detoxification
  • You get to know each other from the inside out and what your body needs and desires.
  • It helps you two to tap into a higher state of ecstasy
  • It helps you two to experience a pleasure for prolonged durations and orgasms thus experience lasts longer.


Tantric sex is all about the journey, and not just the destination. Tantric sex as a practice is about reaching a higher level of consciousness in all aspects of your life. There is so much to explore and learn from this ancient principle. It teaches you to be aware and focus on what is happening between the two of you by leaving all the worries behind. The only thing that matters is the present moment and enjoying every sensation that it brings.

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