what does healthy sperm look like

What does healthy sperm look like?

The whitish liquid secreted by the sexual glands is the semen. Moreover, It has sperm, which is the male reproductive cell. That’s the actual difference between semen & the sperm, but they are both crucial parts of your reproductive system.

Moreover, The volume of semen & the characteristics protects spermatozoa on their way to egg. The healthy sperm cells are mobile & reach the egg in a quick succession. Healthy sperm should have a mix of elements that come from the testes. Others of them come from the prostate gland or depend on the vesicles of seminal.  Combined them together they give the ejaculate a certain color & even the thickness we can evaluate in a plain sight. If we are interested in health of the sperm, we should put some kind of sample under the microscope.

Why healthy sperm matters

In general, Healthy sperm is the critical aspect of fertile men. Fertility in men depends on different kind of semen parameters, which involves the morphology of sperm and volume of semen. If one of the reasons for sexual intercourse is having a baby, health of sperm matters a lot. Men feel that semen reflects their overall masculinity. Even if it doesn’t hurt you right and they don’t want to have a baby. Even if you’re not much interested in any of such factors, the health of sperm reflects sexual function and many other parameters in result of semen from a balance of sex hormones.

Signs of healthy sperm

Semen analysis will give you a lot of signs of sperms that are healthy. Most of the sperm are not visible but can be seen under the microscope.  Moreover, The examination in lab will evaluate such kind of aspects of your sperm specimen:

Sperm volume

Moreover, It is measured with the help of semen volume in a single ejaculate & its sperm count. An ejaculate should have 15 million cells of sperm or even more per milliliter.

Sperm motility

This is noticeable only under the microscope. The cells of sperm should move to reach the egg actively. It is said that the healthy sperm when 40% or even more sperms are highly motile.

Sperm morphology

This kind of parameter evaluates the shape of cells of sperm. They should have a tail that is long and a rounded head. The above is the important fertility. Some of the others are additional & this may contribute to the fertility. But they are ultimately not required for conception & vary from every person.

What does healthy sperm look like?

Healthy-looking kind of semen doesn’t follow the standard that is same in every people. We all have some kind of nutrition, hydration levels, & also the reproductive system. The thickness of semen, semen volume, and other visible aspects may also vary.

These kinds of visible characteristics can be found in your semen that is healthy:

  • The color is white or grayish, and yellowish taint is normal as well.
  • Semen texture can be fluid or even thick.
  • It can have a consistency like jelly, but it turns fluid within minutes.

The semen that is clumpy can be healthy, especially if it goes fluid post few minutes. Thick & clumpy semen is a normal concern. If you see such kind of trait coming & going, the change that is sudden can be because of dehydration or ejaculation that is infrequent.

How can I check if my sperm is healthy at home?

It is possible to get a hint of health of your sperm, even when you are home, with semen in your container. Look at the sample initially and see if there is any kind of trace of blood in that. Notice the color & eliminate the intense yellow & also the green colors. Check the volume of semen, which should be between 2 to 5 mL.

You can also make use of the devices to check the count of sperm at home. It gives you an output in few minutes, like a test of the pregnancy, and also informs you if your sample has enough of sperm cells to be said as normal. If you are worried about the fertility and also want to make sure everything is going right, then it is recommending a consultation with your healthcare expert and getting your lab test done.  Only lab outputs are totally accurate & also trustworthy. They are also the only way to go if you need to know motility of sperm cell and morphology of sperm cell.

How can you improve your sperm health?

In few of the cases, the health of sperm will improve after medical treatment only. But that’s the only in the case of hypogonadism, varicocele, infections, & some other medical issues.  If you have already avoided significant problems like those, there are some things you can perform at home:

Eat healthily

Healthier sperm requires good nutrients to boost testosterone production, build antioxidant enzymes, and protect your sperm cells.  Moreover, Eat whole foods and fresh foods. Ensure you’re gaining all the vitamins, and minerals, proteins, & also some healthy fats you need.

Moderate exercise

Moreover, We can enhance the quantity of sperm with the help of exercise by increasing testosterone levels. It takes only weeks of enhancing the physical activity to see the outcome. As a side note, if you wish to bicycling, make sure to look for a prostate-friendly bicycle seat.


Further, These methods can enhance the sperm count, and you can use them with supplements. If you’re not a candidate to use the steroids as medical treatment, you can increase your sex hormones & improve your cell count of sperm with supplements like:

  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Coenzyme Q10
  • Ashwagandha


Few of the signs of semen can help men to identify the health of semen. Some other traits are evaluated in lab analysis only. Men ask if clumpy or jelly semen is indicative of an issue. It is not, and semen characteristics can change depending on nutrition & hydration. The important traits are evaluated in lab, involving the sperm count, morphology, & the motility.

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