What Is The Blue Pill

Generic Viagra is known to be one of the most common and popular treatments for ED or impotence issues in men. It is usually nicknamed “the blue pill” or “the little blue pill”, due to the appearance of this medication.In presence of sexual arousal, the blue pill for men might make it super easy to get and sustain an erection firm enough for a lovemaking session for enhancing the flow of blood to the penile region.

About Blue Pill

This amazing blue pill can be a super safe and completely effective treatment for many men, if it has been obtained well from a reputable source, and prescribed by a qualified clinician for safety purposes. Interestingly, the active component in Generic Viagra was originally developed as a treatment for angina-like conditions. During testing, it was found that the medication wh to be a more effective treatment for erectile dysfunction or impotence than angina. It further brought Viagra to market as an impotence treatment in 1998.

Treatment For Blue Pill

Often, men might not seek proper treatment for impotence or erectile dysfunction due to embarrassment, or the feeling which is known to be a natural part of aging. However, the blue pill is well proven to be a treatment that one might wish to consider in case you might have experienced impotence an issue.

Working Of Blue Pill

The blue pill simply starts working in just 30 minutes and it can simply last for approx. 4 hours. The active component is known as sildenafil citrate which is well available as a generic non-branded version, as well as known as the branded version, Generic Viagra.

Look And Feel

It should be seen as being a four-sided shape small blue pill that is known for coming in slightly different sizes which shall depend on the strength for overcoming impotence issues in men. If your pill is round, square, or some other shape. Which is well probably not the real deal for the same. The real stuff might have all come to be a sort of “rounded diamond” shape to it.

The Blue Color

They are well so famous and it is known as the “little blue pill” for some reason – Generic Viagra pills are just known to be small and pale blue. They might simply vary in size which shall also depend on the strength of the dosage.

25 mg doses of this medicine are well approximately 9 mm across, 50 mg doses shall be approximately 11 mm across, and 100 mg Viagra dosage pills are approx. 14 mm across.

Blue Pill Viagra

Generic Viagra was the first impotence or erectile dysfunction medication which was discovered in 1989. Which is a well-approved treatment in the UK in 1998. It is an effective solution, which helps approx. 74% of men might have tried it to get and sustain penile erections hard enough for lovemaking sessions.

Shape Of Blue Pill

Since the ED medicine was first patented by Pfizer, it has been well referred to as the ‘blue pill’. This medication is because of the blue diamond shape design of Generic Viagra pills which has been a part of the branding for this impotence treatment and is usually used for distinguishing it from other medications consumption.

You can also order Generic Viagra online from services. Simply one must fill in a short online questionnaire and submit your order for the same. A doctor shall simply check it and approve treatment if it is right for you.

Sildenafil Citrate

The sildenafil Citrate component is the generic version of Viagra. This medication has the same active ingredient as in the pill Viagra, which is sildenafil citrate. Since Sildenafil Citrate is not branded, it is usually cheaper to buy than Viagra. While a lot of manufacturers do not color Sildenafil Citrate tablets, some might also help in reinforcing the quite well idea that it is well the same treatment as Viagra medicine.

How Long Does Viagra Stay In The System? What is the Half-Life of ED Medicine?

The half-life of Generic Viagra medicine is approx. 4 hours. This might also mean that 4 hours after one might consume the dosage. Finally, the body might have a well-cleared all of dosage.

In most cases, it takes approx. 5 half-lives for the body for simply completely removing a medicine right from your system. Hence, this also means that it might take approx. 20 hours for ED medicine for being completely cleared from the body. But as the body might be well clear about the medicine. It might not be well about working any longer.

Some Blue Pill ED Medications

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