Gabapentin And Erectile Dysfunction

In general, Gabapentin drugs are used for the prevention of convulsions or seizure attacks in individuals diagnosed with epilepsy. These drugs are also called anticonvulsants or antiepileptics. They help in controlling the seizures. Also, these drugs relieve nerve pain that occurs after shingles, which is a viral infection that gives rise to painful rashes.

These medications alleviate the pain that results after postherpetic neuralgia, a condition that causes burning, aches, and stabbing sensations due to shingles. Some individuals might have developed the symptoms of erectile dysfunction while using Gabapentin medicines. If you are wondering whether gabapentin medications can lead to erectile dysfunction, then you must continue reading to find out.  


Gabapentin drugs are useful for treating seizures, restless leg syndrome (RLS), and pain caused due to a skin condition called shingles. These drugs are categorized under the group of anticonvulsant medicines. That works by controlling the part of the brain that releases chemical messengers. Gabapentin helps in alleviating the pain, by managing the bodily sensations and altering the impact of pain through regulating the chemical messengers in the brain and nerves. The effects of this drug inhibit overactivity in the brain, by causing the release of serotonin chemical, which stabilizes feelings and mood.  

Usage And Action  

These drugs come in the form of oral tablets, capsules, and solutions, that can be used in combination with other medicines. The medicine can be taken with or without food. Remember, not to crush, break, or chew the tablet, otherwise, you might not get its full benefits. It needs to be swallowed with some water. It can be taken thrice a day; however, it is necessary to follow your doctor’s instructions. Never use such medications without a doctor’s prescription. Any negligence regarding its dosage and use can increase your health risk, so, always stick to the dosage pattern that is advised by your doctor.   

Erectile dysfunction

Struggling with erection difficulties occasionally is common among men, most men experience such problems. Such problems might occur because of regular consumption of alcohol, excessive smoking, drug abuse, or due to medicinal side reactions, etc. One can restore their sexual function by controlling these factors that contribute to their sexual struggles.  


Experiencing erection difficulties for a long-time can indicate the presence of a chronic medical condition. The individual experiencing erection problems might be unaware of a medical condition that is causing sexual difficulties. The physiological conditions that can be responsible for leading such problems may include atherosclerosis, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, hypertension or high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and kidney or liver dysfunction. Diseases that affect the vascular system are major contributors to erectile dysfunction issues in males.           

Psychological Factors

Psychological factors like stress, depression, anxiety, guilt, fear, trauma, and low self-esteem can interfere with arousal, and affect the erectile response. Psychogenic sexual problems can be managed with the help of meditation or becoming completely relaxed. You may consider psychotherapy sessions with your mental health professional that might involve discussing your mental issues. Such sessions can help you in relieving your mental difficulties.   

Does Gabapentin induce erectile dysfunction?

In general, Gabapentin medicines are psychotropic drugs, that might cause the development of impotence issues and other sexual difficulties in men. It can occur as a side effect of gabapentin. One might experience sexual difficulties temporarily. Moreover, This issue can be resolved by informing your doctor to alter your dose, which can help you in eliminating such sexual dysfunction problems.

After beginning the medicinal course for treating epilepsy, individuals might start experiencing difficulties in getting or maintaining their erections. This can be managed by talking to your doctor. They might either reduce your medicinal dose or change your medication. Hence, it is not evident yet whether these medications cause sexual dysfunction, but gabapentin medications are psychotic drugs that might contribute to erectile dysfunction in some men.   

Solution for erectile dysfunction

The best treatment for erectile dysfunction is prescription medications that include Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), and Vardenafil (Levitra). There are many generic versions of these medications that provide identical effects. One such generic version of Sildenafil is Fildena, which is an excellent remedy against erectile difficulties. Such medications increase the flow of blood to the penile and help men in improving their sexual function.

The lowdown

Although the researchers are yet to confirm whether Gabapentin medications cause erectile dysfunction or not, most studies conducted in different parts of the world, by different researchers do attribute these drugs for leading to temporary impotence issues in males. These drugs alter the chemical activity in your brain, consequently influencing the function of the neurotransmitter which affects the communication between the nerve cells of the brain. It hinders brain function and interferes with arousal, thereby impacting sexual function.    

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