Erectile Dysfunction And High Blood Pressure

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that affects men owing to physiological or psychological factors. It is also termed impotence, and it causes sexual distress among men regardless of their age. The primary reason behind these sexual difficulties is the lack of adequate blood circulation through the passages of penile blood vessels. These difficulties are quite common among men, and there are some treatments available, that can help men in restoring their sexual function.    

It has been observed that men diagnosed with a chronic condition like hypertension or high blood pressure are more liable to the odds of developing erectile dysfunction. Hypertension causes the blood to flow through the vascular passages with high force, which can impair the functioning of blood vessels.

What leads to erectile dysfunction?  

When an individual becomes sexually aroused, their brain indicates the autonomic nervous system to conduct vasodilation in the penile shaft. In response to the brain signal, a chemical known as nitric oxide is released by the endothelial walls of penile blood vessels. But some enzymes, called Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), released by the walls of the penile blood vessels, impact the vascular mechanism by hindering the blood flow. PDE5 enzymes lead to constriction, thereby causing clogging and narrowing of the blood vessels which block the blood supply.

In General, Nitric oxide (NO) is responsible for healthy erectile function. It ensures proper blood flow throughout the penile vascular passages by causing vasodilation. But the excessive release of PDE5 enzymes depletes nitric oxide levels in the endothelial walls which makes the blood vessels narrow and blocks the normal blood flow. As a result, men experience erection difficulties.

High blood pressure problems

In General, Hypertension or high blood pressure is a chronic health condition, that causes damage to the vascular system. In this condition, blood circulating through the passages of the blood vessels exerts too much pressure on the vascular walls. With this high force, the blood gets pushed inside the passages of the blood vessels, which can injure the delicate walls, and ultimately impair vascular function. Also, the heart has to pump blood through the blood vessels with increased force, which can harm the heart too. Individuals diagnosed with hypertension are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disorders, heart damage, and other health issues.

Co-relation of erectile dysfunction and hypertension

Hypertension is a health issue that is related to the vascular system. It is majorly linked to erectile dysfunction, as erectile dysfunction stems due to the impairment of the vascular mechanism of the penile. Most of the time, individuals do not even have an idea that they are suffering from an underlying health condition like hypertension, as it does not show any symptoms. Individuals may live a completely normal life without even realizing that they have high blood pressure.

It is only known when this underlying disease is causing sexual dysfunction or some heart-related problems. Erectile dysfunction problems are the primary indicators of blood pressure-related issues. One may find out that they are suffering from hypertension only after consulting a doctor for treating their impotence issues.  

Moreover, High blood pressure injures the walls of blood vessels and affects their response. Their function may get impaired which blocks the blood flow. Lack of blood supply deprives the body’s organs of essential nutrients, and as a result, their function deteriorates.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

1. Lifestyle changes

Making some necessary changes in your lifestyle will help you in overcoming sexual problems. These changes may include:

  • Exercising regularlyPerform some moderate exercises like walking for 30 minutes, jogging, running, brisk walking, cycling, etc. Such exercises boost your circulation and provide nourishment to your entire body.
  • Eating a clean diet – Diet plays a crucial role in your over well-being. You might have heard the quote, which says, “You are what you eat”, which is completely true. Be conscious of what kind of foods you include in your meals. Eat only natural foods and give up on processed or junk foods.
  • Stop substance abuse – Cigarettes, alcohol, and recreational drugs may provide you with a short-lived pleasure, but their ill effects are long-term. So, avoid using such harmful substances.
  • Wake up early – Waking up early in the morning and going to bed early will help you to maintain a healthy body clock, which is necessary for your healthy bodily functions.

2. ED medications

In General, ED medications are pure vasodilators, that expand your blood vessels by managing constriction. Moreover, These pills help extend adequate blood flow to the penile and aid in reviving the function of impaired blood vessels in the penile. ED medication such as Fildena is excellent Sildenafil generic, which restores sexual function within 30 minutes of intake.

3. Constriction rings or penile injections

In General, Constriction rings are silicone rings that can be worn around the base of the penile to maintain erections. While penile injections can be done by a healthcare professional. Both these methods do have several risks of permanent damage to the penile.  

Treatment for high blood pressure

In General, Blood pressure can be controlled with the help of medications. Your healthcare provider will perform a diagnosis on you and prescribe you medications for managing your blood pressure within the normal range. Besides, performing some moderate-intensity exercises every day will help you in keeping your blood pressure in check. Make sure you do not consume too much caffeine, smoke, drink (alcohol), or eat too much salty food. You need to inculcate certain lifestyle habits that support good health, they may include:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating clean foods
  • Managing stress
  • Visiting your healthcare provider for a routine blood pressure checkup.

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