how does an impotent man behave

How Does an Impotent Man Behave

If a man is suffering from ED, there are a few factors that will happen to his overall behavior:


A man will get angry most of the time. His anger will be at home, his workplace & even on the road & everywhere else. A man’s anger will be just because of the frustration of him not being able to perform sexual intercourse.


A man would have feelings of guilt. He may have guilt if cares for his partner and that he is not able to satisfy his partner in sexual terms, because of his ED issue.

Avoidance of sex

When the time is here to perform sex, a man who is suffering from poor erections will do a lot of things that he can. Do avoid performing sex.

He will not be able to be put in a position, where his partner is not aware of his ED and he has to explain the situation from the word go. The situation is that he is suffering from poor and bad erection issues & he cannot perform sexual intercourse because of it.

Staying Late at Work

When a man is suffering from poor erections, he will avoid coming home early from his workplace, this is because he can get home quite late when his partner is tired & wants to sleep already. When he comes home late from work and his partner is awake and wants to perform sexual intercourse. He would be able to describe to his partner that he has had a long day at work and he is totally tired and so cannot perform sex. His partner will not force him either way to have sex.


Because of the man suffering from poor erection issues known as erectile dysfunction, he could go through severe depression. If this kind of depression does not fade away, combined with the fact that he is not able to have sex. You can understand that the depression is due to his suffering from poor erections.


Almost all the time, a man will appear stressed out. Even if a man is doing nothing and just spending his time at home watching TV, at that time you would be able to see the stress he is suffering from. He would appear to be very much distant, his mind in some other place, even though he may appear to be watching TV.


He would get frustrated or irritated at times at everything & everyone. This irritation would surface every time. Even the slightest noise, can make a man feel irritated and this would be because of his desire to perform sex and his not being able to do this. Because he is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

Staying Awake Late at Night:

A man who is suffering from poor penile erections or ED will find few reasons to remain awake till it is very late in the night. This is just because he is not able to have sex and he wants to wait for his partner to get to bed and sleep on time so that he does not have to perform sex with her. As such, he would make such kind of excuses to be awake till it is very late. Just to avoid his partner asking him to have sex with her.

What to Do If a Man Is Suffering from Poor Erections

If you have found that your man is suffering from ED, you must not remain silent. This does not mean that you have to scream at your man and tell him that you want to perform sex and he is suffering from ED & at the same time and not being able to satisfy you. So you are leaving him. If you love him, this is the final thing you should be doing.

The first thing you should be doing is to talk to him and get to terms that he is suffering from poor penile erections. At this time, you need to console him & at the same time discuss with him what can be done about this predicament. You would be happy to know that there are certain kinds of treatments available for treating the problem of ED and one of them is sure to treat his symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

What You Must Not Do If a Man Is Facing Erectile Dysfunction

If you know that your man is suffering from ED, what you definitely must not do, is neglect this kind of issue. And then you must not let him neglect it as well! Many men refuse to get treated for ED, as they feel embarrassed to discuss this with their doctor about this.

Whether or not he is embarrassed, you need to see that he gets treated for impotency. As this is a sign that he could be suffering from a certain illness even an illness that is very much deadly. When a man has ED after all, it could be a serious indication that he could be suffering from some of the following illnesses like heart disorder, metabolic syndrome, Parkinson’s disorder, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep disorders, diabetes, and high cholesterol.

Some of these diseases can see prove to be very much fatal. This is why, when you know that your man is suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction, you must ensure that he gets an immediate treatment that is suitable for him.

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