How To Squirt During Sex

How To Squirt During Sex

It is quite certainly understandable that women might be too ashamed for admitting that they might ejaculate. Never mind just being willing to show up in a lab to be studied. But the outcome is that one might remember as it is all so clueless about squirting that some medical professionals might eventually continue to insist that some of the fluid might leak out of a woman while making love constitutes peeing which is a result of incontinence.

What Is Squirting?

Let’s just take out a moment for distinguishing between ejaculation and lubrication. Lubrication-like condition is a slippery substance that is secreted by the walls of the vagina when you are sexually aroused, while ejaculate is a watery fluid expelled in presence of sexual stimulation or orgasm, through the urethra. This urethra is a tube that transports urine from the bladder right out of the body.

Experts are not entirely sure about where the fluid might come from, but some of the researchers might also indicate that the Skene’s glands (which is also known as the female prostate, paraurethral glands, or urethral sponge), uric acid, and urea which are all involved. This might all be a tube of tissue that is wrapped around the urethra; as arousal builds, the erectile compartments shall simply swell up like a bunch of grapes that are filled with fluid.

Where does the fluid come from? It is all filtered out from the watery part of the blood plasma and further, it shall combine with secretions similar in composition to those of the male prostate for making females ejaculate. It might sound strange to you, but it is just nature at work and also similar to how nursing mothers might make breast milk. Which also involves fluids that are all filtered from the blood.

Why Do You Squirt?

The short answer to that is when fluids build up in the erectile tissue of the urethral sponge, they might further need to be released. Some might also believe that the expulsion of fluid while making love might further function to protect the urinary system from infection by simply cleansing the urethra during and after post-intercourse sessions.

Can Everyone Squirt?

The International Society for Sexual Medicine asserts that the condition of ejaculation is indeed a “thing”. Which is well reported by 10% to 50% of women, this shall all depend on how the question is asked in the first place. The volume of ejaculation widely ranges from small, barely noticeable amounts to a full-on gush. Hence, there is big variability as to how women might define and report their experiences in their sex lives. Some of the experts might also believe that all women ejaculate but most might not know it. As the fluid flow back into the bladder. So, it is possible that you experienced squirting during lovemaking sessions and might not realize the same.

How To Squirt During Sex?

The bottom line? Juicy lovemaking session cab is complete fun and is involved for all. In case you squirt while making love or are hoping to experience it for the first time simply embrace the moment. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Here’s how to make squirting happen.

Go it alone

The first step is to learn how to ejaculate which involves masturbation. Research has shown that strengthening the pleasure pathways by experiencing pleasure regularly can make orgasms accessible.

Stimulate The G-spot

Once you have tapped into regular orgasms, the key is a prolonged lovemaking session with the urethral sponge. How does one do it? Building arousal through vigorous and repetitive G-spot stimulation can occur. You can further find it by reaching into the vagina (just with a sex toy, just like a vibrator, or a finger) while angling up in the direction of the belly.

Connect with the partner

To squirt while partnered sex, the connection is everything and it is needed the most. More important than the use of any technique for enhancing the quality of the in-the-moment rapport with the partner. Take a tip from Tantric practitioners and one shall simply sit across from one partner and look deeply into the partner’s eyes (a huge challenge for people at first).

Set the scene

Light some scented candles, arrange pretty flowers in a vase, scent the air using essential oils whatever might float on the boat; further, create an alluring space. You can simply puddle-proof the bed. One of the common concerns about letting go sufficiently to squirt is some reluctance to get things messy at night.

Start with plenty of foreplay

To squirt with a partner, one shall begin the session with a lot of sensation play. Let the partner explore the nooks and crannies of the body. Which shall all focus on erogenous zones and pay some special attention to the vulva and clitoris. Further on building arousal via clitoral stimulation. You shall enhance the storage of fluids in the urethral sponge that is expelled while the squirting process.

Assume the position

To find the best sex position for squirting while making love, lie down on the splash pad and get cozy. Have the partner sit by your side facing you.

Let go

My experience is that once a woman might get past the worry that they shall all mess up the sheets and accept that ejaculation is not the same as urination. They can simply let go and experience the full pleasure of squirting while making love.

Then What Do You Do Next? Just Stop?

Heck no! there is no reason for stopping unless you or your partner are done playing and wish to go get pizza (or something!).

There are P-L-E-N-T-Y of other things you can do if you are still in the mood.

The Bottom Line

Exploring whether squirt can be a fun way for learning more about the body you have.

Squirting is just one of the (many, many, many) sexy things some bodies do. Hence, if you do not or have not, no big!

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