Delayed Ejaculation Tips

Delayed Ejaculation Tips

What can delay ejaculation? There is an overview below of many tips on how to delay ejaculation. Some ways are mental and have to do with thoughts, feelings, and desires. The others are some physical ways to delay climax. The best solutions to try are going to depend on the few reasons for wanting or needing to delay ejaculation.


Try masturbating to prolong your orgasm. This works for two major reasons. The initial reason is that by masturbating, men can be able to practice prolonging or delaying climax privately and as frequently as needed. If the reasons for early climax are lack of experience or being sensitive, this is the right way to become less sensitive. The second reason is that masturbating and ejaculating before sexual intercourse may prolong your orgasm in the later stage on the same day.


According to reports, anxiety, stress, & guilt may contribute to an early climax. Meditation is one of the ways people reduce stress & cut down on anxiety each day. Workouts and yoga can help, too. The idea is not to meditate while performing sex! The idea is that meditation as a regular ritual can lead to a life of stress and anxiety. Use useful techniques to overcome stressful situations when they come up to you.


When you deeply breathe at the time of sex, you can control orgasms and even climaxes. When reaching a climax and before climaxing, take very deep, rhythmic breaths in & out. Breathe in through your nose & out through the mouth. Continue this process until you are no longer at the point of climax. What’s good about this part is that it can create a strong orgasm when you are ready. The most important thing is to breathe deeply & control the breath. When you control your breath, you will control the climax as well.

Change Positions

If quick or early ejaculation happens often with a certain position, change the position to something else for some time. The new & unique position will feel different & can create unfamiliar sensations. As long as these sensations are not even more stimulating than your usual position, this may help delay or prolong the climax.

Wear a Condom

Many men don’t prefer to wear condoms at the time of sex. Still, to delay climaxing, it is a must to wear a condom even for a short period. The reason this works is: that the extra layer of protection from the condom cuts down the sensitivity, to some extent. It may not be by much, but it could be good enough to control orgasm & make the sexual session last long. If you want to, wear a condom for some time at the beginning of sex. Then remove it later on, when you are ready to climax.

Start And Stop

This is a talked-about method quite often for how to delay ejaculation. It is very simple to do this. It involves stopping sex just before ejaculating, for a minute or so. Then, begin again. Continue this rhythm for as long as you want. The start & stop helps the body form self-control and because of this, it can lead to a satisfying sexual life.

There is another way to think about the start and stop technique. This method may lead to better sex for partners, as well. “The method not only prolongs the sexual pleasure in you but the whole process of withdrawing & penetrating will make your partner long for more and she is likely to reach an orgasm that she has never experienced before this.

Fast facts on delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is a kind of sexual dysfunction affecting a man’s ability to reach the point of orgasm. The time it takes for ejaculation to happen upon stimulation varies between individuals, with no strict figure given for what is actually “normal.” Some reasons are psychological, but organic reasons are possible and may be ruled out initially at the time of diagnosis. No pharmacological therapies are made available for psychological reasons for delayed ejaculation.


Delayed ejaculation is diagnosed when a man is concerned about a marked delay of achieving ejaculation at the time of sexual encounters over 6 months, and when other problems have been gone out. To reach a diagnosis, a doctor will discuss with the individual their symptoms & how often they can happen. They will then rule out some other potential medical issues, like infections, hormonal imbalance, etc. This may involve using blood & also urine tests.


Successful treatment of delayed ejaculation depends on the reason for the delayed ejaculation and the type of treatment a man takes. Every individual will have different kinds of needs and outcomes. Anyone who has certain concerns about his sexual function should discuss or speak with a doctor & potentially also a mental health expert so that they can take the right action against the problem.


Male sexual health has an important role in parenthood & also in a man’s overall performance during sexual intercourse and his ability to please his partner. Various conditions, unfortunately, can form that affect a man’s sexual health in many ways. The common types of sexual problems that men suffer from involve erectile dysfunction, low libido & types of ejaculation of issues.

While ED is discussed often amongst online publications that provide details on common sex issues, we find that ejaculatory issues are less often discussed or talked about. Here we have provided a comprehensive look at what delayed ejaculation is about, a relatively common kind of ejaculatory dysfunction that many men suffer from. This condition can be temporary or lifelong & hence can be quite problematic for a man’s sexual life.

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