What Are The Treatment Options For Erectile Dysfunction

There are several treatment options for erectile dysfunction. One can choose any of them, which they consider best suited to their condition. A condition like erectile dysfunction is a sexual weakness that arises mainly from the lack of blood flow to the blood vessels of the penile. Treatment methods help in increasing the flow of blood to the penile and help men in getting stronger erections. 

One can improve their sexual function by dedicating themselves to healthy lifestyle habits. Lifestyle plays an important role in one’s overall well-being. Adopting some healthy lifestyle choices will naturally ease the problem of erectile dysfunction. Apart from natural remedies, several already existing treatment methods can give quick results. Let us explore various treatment options for erectile dysfunction.

  • Prescription ED medications

Those looking for instant treatment options can make use of ED medications. These are pills that are composed of a certain dose or strength. The dose corresponding to each pill shows whether it will work on mild, moderate, or severe forms of erectile dysfunction issues. The dose also indicates the duration of action and effectiveness of these medications. These are made using active ingredients that are classified under PDE5 inhibitors and are usually safe for consumption.

Medications like Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil (Cialis), Avanafil (Stendra), and Vardenafil (Levitra) have acquired approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Since these medications are approved by the FDA, they are safe and reliable for consumption.

Generic Versions

In addition, various generic versions of these prescription medications are also available. Viagra has many generic versions and one of them is Fildena. These medications offer the same benefits as Viagra as they both have the same active ingredient, which is Sildenafil. They both differ in their prices. Since Viagra is a brand, it is on the much costlier side, whereas the generic version of it is much cheaper and hence affordable.

Lastly, these pills do come with several side effects that can be of mild to moderate intensity. One has to talk to their doctor for preventing the risk of side effects.  

  • Vacuum devices

Another name for vacuum devices is penile pumps, which come with a hollow cylinder to accommodate the penile. This device helps treat impotence issues. It enhances the size of the penile by triggering erections which makes it appear bigger and wider temporarily. The device work by creating a vacuum inside the cylinder, which makes the penile blood vessels draw the blood in and trap it inside the penile with suction pressure for some time. These devices can come with two features, which are manually operating or electronically operating.

  • Constriction rings

Also known as penis rings or cock rings, these are bands that are made up of stretchable material that fits on the penile and helps men in attaining and sustaining erections. The ring has to be worn on the penile around the base, which causes the blood to get trapped in the blood vessels of the penile, which leads to an erection. These rings can be used in combination with vacuum devices.  

Vacuum devices and cock rings can cause minor bruises to the penile. If the pressure applied to the penile is too high, there is a possibility of damage to the penile tissues. Therefore, one has to be careful while choosing these methods of treatment.  

  • Penile implants

Penile implantation is recommended when other treatment options do not give any results. This is a surgical method, and it involves invasive options wherein malleable implants are surgically inserted inside the smaller sections of the penile. These can be inflated before one plan to engage in sexual interaction. The implants come in two types, inflatable and semirigid. The surgeon will recommend which one is suitable for your condition.

The risk involved in this method is quite high. There is the possibility of infections due to the insertion of a foreign object inside the body. The infection can spread to the organs and cause trouble. This is why, one must have a deep conversation with their doctor before considering this option.

  • Creams

The treatment for impotence issues is also available in the topical cream form. Creams are the best secondary treatment option for erection difficulties. Moreover, The cream can be applied directly to the penile shaft, and it gets penetrated inside the skin, thereby starting its action. These topical creams are composed of alprostadil which is typically used as injections or in the form of suppositories. However, there isn’t much research done on the effectiveness of these creams on erectile dysfunction.  

  • Lifestyle changes

Moreover, Adopting some positive habits can be beneficial for living a healthy lifestyle. As your health improves, your sexual health follows. It all starts with healthy eating habits. Consuming a clean diet rich in natural foods can be beneficial for maintaining vibrant health. Apart from that, exercising and moving are equally important.

Daily physical activity improves your circulation and helps you to remain fit. Taking care of your body will give you the best results on your sexual performance. Also, if you have any bad habits like drug and alcohol addiction or smoking, then it is necessary to give up those habits if you wish to see positive outcomes on your health. 

Wrapping Up

There is indeed some potential risk associated with the treatment methods, except for the natural method. The availability of treatment options other than natural methods has made it easier for getting instant results on a short-term basis. However, lifestyle choices can slowly but surely help in relieving the impotence issues.

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