What Is A Micro Penis.How Long Is A Micropenis

What Is a Micro Penis? How Long Is a Micropenis?

Before birth, a male infant’s genitalia forms in response to specific hormones, majorly androgens. If the male’s body doesn’t form enough androgens or if the body doesn’t respond to it in a normal way to androgen formation, then the result can be a micropenis.

Medical disorders that affect the pituitary gland or hypothalamus, both of which have a vital role in hormone formation, are linked with micropenis. While a micropenis can form on its own, with no hormone-related conditions, it can happen along with some types of disorders. It’s not known why boys are born with a disorder of hormones that causes micropenis. The history of the family of micropenis may grow the risk. A study, says that exposure to pesticides & chemicals may grow the chances of micropenis formation.

What it is & what it isn’t

Assuming there are no health problems, a micropenis functions just like a healthy penile. The ability to urinate & become erect shouldn’t get affected at all. A micropenis is at times linked with a lower sperm count, so fertility may be reduced.

How is micropenis diagnosed?

In addition to getting a personal & medical history of a family, the doctor will do a physical test. That should involve the right measurement of the penile. To make a thorough diagnosis, the doctor may get a blood test to see for some hormone disorders. If you suspect your baby is suffering from micropenis, talk to a pediatric urologist or a pediatric endocrinologist. A urologist specializes in the health of the urinary tract & the male reproductive system. An endocrinologist specializes in hormone disorders. If you have any problem with your genitalia, go to a urologist who treats adult patients.

What’s considered a correct measurement?

A micropenis is its stretched penile length (SPL). Stretched penile length (SPL) for babies. The average male infant’s SPL is 2.8 to 4.2 centimeters (1.1 to 1.6 inches), whereas the length of a micropenis is defined as less than 1.9 cm. An SPL that is somewhere between 1.9 and 2.8 cm in length may be said as shorter than average, but not sure about a micropenis.

How common is micropenis?

Micropenis rarely occurs. Estimates can vary, but a study indicates that 0.6 percent of worldwide men have this type of condition. Many boys are born with micropenis in the US.

Symptoms of micropenis?

The symptom of micropenis is penile that measures less than 1.9 cm in length in infancy. The mean stretched penile length for a baby boy is 3.5 cm (1.4 inches). Micropenis is diagnosed if the length is less than the standard deviation of 2.5 which is below the mean. In adult men, the micropenis is defined as a penis of 3 2/3 inches or often less. Micropenis may accompany health issues because of hormonal disorders or congenital (present at birth) situations, which can happen for a variety of symptoms. The symptoms of your child will depend on the reason for the micropenis.

What are the causes of micropenis?

Micropenis is caused by fetal testosterone deficiency which can lead to a variety of conditions. The most usual is hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. This is a condition that happens when the hypothalamus (the part of the brain that controls the autonomous nervous system) does not secrete the hormones that stimulate the testicles for the formation of hormones (testosterone) necessary for maturation & reproductive function. Micropenis may also be found with genetic syndromes that can form some of the other malformations.


How is micropenis diagnosed?

This is diagnosed with a help of examination. Usually found in infancy, micropenis is diagnosed through penile length. The chances treating of micropenis are greater if it is diagnosed at the time of infancy. The doctor can diagnose a micropenis by stretching the penile and measuring with a ruler, caliper, or modified 10 ml disposable syringe. The number is compared to the normal size range of a guy’s age. A workup follows to figure out what kind of treatment should be used to stimulate the growth of the penile.

How is micropenis treated?

Testosterone treatment

Treatment of micropenis is the cause of the situation. Treatment must start in infancy or early childhood. The initial treatment is a short course for testosterone. This treatment has the ability for the penis to respond and test the growth of hormones. Testosterone can be given with the help of an injection or applied to the area as a gel. Studies say that penile growth is quite good with the treatment of testosterone in infants, but whether the growth will continue at the time of puberty and adulthood is not known. Other hormonal solutions may be tried if the treatment of testosterone doesn’t add length to the penile.

Surgery for micropenis

Surgery for micropenis is considered only when medical treatments don’t work. Surgical reconstruction of the micropenis for young kids is very much complicated but worth exploring. Surgery for adults is common. If you are a man considering surgery for micropenis, ensure to clearly understand what the risks and benefits of the surgery can be. Primary care physicians, pediatric endocrinologists, and surgeons need to keep their parents aware of the options and the outcomes.

How do patients cope with it?

If treatment is unsuccessful for micropenis at the early stage, coping with this type of condition can be quite tough for a guy and his entire family. In these cases, psychological counseling and services will be required to help the patient and his family emotionally. Micropenis is a condition that is very rare and what to do with the condition depends on several factors. The doctors will help you along with the decisions as a parent or even as a patient.

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