What Size Penile Do Women Prefer

Almost all men are likely to have strong feelings about their penile. If you have been shown studies on average penile size, read articles on whether penile size matters or if it just matters. Convinced by years of porn that sexual satisfaction inevitably comes with bigger penile, the average guy probably has some idea of ​​how big he is compared to everyone else.

At this point, it’s a cultural norm to assume that there is a perfect Penile size or at least a minimum threshold that their sexual partners must meet to provide them with the ideal penile experience. This old question is going nowhere.

Men ranked penile preference even higher than women who were asked to rate penile size first. Let us get to the point: whether you are measuring out of fear, a desire to have a bigger penile, or just curious about what specific penile size women have rated as best, every man wants to know how you compare. Well, it is not that easy.

Defining Normal Penile Sizes

Before we get into Meat and Potatoes let us take a moment to remind everyone: that there is no such thing as a normal size. But we get it. Many articles have shown and studies have concluded that size should not be hyped so much. It is better to get involved in other activities before the actual intercourse happens.

Perhaps You Can Relate To This: Worrying About Whether

It is big enough and satisfying enough to help you secure love, approval, or whatever else you associate with penile size. And that is a shame because to be honest, as you will soon read, most people believe that the average size is much larger than it is.

Penile Preferences By Numbers

Millions of people are probably searching for this exact information every day. What if we told you the number was nine inches? Who thinks nine inches is the perfect penile size?

We cringe just thinking about it, but maybe. And are there many women out there who would swallow that 20cm and say that’s ideal? Of course. Remember that regardless of what you read on the internet, penile size preference is a highly individual and subjective issue. When you have a long-term partner you want to please, your feedback is far more important than any survey or study.

Why The Numbers Don’t Matter

Men under 15 cm without surgery without luck? Well, not so fast. 45 of the 50 gave width as the most important characteristic and only five gave length and none of them have an opinion. What we mean here is that many of these numbers don’t mean much, even with raw data. Self-reported information is often erroneous because (as all men know) there are many ways to measure penile, and most of them are wrong.

Other Considerations

Getting Longer Rather Than Being Longer. So if the length of your penile doesn’t matter, what should you focus on? Perhaps the metric is how long their sex lasts. Again, this is a difficult question to answer: couples can come at different times or need different stimulation to reach orgasm.

Back to the numbers, one study found that typical intercourse lasts between three and 13 minutes. The conclusions of the study found that the ideal number is between seven and 13 minutes, while 10 to 30 minutes is too long. He believed that three to ten minutes was just right, and while again those numbers are subjective, this gives anyone a barometer from which to start new partners.

Trouble in  cumming

If you’re having trouble cumming for longer than three minutes or seven minutes, remember that you may be dealing with premature ejaculation, which is thought to be one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men (the other one, you can probably think of it, is erectile dysfunction).

There are factors related to premature ejaculation that you should be aware of: prostate problems, hormone imbalances, and/or serotonin problems can all contribute to the performance of your penile.

If you have any of these problems, speak to a healthcare professional to fix them for your health and sexual happiness.

The Preferred Average Size

According to the study, women preferred different penile sizes for different situations, including one-night stands and long-term relationships. The researchers found that size was more important for women when it came to casual sex largest is 6.4 inches and when it came to long-term relationships, they were fine at 6.3 inches and 4.8 inches in circumference.

What Is The Average Penile Size?

For those of you worried about the average erect manhood size, it is 5.2 inches with a circumference of 4.6 inches. Men, if you have been worried about the length of your penile and whether or not you can satisfy your partner, rest assured that in many types of research, women have clearly stated that they do not care about the size of their manhood or their partners. The size of the penile is not the only factor, the circumference also plays a role. So, for the people reading this, next time you pull out the tape measure, remember to flip it too.


As long as the couple is happy and having their best intimate sessions. There is no need to worry about anything or the size.  Size does matter when there is no satisfaction, also the reason for dissatisfaction can be something else. So firstly, visit the doctor when there are any complications in the intimate life.

Also, you can talk to your partner first before jumping to any conclusion. There is no cure better and quicker than discussing the issue with your partner. You can also take the help of the Internet, in case visiting the doctor is too much. Do not go by the false claim on the internet. They might make things worse. Trust the process and give it time.

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