Why Do I Lose My Erection During Sex

Why Do I Lose My Erection During Sex?

Erection malfunction during the sexual act can knock your confidence. It is common to lose an erection occasionally. There can be many reasons why men lose erections. These problems affect most men at one time or another and tend to disappear on their own.  Chances are, you may experience an erection problem if you are tired, anxious, or have drunk too much alcohol.

Even if you lose your erection you can get back on track by initiating stimulation for attaining sexual arousal again. Mental stimulation plays a huge part, and even if the penile is sensitive to touch, that alone does not always provide an erection. Since, sexual arousal is a complex process involving the brain, hormones, emotions, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels hence you can be stimulated through sight, sound, touch, or thought.

The best way is to try staying relaxed and not worry about the previous incident of erection failure. Being anxious will only add to your stress. And most importantly, try discussing your expectations with your partner and try learning their expectations, doing so may help reduce your anxiety to a great extent.

Losing An Erection Occasionally

There is nothing wrong with occasional incidences of erection failures. It is generally a cause of stress or exhaustion. It should not be a cause for concern. Let us have a look at the situational factors that can hamper your sexual performance by losing an erection midway through the sex:

  • Stress

It can interrupt your brain’s natural function of sending signals to the penile nerves to allow extra blood flow through the penile blood vessels for inducing an erection. A single encounter with erection failure can give rise to the fear that can lead to more such incidences in the future.

  • Anxiety

It causes the release of brain chemicals that can prevent an erection or can make it tougher to even get an erection. This is a classic example of performance anxiety. One erection failure can produce a temporary problem with erection difficulty. Anxiety can interfere with how your nervous system sends messages to your penile for triggering an erection. Anxiety can contribute to more such events near future.

  • Fatigue

In case you feel that your body needs ample rest time before and after sexual activity, schedule specific times for potential sex. Fatigue can lower the desire for sex, and trying to indulge in sex when you are fatigued can cause erection failure.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is a common culprit in cases of erection failures. Overindulgence in alcohol depresses your sexual response. It interferes with the agents in the brain that instructs the nerves in the penile to fill its chambers with blood for promoting an erection. Alcohol degrades the quality of erection. It can also impact sexual arousal.

  • Smoking

An erection is triggered when the blood vessels in the penile expand after receiving nerve signals in the penile. The nerves respond to the sexual stimuli signals sent by the nervous system. Hazardous chemicals contained in tobacco or cigarette smoke injure and impair the walls of the penile blood vessels and affect the erection function. It restricts blood flow to the veins and arteries of the penile. Smoking can also lead to long-term erection failure or erectile dysfunction.

  • Medicinal Side Effects

Some medications are taken for controlling medical conditions like blood pressure especially some beta-blockers or water tablets, heart conditions, steroid treatment, an anti-depressant for mental health, and Parkinson’s disease treatment can affect erectile function.

  • Recreational drugs

Recreational drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, opium, etc. exhibit mind-altering properties that can hinder normal erectile function.

What If It Becomes An Ongoing Situation?

Persistent problems of erection failure can be a sure sign of some underlying serious medical condition. Several physiological, as well as psychological factors or sometimes a combination of both, can majorly contribute to repeated erection failures.

Some psychological problems associated with it may include stress, anxiety, depression, guilt, fear, trauma, relationship strains, and low self-esteem. Also, physical causes tend to occur more gradually but become aggressive and continuous over some time. They may include obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, clogged arteries (atherosclerosis), hormonal imbalance such as thyroid or low testosterone, and prostate or spinal cord surgery.

It is essential to acknowledge the fact that you can relieve yourself from erectile dysfunction as it is completely treatable. The sooner you seek treatment and take action, the sooner you can help yourself get back to normal, especially if you are young.

Does Losing An Erection Indicate ED?

Failure to attain an erection once in a while is considered normal and does not necessarily indicate erectile dysfunction. If it is becoming frequent by happening repeatedly then you can treat the condition with the aid of prescription ED medications or you can make some lifestyle changes that can ensure your overall health and well-being.

How Can You Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

You can make use of alternative treatments for treating ED. You can opt for mechanical devices that can help you in getting an erection, these are known as vacuum pumps or devices. Or you can try ED supplements and some herbal methods using essential oils to alleviate sexual problems. The surgical implant method can also help which involves an incision near the base of the penile for creating an opening in the two long tubes of spongy tissue of the shaft; a flexible rod is placed in each opening that helps the penile to get erect.

Lifestyle change can serve as an excellent remedy for keeping sexual malfunctions away. Simple exercising routines by incorporating aerobic exercises such as running, cycling, skipping, and Kegels for genitals problems can be extremely beneficial. Exercise paired with healthy diet can perform wondrous effects on overall well-being.

Consult A Physician

If your attempts of getting an erection are failing repeatedly and bringing you unnecessary stress and anxiety, it is better to talk to a physicist that can help you identify the exact cause of your concern. Elaborate on your exact problem and in case you have a medical history make them aware of it. In such a way, a physicist may examine your condition and provide you with a best-suited remedial solution.

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