Why Wont My Penis Stay Hard

Why Wont My Penis Stay Hard?

Success & quality of erection depends on plenty of factors that go beyond arousal. The psyche, nervous system, blood circulation, hormones, and even the muscles of the penile are some of the important elements involved at the time of an erection. The duration & the rigidity do not always depend on the stimulus, the woman, or even not on the moment. When there is an adverse change in erections, there are many causes that must be studied before assuming that we are dealing with a case of ED.

One of the important factors that have a significant impact on the penile area and erections is the passage of time; even though you may have enjoyed long-lasting & regular erections throughout your entire life and for some time, you will now notice that when you suffer from an erection your penile is softer than usual, this is known as a poor or weak erection. Moreover, It is quite essential to understand why this happens. The thing with ED is that it could be several things. The following information will give you a basic idea of the common causes of ED, but to truly figure out the problem, visit your doctor.

Cardiovascular Problems

When men are sexually aroused, the penile area is filled with blood, developing what we know as an erection. Just because an erection depends on the blood flow, heart or blood conditions can stunt your ability to get hard enough. Atherosclerosis is a condition that is common and causes erectile dysfunction as it causes blood vessels to clog which interferes with blood flow. Other common problems are high cholesterol & hypertension. If you think you have any of these problems or you believe you have cardiovascular problems, please make sure to see your doctor.

Drugs and Medication

Moreover, Excessive consumption of hard drugs can be the other inducer of ED. Cocaine & amphetamines are among them. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause ED, making it a high possibility in men who suffer from alcoholism or drug addictions. Stepping away from hard, recreational drugs, and general, prescribed oral medications can also mess with your flow of blood. A list of drugs that have been known to lead to ED can be seen. Drugs such as Semenax can help with erectile dysfunction by enhancing semen volume, and blood flow & providing intense orgasms.


As you grow old with age, your risk of impotence gets higher. Naturally, men’s testosterone levels weaken and fall, making sexual sessions less appealing, thus eliminating sexual arousal. Age can also lead to cardiovascular problems and you’ll likely be taking more medication than you were in your golden days.

Your Mind

Depression and anxiety can be big factors in men causing them impotence. Focusing on anxiety, performance anxiety at the time of intercourse can cause ED in men. Performance anxiety is just that, your inability to perform sexually because you’re afraid you won’t be able to perform sexually for a longer period. How painfully ironic. —

So, What Can You Do to Fix It?

Moreover, there are many possible causes of ED, and there are quite a few things you can do to solve your ED problems.

Eat Better

Sitting down and discussing with a nutritionist or cutting out unhealthy foods in your diet is a good, easy way to help your erectile dysfunction issues. Foods that are high in fat & also in cholesterol will not help your body & could lead to cardiovascular problems. You don’t have to stop eating them but cut back on them. And as always, eat healthy fruits and vegetables.


Stressors in your life can take a toll on your entire body’s production of testosterone and they can affect the blood flow in your body. Cutting out or stepping away from the stressor in your life (if you can) can help your ED in many ways. You should also begin incorporating meditation into your routine. It is the best way to relax & destress and has multiple benefits.

Stop Smoking and Drinking

Among many reasons to stop smoking, getting your sex life back on track to where it needs to be is up there. As far as drinking is concerned, you don’t have to stop drinking completely. But depending on what amount of alcohol you drink, consider reducing it so you can get your body back into the right and perfect shape.


Seeking medication to solve your problem of erectile dysfunction is nothing to be ashamed of. Which medication you should be taking is important. Alpha Male is a helpful supplement that will improve your overall sexual performance. Moreover, It will not only improve your overall sexual performance. But it is a pure and natural solution for treating erectile dysfunction. Make sure to take a tablet that dissolves in your mouth and then you’ll be perfectly alright to go for up to 72 hours!

Hormonal problems

Any kind of hormonal imbalance, from impaired prolactin to enhance thyroid formation of the hormones, can let you cause soft erections. Examining the functioning of the body is essential to rule out any kind of disease related to hormones. As it is essential to keep in mind that conditions like diabetes cause erectile dysfunction in men.

Neurological dysfunction

The nervous system controls fearful stimuli in our body. Hence, nerve injury can be responsible for softer erections. Some situations that can cause nerve disorders are multiple sclerosis, stroke, prostate surgery, bladder issues, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, injuries in the spinal cord, and pelvic diseases.


You may not be very keen on seeing a sexual therapist, but it could help you out. If your cause of ED is emotional, this is the way to go. Talking in therapy gives you a safe space to speak out about things you feel about that have happened in the past or are currently disturbing you. Men are expected to be “hard” & aren’t supposed to share their emotions. These criteria are at least imposed subconsciously on each man. Discussing your feelings can be an important factor in unlocking your sexual prowess yet again.

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