How To Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills

How To Make Your Penis Bigger Without Pills

Years of progress have not stopped humans from judging men for the size of their penile. Women regard a small penile as a massive deal-breaker and most men nowadays wish for a big penile. Therefore, it is quite important to rectify simple ways in which you can make you’re penile look bigger with help of your hands. A large penile equates to power, success, & sheer confidence. Men with bigger penile stand out and it’s a total sign of strength.

Measure the Size of your Penis

The initial step before you begin to grow your penile size is to measure the size of the penile. There are two states, the erect & the flaccid state. Make sure to maintain a note with the records of the gain that you achieve in growth. Every time you measure, note down the measurements. Try to measure it once or even twice per month.

Understanding the flaccid length

It is the length of the flaccid that is observed initially during the process of penile enlargement. There are many protocols to remember when measuring the length of a flaccid. Make sure you stand straight and measure the penile from the side. Make sure that the penile length is in a parallel state straight to the ground. Measure it from the tip of the penile and note down the measurements in inches or centimeters.

Measure Erect Length

Moreover, Few people see an increase in the erect length of the penile. The protocols are the same- measure from the side to gain an exact length & stand straight with your penile parallel to the ground. The average size of a penile according to the research is 6 to 6.25 inches. To gain the right size of the penile, the penile must be made hard. Then, begin by holding it in one hand and measuring it with a ruler in the other. Make sure to take the reading from the tip of the penile.

Prepare for Penis Enlargement Workout

Before you begin the Penis Enlargement Exercise, there are certain tips to remember.

  • Improve your testosterone level & also your mental concentration before you start.
  • Trim or cut off the pubic hair to gain better & perfect measurements.
  • Avoid lubricants & artificial products.
  • Avoid masturbation right after it.
  • Warm up the penile before the workouts.

Significant features must be remembered before starting the Penile Enlargement exercises. There are plenty of factors that one must keep in mind working out on your penile.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Drink at least six to eight glasses of water per day.
  • Avoid beverages such as alcohol and other artificial sugars.
  • Stay away from cheat meals.
  • Stick to high-fiber and low-fat foods.
  • Try & involve some fruits and veggies in your diet.
  • Try and keep your mind stress-free.

Involve cardio workouts for at least thirty minutes.  Such exercises will enhance blood circulation and grow your size of penile.


Once you’re down with your warm-ups, it is time for some kind of stretching. Gently stretch the Corpora Cavernosa which is a spongy tissue. This will improve the circulation to your penile area and also enhance the size of the spongy tissue. There are some types of stretches listed below.

  • Straight out
  • Down
  • Up
  • Left
  • Right
  • Rotate in a full circle.

The whole hand stretches:

Other than normal simple stretching, you could try full-hand stretching. In this process, you will have to wrap your palm around your penile area leaving the head of the penile free. Warm up the penile and stretch it gently. Do about three to five reps daily.

  • Two-handed Jelq

Just like the simple jelq, the two-handed jelq allows your penis to trap more amount of blood. This is a more advanced technique and slightly effective.

  • Penis Pumps

Moreover, Penis Pumps are known to be very popular these days. This is a device that is based on the ideas and principles of the penile exercises. It has a suction pump that creates a vacuum to enhance the size of your penile. This method is quite effective and time-saving.

  • Cool down exercises

Such kind of exercises is meant to be performed at the end of your workouts. You can begin with hot water, and lower the temperature of the water by mixing it with cold water. This helps in giving you a soothing effect after the stretching workouts are completed.

  • Lose Weight to Make It Look Big

Losing weight can not only improve your overall well-being, and prevent several lifestyle diseases but also enhance penis size. You would love to know that when you lose those extra inches around your waistline & also your lower abdomen involving the pelvis, it makes your penile look larger visually. About 1/4 of the penile base is hidden inside the fat that accumulates around the bone of the pelvic area. When you lose weight, your penile appears to be big as more of the penile shaft is visible to your naked eye.

  • Maintain your Hygiene

When your pubic hairs grow it also makes your penile look smaller than it is. A habit of regular shaving/cleaning of these dense hairs will make your penile look larger. A clean area is also a sign of hygiene & the penile look healthier & also more desirable.


A good and bigger penis makes sexual life more pleasurable. Not only that, it is quite an important factor in a couple of growth and their physical and also their mental presence. Many of the female partners desire hard, erect, and longer sexual stamina while performing sexual intercourse. Some even prefer powerful strokes as a main factor in the love-making process. Such kinds of exercises will save your reputation & at the same time will please your lady. If that isn’t all there isn’t anything to be worried about because the workouts listed above are safe and also give you the result. Penile enlargement without the help of a pill may sound very much impossible, but in reality, it is not!

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