Effects of Chocolate on Men’s Health

Dark chocolate is a delicious treat that is linked to myriad health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids that boost blood circulation throughout your body and offer nourishment. Alongside, it is also a source of the essential minerals iron, fiber, copper, potassium, zinc, and other compounds that adds nutritional value to it. 

Particularly in men, it helps in easing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or impotence issues. It is also considered an aphrodisiac that arouses sexual desires in men by stimulating the pleasures spots in their brains and improves their sexual health ultimately. This blog will help you to learn about how dark chocolate could benefit your health, read on.

Dark Chocolate Improves Memory   

Packed with various nutrients, dark chocolate can provide a boost to your memory function and improve your cognitive abilities. According to some studies, a certain type of dark chocolate, that contain flavanol cocoa can enhance the flow of blood to the brain. It can improve your attention span and help you to concentrate on a particular task for a longer duration.

The cocoa content in the chocolates may exhibit some psychoactive properties to some extent and act as a stimulant that causes an instant rise in energy levels and hence, improved brain function and thinking abilities.   

Dark Chocolate Increases Heart Health

The darker the chocolate the more its health benefits. So, what makes the chocolate darker? Its cocoa content does. Dark chocolate may contain around 50 to 90% of cocoa which is responsible for all its benefits.

Cocoa contains flavonol which is a chemical that aids in the vasodilation and expansion of the blood vessels. As a result, the tensions in the blood vessels get relieved and its walls become more relaxed. This relaxation allows more blood to flow through the blood vessels. Flavanols cause the release of nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which ensures heart health by making it pump blood with a healthy pressure.

Make sure you pick the right chocolate, which is low in sugar and saturated fat, for the sake of your heart’s health. Eating it too much can again be problematic, as it is still high in calories which can contribute to weight gain, therefore, eat dark chocolate in moderation, always.   

Dark Chocolate Uplifts Mood

The polyphenolic compounds which are potent stimulants that are present in dark chocolate promote feelings of joy and pleasure. As they reduce the levels of stress hormones, known as cortisol, in the body. Whenever you feel low or a bit stressed, pop some dark chocolate to get an instant boost of energy.

Dark Chocolates Lowers Blood Pressure  

Flavonoids in dark chocolate help to produce nitric oxide in the body which is necessary for the healthy functioning of your vascular mechanism. It increases the levels of nitric oxide which aids in the expansion of the blood vessels. When there are low levels of nitric oxide in the body, your blood vessels might become narrow and plaque formation would take place in their passages. Therefore, the release of nitric oxide is extremely important for the smooth functioning of your blood vessels.

When there is a consistent and easy flow of blood throughout the arteries, the pressure with which the blood flows will remain normal, and it will not exert pressure on the delicate walls of the blood vessels. It prevents your blood vessels from getting damaged due to high blood pressure. 

Dark Chocolate Increases Sexual Health

Dark chocolate can make your body release certain chemicals that can help in boosting the sex drive in men. Those suffering from loss of libido can get benefitted a lot from dark chocolates, as it is a potent aphrodisiac that stimulates feelings of sexual desire. Also, the caffeine content in it can increase the flow of blood to the reproductive organs and when blood flow to the penile increases, it helps men get erections.

Individuals having sexual difficulties like erectile dysfunction and low sex drive can make use of chocolates. The results of dark chocolates on erectile dysfunction might not be instant like some ED medications. Such medications contain potent ingredients that increase the blood supply to the penile shaft by causing vasodilation for restoring the erection function within a few minutes of consumption. ED medications like Malegra can be an excellent remedy against impotence issues.

Dark Chocolate Reduces Blood Sugar

Some studies suggest that eating dark chocolate in healthy amounts will improve the insulin function in your body. Insulin is a hormone that aids the efficient absorption of blood sugar by the cells of your body. It is also helpful in preventing oxidative damage in the body which can help with the elimination of diabetes complications.  

Final Word

Dark chocolate is known for delivering a range of health benefits owing to its minerals and antioxidant content. It contains stimulants that improve your memory function and cognitive abilities. In addition, dark chocolates that are higher in cocoa content must be always preferred. The more the cocoa content of the chocolate, the better will be its nutrition profile. Lastly, dark chocolate can make a perfect dessert. So even if you are not a chocolate lover, do not hesitate to have it after meals.     

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