Wife Has No Sex Drive What Can I Do?

Wife Has No Sex Drive What Can I Do?

Female sexuality differs from male counterparts. Unlike males, females take much longer than men to attain a sexually aroused state. Most men are visual creatures and for them, all it takes is a little visual stimulation to get in the mood for sex. This is the reason that makes males the predominant consumers of porn. Due to their ability to get easily aroused, sexual performance-enhancing things like prescription medications and supplements work so well for males, but not for females.

Some women might get easily attracted to men while some prefer an emotional and mental connection before getting intimate. For most women, emotional connection is an absolute necessity for sexual intimacy. If the woman in a relationship does not feel safe and emotionally close to her partner, she is probably not going to feel the desire to be vulnerable with her partner.

Detachment from the woman’s side does not necessarily indicate you have a bad relationship. You just need to establish an emotional closeness to gain her trust by connecting on a deeper level. Ongoing relationship strains can contribute to disinterest in sex and it can be a major factor in low sex drive. Thus, a lack of connection can destroy the relationship.

In addition, female sexuality is a little more complex. One of the main differences between male and female sexuality is that sometimes men do not need to feel emotionally connected to the person they are physically connected with.

Therefore, men get easily aroused by visual stimuli, but in the case of women, arousal usually happens through touch, auditory, olfactory, and emotionally relevant sexual stimulation.

What Does Sex Drive Mean?

Sex drive or desire is a common attribute of reproduction. It is also termed libido. Women experience changes in their sexual responsiveness from time to time. Women remain sexually receptive in the physiological sense throughout the menstrual cycle, with cyclical variations. Hence, every woman has a sex drive that is normal to them and several factors can be responsible for increasing or decreasing it.

Women’s sex drive can fluctuate at several events within their lifetime. This can happen for a short duration in events such as after pregnancy or childbirth, relationship strains, or stressful periods. Additionally, some other factors including hormonal imbalance, menopause, and mental health issues can also lead to a reduction in the desire to have sex.

Moreover, low sex drive can give rise to relationship conflicts especially when one partner desires more sex than the other. This phenomenon is termed as desire discrepancy which can lead to challenging situations.

Furthermore, high sex drive is often considered healthy and sometimes it suddenly gets boosted due to several factors such as hormonal fluctuations, adolescent period, aging, intense workout or exercise, healthy sexual relationship, alteration of medication, or if you are in a calm and relaxed state.

Find Out What Is Their Desire Type

According to the experts, there are two different kinds of sexual desire categorized as spontaneous and responsive. The spontaneous sexual desire does not need any stimulation because it just instantly arises out of nowhere. In this case, an urge for sexual intimacy hits you all of a sudden. It happens when the mental interest in indulging in sexual activity peaks up.

On the other hand, responsive desires arise when you feel physically ready for sexual activity before you even feel the mental desire. It is a progression of interest in physical intimacy that occurs as a result of sexual stimuli. It gets usually sparked by touch, physical closeness, or sexual contact. The mental interest in sex followed after external stimulus. To infer, you will already be engaged in some sort of physically stimulating activity, then start engaging mentally in taking things further.

A research state that, about 75% of men and 15% of women have spontaneous desire while 5% of men and 30% of women have responsive desire. The remaining 20% of men and 55% of women experience a combination of both spontaneous and responsive desire.

Is Her Sex Drive Normal?

Due to ongoing issues with your wife’s arousal, you may wonder what is wrong with you. You might even doubt your skills to get your partner in the mood and wonder if her sex drive is normal. However, there is no such thing as a “normal” sex drive. You cannot assign a label of big or small to sex drive as there is no set sexual appetite.

How Does Female Sex Drive Differ From Males?

Women’s sex drive keeps on fluctuating depending on various factors. Men usually score much higher in sex drive or libido than women which is due to high testosterone in men. Research claims that the difference in the sex drive between men and women comes down to the distinction in the levels of testosterone. A woman’s body produces small amounts of testosterone which combined with estrogen helps with the growth, maintenance, and repair of a woman’s reproductive tissues, bone mass, and behaviors.

Levels of hormones in the body change for people of all sexes with an increase in their age. Females undergo dramatic changes in hormone levels throughout their lives, but once they reach menopause it steeply starts falling.

Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone in females can affect muscle and bone growth, hair growth, sex drive or libido, and metabolism. Its symptoms can be subtle and include decreased sex drive or decreased sexual satisfaction, fatigue, and low energy.

Talk To Your Partner

Having an open conversation with your wife can help you better understand her problems. You should make an effort to express yourself gently, without any suggestion or blame. It is important to show them that you are concerned about them and you have to do so within the context of the relationship. Your wife might not know the reason for the problem, but in case she acknowledges its existence, you can simply ask her to talk to a doctor that can help identify the exact cause.

Low sex drive is often a caused of underlying physiological or psychological factors, low testosterone, or side reaction due to certain medications. In some cases, your wife might feel embarrassed or reluctant to discuss the issue, this is when emotional closeness comes into play. You can opt for couples counseling that can make her feel comfortable. Hence, focus on incremental change, work in tandem to find a solution, and seek a doctor’s help if needed.

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