How To Get Rid Of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is characterized by a difficulty wherein an individual struggles or stops to breathe for short periods while being in a deep sleep state. This shortage of breath in the middle of sleep causes them to gasp and wake up suddenly. It is a type of sleep disorder that disrupts their sleep and sometimes makes it harder for them to go back to sleep.

An individual with this difficulty may even be unaware that their breathing has stopped, as a result, they start snoring. These interruptions in the breathing pattern happen due to the collapsing of your airways or your throat. This condition can increase the risk of some health complications such as heart disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and several others.  

As far as treatment is concerned, timely action will help prevent any damage. In case you suspect that you are suffering from sleep apnea, you should start taking steps for improving your lifestyle. This blog will help you to learn some lifestyle remedies that can treat sleep apnea – continue reading.

Remedial solutions for sleep apnea

  • CPAP machine

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure machine, which is the most prescribed option for individuals diagnosed with sleep apnea. This machine has to be worn on your nose while sleeping. You have to make sure that the device covers your nose. The device comes with a piece that fits on your nose which generates a continuous stream of pressurized air that gets delivered into your nose through the mask that covers your nose. The air thus generated is completely purified first and then delivered to your nostrils. Hence, with this device, one will be able to experience proper sleep without any pauses or disruptions due to lack of breath. 

Such kind of treatment must involve the consultation of a health provider who can guide you on using the device, making the most out of it, and eliminating the risk of any health condition. In case you still wake up in the middle of deep sleep, or start snoring again, then it is better to discuss this issue with your doctor.

  • Keep your weight in check

Obese individuals are more likely to experience the symptoms of sleep apnea, which is why such individuals must lose those extra pounds, especially in their upper bodies. Excess fat deposition in the upper body can lead to airway obstruction. This obstruction happens as a result of the narrowing of the nasal passages, which gives rise to breathing troubles abruptly. Therefore, shedding that upper body weight can be beneficial for healthy sleep.

  • Change your sleep position

Oftentimes, individuals who sleep straight on their back tend to experience breathing difficulties. It can get worsened. So, they may try changing their sleep position by shifting on one side, which opens up their airways and allows them to breathe properly. Following this method might help to a great extent.

  • Practice yoga and breathing exercises

Individuals with sleep apnea will get benefitted a lot from some yoga and deep breathing exercises. It increases your body’s oxygen intake and aids respiratory health. Sleep apnea results due to a lack of oxygen in the body, so, performing some breathing exercises and doing some yoga poses will certainly increase the levels of oxygen in your body.

  • Quit smoking

Those who are regular smokers are more susceptible to the complications of sleep apnea. Smoke contains several harmful chemicals that travel down the lungs and gets assimilated in the bloodstream which further circulates them to every cell of your body’s organs. Such individuals already have weak respiratory health and the risk of myriad health problems hovers around them as well. In such cases, if they get diagnosed with sleep apnea, then it can potentiate their health risks even more. Therefore, one must stop smoking.

Moreover, smoking not only increases your likelihood of sleep apnea but also vascular dysfunction. Men with vascular dysfunction may start experiencing issues with their sexual function. Incessant smoking is linked with erectile dysfunction (ED), which is most common among men, regardless of age. But a condition like ED can be still managed with the help of medications such as Filitra.  

  • Give up alcohol

Alcohol can cause the relaxation of the muscles that regulate your breathing. This relaxation can cause you to snore. Your sleep might get interrupted as a result, which is why there is a need to stop consuming alcohol.

  • Get a humidifier

Dry air can make it hard to breathe. The lack of moisture can irritate your windpipe and respiratory system. You can invest in a good humidifier, that can enhance the moisture in the air, which will make it easier for you to breathe. It does so by clearing out the congestion in your nose and throat and expanding your airways to accommodate more oxygen. In addition, a diffuser can be beneficial as well. You can add any essential oil of your choice to the diffuser, which will produce a calming effect on your mind and body that ensures you have uninterrupted sleep.  

Wrapping Up

A condition like sleep apnea can make it difficult for you to sleep during the night. Or you might not even realize it is causing you to snore. Snoring happens when your throat or windpipe experiences some difficulties getting enough oxygen. But the techniques covered in this blog will certainly help prevent sleep apnea to a great extent. In case you are still unclear, it is better to talk to your healthcare provider. They will perform a proper diagnosis and recommend you an appropriate remedy. 

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