How To Stop Getting Erect So Easily

How To Stop Getting Erect So Easily?

Penile erection is a sign of normal and healthy genital functions. If it happens spontaneously & if it happens unintentionally under inappropriate conditions, then it is a matter of worry. It is quite common routine life of men to experience unintended erections. And this often disturbs the self-image when noticed by the people who are around.  It is essential to try to control the blood flow and avoid getting erections.

Ejaculation is the solution for resolving this, but since an erection does not reach orgasm at all times, it is somewhat possible.  There are 3 types of erection: reflexogenic (in response to touch); psychogenic (in response to arousal thoughts), and nocturnal (when you are asleep). Let’s discuss some effective ways to stop unwanted erections:


Supplements can cause massive erections in men. So eliminating supplements could help men from unwanted erections. For eg, VigRXPlus is an enhancement supplement that can help men to improve the strength of erections and stamina. The formula is made with some main ingredients, like Damiana, Tribulus, and Bioperine.

Damiana & Tribulus have been used for many years now and this increases libido and also treats erectile dysfunction, while Bioperine has been proven clinically to increase the absorption rates of the nutrients that it’s combined with. Taking some supplements, like this one, could surely help men with unwanted erections.

Distraction of self

Men have to stop thinking about arousing thoughts at the time of erection and distract their attention towards some other topic. The focus is instantly diverted to keep the mind busy with serious thoughts, like a challenging event, a mathematical problem, or any scientific fact.

Position Shifting

At times the clothing or even the posture is that it stimulates the genitals. In these cases, one has to change his position and re-adjust his clothes so that the genitals are very much comfortable. Stroking the aspects of the thighs can stimulate the genitals and this can cause an erection, so it is very essential to wear comfortable clothing at all times. Sometimes, the hands can be inserted inside the pockets of the pants and the penile can be repositioned gently, this will conceal the erection. And while sitting, men can casually keep their legs crossed.

Keep calm

Simply sitting calmly and patiently waiting for the erection to go away is the simple solution. Meanwhile, the erection can be covered with the help of a jacket or a long shirt, or by keeping a laptop overlapped so that the erection is not visible. It is very essential to know that the erection is noticeable by oneself rather than other people, so there’s nothing to panic about this.


Distracting the mind from arousal thoughts and erection is enough to avoid erection; meditation is another way and this helps in the control of erection. This is helpful during massage and spa which are stimulating. In easy terms, meditation is nothing but breathing and focusing on one’s breaths. All the thoughts are brought to rest and cleared away from the mind. One may chant a few words like ‘Om’ in their mind repeatedly. Meditation helps in relaxing & releasing mental stress. It is ideally practiced daily, at night, especially before sleeping and in the morning post waking up. There are many types of meditation one can try.


What is the best way to relax and distract your mind than sitting down with a book? Studies have shown that reading can help relieve stress by releasing tension from the muscles so a great way to distract your mind. It is quite essential to note that at times eyeglasses are required for reading as they may cause strain to your eyes when you are concentrating.


Distracting your mind from something is not easy every time. But workouts can be the right way to do that. Spending 30 minutes doing workouts at home and concentrating on the progress can do the trick.

Cold shower

Whenever possible, one can get rid of an erection by having a cold-water shower. This helps in refreshing the mind and body as well. However, few men experience arousal in the shower, so one must be cautious. Taking a warm bath is an alternative to stopping the erection.


You can treat ED or premature ejaculation with certain medicine that has the active ingredients known as sildenafil citrate. Moreover, You can take one sachet of Kamagra jelly without water which helps to get rid of PE with ease. You can also take a generic sildenafil pill called Kamagra from the safe generic pharmacy.

When to see a doctor

If your erection stays longer than 5 or more hours, make sure to contact your local emergency services. This condition is called priapism. Priapism can destroy the tissue in the penile area and may lead to erectile dysfunction permanently when this is left untreated. A painful erection may also be a serious sign of priapism.

Fast fact

Erections without any kind of orgasm can at times lead to epididymal hypertension (EH), also called colloquially blue balls. EH is not a serious issue, and it resolves once you’re no longer aroused.


Erections are normal, healthy body functions. They start early in life and can happen while a fetus is in the womb. As you get old age, you may start to witness a decline in the frequency of your penile erections, or you may find it tough to reach the erection.

Discuss with your doctor if you see any kind of changes in your erectile function. You should also talk to your doctor if you are suffering an erection that stays longer than four or five hours, as this can be a sign of priapism.


Unwanted erections can be controlled in simple ways such as mental distraction, position shifting, meditation, a cold shower, and keeping calm. However, it is more important to visit a doctor if the erection lasts longer or is associated with immense pain. This condition is known as ‘priapism’ and needs immediate treatment.

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