My Wife Has No Desire For Sex. What Can I Do

My Wife Has No Desire For Sex. What Can I Do?

Before one might speak to the partner about low sex drive, understand that, in general, men might all tend to have higher sex drives, and at least a third of women might be all across reproductive ages shall experience some sort of low sexual desire and impaired arousal.

Health Issues Or Some Chronic Illness

There are numerous health conditions or instances of chronic illness that might all result in or contribute to low sex drive in women, which might be chronic pain, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypertension, cancer, heart disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), obesity, endometriosis, spinal cord injury, and some sort of physical disabilities.

Having Hormonal Imbalances

A hormonal imbalance (including estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone) can all result in lower sex drive in women. It is also quite well relevant that loss in libido is known to be a common condition in women who might have some total hysterectomies or hysterectomy-like condition. Moreover, This might be all due, in part, to the decline in sex hormones.

Mental Health Issues

Women with conditions like depression and women with conditions like anxiety might all experience a loss of interest in lovemaking sessions, as it can be about women who might have a history of sexual trauma or relationship like PTSD. Fortunately, many natural methods of treating anxiety and depression, including exercise, proper sleep, and mindfulness, can also help enhance the level of libido.

Medication Side Effects

Many antidepressants can lead to conditions like low libido and impaired arousal or orgasm. These drugs are fairly common, so it is also important that you and your partner might talk to a doctor about the potential chemical effect medication might be having on their sex drive.

Relationship Issues

In numerous marital studies, some emotional distance and resentment might be well associated with diminished libido and sexual satisfaction.

Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction can be due to many things, like some underlying disease and hormonal imbalance or issues with mental health. Some other factors might include stress, alcohol consumption, drug use, tobacco use, and more.

Stress Or Fatigue

Stressful events might all be lessened as the body’s natural reproductive urges. In case the partner is well-stressed one must consider ways of helping them unwind.

Partner Without Sex Drive – What Can Be Done?

In case your wife or partner might be exhibiting conditions like low sex drive, it is high time that you have an open conversation with them. The best thing one can do for each other is to speak simply speak to a sex therapist/marriage counselor; however, there are also other more immediate ways to put in the work for simply rekindling some of the sexual vibrancy and passion.

Below are Eight Tips You And Your Partner Can Try To Help And Enhance Sexual Desire:

  • Speak To A Sex Therapist Or Some Marriage Counselor

Consider while speaking to a certified sex therapist or marriage counselor. They might have helped you to improve your communication, which shall further help in getting some more mindfulness into the relationship or suggest sex therapy with a sensate focus.

  • Try Talking About Sexual Fantasies

Try to foster a sense of openness and vulnerability between you and your partner to get into the talking senses. In case you both feel the same way safe and comfortable. Talk to each other about some of the unexplored sexual fantasies. Even in case, you do not act out about these desires, talking about them can create more intimacy by consuming Viagra.

  • Foster A Sense Of Connection

Men are usually tending to connect through lovemaking sessions, while for women sex might tend to be a manifestation of the connection. One of the best and fastest ways that one shall create a sense of connection with another person is through eye contact. Sit down with her face-to-face and talk, also make sure that you look into her eyes periodically.

  • Plan Romantic Dates

Put in a good effort to plan a romantic date. Better yet, make date night a regular occurrence for getting closer to each other. In essence, this might be a simple way to show the partner that you care and are paying attention to some of their needs. Moreover, This kind of energy and playfulness is well essential for keeping the passion between the couple alive.

  • Address Mental Health & Some Medical Issues

One of the most important things that one might do to address low sex drive in women encourages them to delve into and try to manage some of the mental and medical health issues.

  • Alter Medication/Dose

A side effect of specific medications is a significant impact on the sex drive and well libido. As such, the dosage shall be all several thoughts about adjustment. In some cases, you might all need to try an entirely new medication. Do not make any sort of adjustments to the dose without talking to the doctor first about the condition.

  • Talk Openly As Effectively Communication Help!

Open communication is known to be the bedrock of any healthy relationship. Inform the partner as to how one might feel and be understanding and open to knowing about their experiences.

  • Reflect More Affection

Some simple affection is such a powerful tool that helps in building intimacy. Something like holding hands can be simply stepped toward restoring a physical connection and reinforcing an emotional bond.

When to Seek Professional Help

If you are just so unhappy with your sex life and might feel that your libido is mismatched with your partners, it is a good time to seek professional help. Also, in case your or your partner’s libido might fall abruptly and might not recover in a couple of weeks, one should make an appointment as soon as it is possible. In case you might need or shall find a couple’s counselor, browse through the profiles of professionals on an online therapist directory.

Final Thoughts on How to Enhance Sexual Desire in The Relationship

Concern about your or your partner’s low libido might be a stressful and lonely experience. Talk to each other, and do not be afraid for contacting a therapist simply to facilitate the discussion and one shall help you to find answers. Ultimately, stay curious and compassionate toward each other. Lovemaking sessions can be important to a relationship and some wonderful parts of a healthy life and partnership, so do not give up on each other.

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