Obesity And Erectile Dysfunction

Individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of around 30 or above are considered obese. Those who are likely to be diagnosed with obesity must get a regular checkup of their BMI by consulting their healthcare provider, which will help them in preventing weight gain and complications. Early measures for keeping your weight within a healthy range will help you to eliminate the potential dangers of obesity complications.   

In general, Obesity increases the likelihood of comorbidities like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, heart diseases, high cholesterol, cancer, and others. Such individuals experience issues related to their sexual health very early on. As their physiological conditions worsen, so does their sexual well-being.    

Obesity challenges

In general, Obesity is a chronic illness that results from the excessive deposition of fats in the body. It can be a genetic disorder that might occur because of an inheritance pattern, or one can develop it owing the environmental factors. Obesity alone can be an invitation to several other metabolic syndromes or disorders, that can cause a complete imbalance in your physiological health. These imbalances can also impact your mental health incredibly.


Obese individuals may consume a diet that is loaded with excessive calories. Such high calories are usually found in processed or junk foods as well as beverages, due to their unhealthy contents and ingredients including refined carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats, and salts. Such foods lack essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibers. On top of that, such individuals fail to get regular physical activities and exercise. Exercise is necessary for every individual, and for obese individuals, it is a must. This physical inactivity in combination with unhealthy eating habits leads to obesity.  

Erectile dysfunction issues  

In general, Erectile dysfunction or impotence issue is an inability of men that prevents them from getting erections or sustaining them for long. It surfaces mainly due to an insufficient supply of blood to the penile which affects their sexual performance. For a healthy erection function, there must be adequate blood circulation throughout the penile blood vessels. Lack of sufficient blood flow can be attributed to the narrowing and clogging of the vascular passages. This happens because of the suppression of nitric oxide in the walls of the penile blood vessels.  


Some enzymes known as PDE5, are present in the walls of the blood vessels. They affect the nitric oxide release and in turn, clog and narrow the passages of the penile blood vessels. These vascular blockages stop the supply of blood to the penile chambers which prevents men from having a healthy sexual response.

The link between obesity and erectile dysfunction  

Obesity is one of the major contributors to sexual disorders. It is a primary side effect of excess weight gain. Being overweight can cause huge imbalances in hormonal functions and result in fluctuations that impact bodily functions. Moreover, These hormonal imbalances affect the production of the sex hormone known as testosterone. Which is the primary sex hormone in males.

Deprivation of this hormone affects sexual performance, and men may develop sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sex drive, and fertility issues.  Also, such individuals’ abdominal area may accumulate a lot of fat, leading to an increase in belly size. The waist enlargement due to fat deposition hinders the flow of blood to the reproductive organs and causes sexual problems.

Health Conditions

It is quite obvious for obese individuals experience various health conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, and hypertension. All these chronic diseases are individual factors that give rise to erection problems. These diseases directly affect the health of your vascular system. They do so by injuring the lining of the blood vessels and in turn impairing their function. When such damage is done to the penile blood vessels, their function, which is to supply blood to the penile, gets affected. These individuals may not be able to get an erectile response to sexual stimuli.  

Although some treatment options can help such individuals in alleviating their sexual distress. Options like ED medications can serve as an excellent remedy against such erection problems. Fildena is one of those. These pills contain an active ingredient, which kickstarts the erection function by revitalizing the vascular function. One can make use of such remedies.

Lifestyle changes for overall health

The major factors responsible for obesity are unhealthy eating and lack of exercise. If you keep eating incessantly and do not burn all those extra calories accumulated due to overeating, then you tend to put on weight. Calories take the form of fat cells, which get stored in your body and become the reason for your health damage. It all starts with you taking the utmost care of your health and well-being.

Your diet must be rich in natural foods such as vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, nuts, seeds, fish, poultry, fresh meat, dairy, and basically all-natural foods. Unhealthy foods like processed and junk foods might seldom feature in your diet, but not regularly. You must strictly avoid such unhealthy foods, that score low in nutritional quality. You can ask your doctor or a dietician to guide you toward healthy eating.

Quality Of Food

Moreover, Health is not about just eating nutritious foods and sitting in one place for hours. Even if the quality of food that you consume is high, you still have to get regular physical exercise to remain fit and active. If you think that consuming healthy food in excess will help you remain healthy, then you are mistaken. Exercise plays a vital role. It is equally important as diet. There has to be a balance. A right balance between food and exercise will help your body to utilize all the nutrients efficiently.

At least 30 minutes of regular physical activity is a must. One can perform moderate-intensity exercises within that duration. It is advisable to not perform high-intensity exercises for individuals with obesity. To be on the safer side, one can seek the help of a physical trainer that can suggest some exercises. That can help you effectively lose those extra pounds. 

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